January 8th, 2014
Lisa Teachman, KMBC

KMBC meteorologist Lisa Teachman has confirmed an earlier report by Bottom Line that she will be leaving the Hearst-owned Kansas City station at the end of the month.

She gave no reason for the departure, but we had reported her contract was not renewed.

The Teachman departure along with the exit of popular weather/interview veteran talent Joel Nichols seems to have shocked KMBC viewers so much that a Facebook page has been created as “Support for Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman.”

The original story posted here drew more than 100 responses–by far the most in its 12-year history. It also had a triple-digit response on the Kansas City Star, which reported the news two days later.

When Teachman was back on the air Tuesday night some viewers initially thought the station had decided to keep her. However, we have learned KMBC has hired two meteorologists to replace Nichols and her.

Neville Miller

One new meteorologist that has been named is Neville Miller (above) from KMIZ, the ABC affiliate in Columbia, MO.  The other, who will start in April, is from Oklahoma City.

Teachman posted on her Facebook page that she was only on the air until the end of the month.  So far she has received more than 125 positive comments from viewers:

Good afternoon! Today is my first day back in the weather center after an extended break with family and friends. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you nothing but the best in 2014! This year will mark changes for me and my family. After January 31, I will no longer be a member of the KMBC weather team.

I have read many of the messages posted over the last week on Twitter, my personal Facebook page and even the station’s page. I am truly touched and appreciative of your support!!!

For nearly 7 years at KMBC, I have dedicated my career to providing an accurate forecast and always being there when times were the toughest. The biggest stories of my career happened here at KMBC from covering my first tornado in Kirksville to being on the ground within hours of the Joplin, Harveyville and Wichita tornadoes.

Thank you for your continued support! I will let you know the next stop on my journey right here!


A Kansas native who grew up in Haysville, Teachman had worked at WBFF in Baltimore, WSAZ in Charleston, W. Virginia, and KSNW in Wichita before joining KMBC in April 2007.   In 2009, she won a regional Mid-America Emmy Award for weather coverage, along with Chief Meteorologist Bryan Busby and pilot Johnny Rowlands.

Teachman holds a B.A. in communications from Wichita State University and a B.S. in meteorology from Mississippi State University. She is also a member of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society and has earned the seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society.

6 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    “Teach” will do just fine. It would be great if she could stay in Kansas City, if for no other reason than avoiding personal disruption, But, the on air market is awash in adequacy, so the “dumbing down” with the introduction of inexperienced but cheap and physically attractive (read young and “diverse”) continues.

  2. John Altevogt says:

    One can only wonder at how long Mike Mahoney and Kris Ketz will last in this latest purge. While they may be comfortable with the leftward drift of the news coverage, both men have always held to strict journalistic standards until recently. Surely they cannot be comfortable with a news director and station manager who are willing to broadcast pure innuendo in the rush to be hip and “progressive”.

  3. John Conners says:

    Looks like Sarah Smith is trying her best to rid KMBC of all Wayne Godsey hires. Some of the replacements are more fluff than gruff. Many are now migrating to 5 for news…..

  4. pam says:

    unbelievable- losing trust and faith for any kind of stability/loyality. Wish everyone would just be forthcoming and honest about the reasons instead of hiding them.

  5. Wayne says:

    I was shocked when I heard the news that Lisa Teachman was not going to be a part of KMBC after January 31. She is a terrific meteorologist but a wonderful person as well. It is no wonder that Kansas Citians have been increasingly been watching other stations for their local news. I am hopeful that she will join one of the other local TV stations soon.

  6. sarah hill says:

    Hi Lisa techman what is your cellphone number from sarah hill

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