January 8th, 2013
Steven St. John

First, it was the embarrassment of Kansas City Chiefs players standing outside Arrowhead Stadium waiting to get autographs from Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning after the Broncos had just beaten them.

And now it is a morning sports talk show host posing with new Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid after a news conference announcing Reid as the new coach on Monday. The incident has now gone national thanks to former KC Star columnist Jason Whitlock.

It started after Whitlock re-Tweeted a photo of WHB’s morning talk show host Steven St. John posing with Reid in a warm embrace.

Whitlock’s Tweet dripped with sarcasm and noted “KC media welcome Andy Reid to town.”  It was a back-handed way of making fun of the KC news media and how it has fawned over Reid since his arrival.

Whitlock later Tweeted a slam at KMBC’s Karen Kornacki, who is known for her fluff sports interviews: “It’s Kansas City. Love my adopted hometown but Karen Kornacki has a 30-year career for a reason.”

Greg Hall from the popular blog site GregHall.com blasted St. John for the photo:

GH: To me this is an absolute no brainer. St. John looks like an amateur idiot fan with his boyish grin and arm tucked around Reid’s ample waist. I don’t understand why any member of the media would want to be perceived as Joe Posnanski to the 10th power.

SSJ obviously doesn’t care about his professional reputation. He just wants to be a giddy fan boy. Okay, but please understand that comes with some consequences – namely your credibility.

However, if anyone felt St. John was going to apologize for his actions then they can think again.

He thinks the criticism of him is fair, but doesn’t really care what people think about it.

“Sure, it’s fair. I don’t have a problem with people criticizing me,” he told Bottom Line. “I criticize others on my show, so I shouldn’t be immune to it. I’ve taken hundreds of pics with people I interview and cover.

“My kids like to see what I do at work and my oldest son keeps an album of the different people I’ve encountered in my job. Everyone knows what teams I am a fan of and everyone knows that I am highly critical of those teams/individuals, when warranted.”

He was asked if he considers himself a journalist, talk show host or fan.

“My job is to entertain and to inform and I try my best to do both,” he adds. “If I don’t accomplish those two things, people won’t listen to the show and I’m out of a job.

“I’m blessed to do a show in my hometown, I work for a terrific company and I’m thankful for every day I’m on the air.”




7 Responses

  1. Chiefs Fan says:

    Who cares what Jason Whitlock and Greg Hall have to say.

  2. JS says:

    I think it is more than apparent that this is all about Jason Whitlock. I don’t think there is any love lost between Whitlock and St. John and the chance to poke fun at a former underling gives Whitlock great pleasure.

  3. Who Cares? says:

    I never considered Steven St. John as a journalist so I would hardly think a picture with the coach would make a difference. I think Whitlock might need to do a little more research on St. John’s show. Sitting around commenting on what was on TV or what was in the paper is hardly journalism. It’s tough for me to listen.

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    Twins … separated at birth … and now reunited after all these years. As Louie Armstrong so famously sang back in the ’60s, “What a wonderful world!”

  5. D K says:

    Jason Whitlock running his mouth yet again? Who cares? He’s one of the worst sports journalists to ever grace KC. Tell him to back to napping on the couch. He seems to be good at that.

  6. Scott Simon says:

    So he thinks it’s ok to be in a picture with him to entertain his son. What does he tell his son when he has to criticize him for not winning games? Another example of the group-hug sports media culture and why people listen, watch or read it still baffles me.

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