December 17th, 2012
Radio Listenership

According to a new study reported by Inside Radio, Americans are listening to the radio about two hours per day, however, that represents a decline of about 28 minutes per week from a year earlier.

“The average American aged 12+ spent 13 hours and 51 minutes listening to radio a week, according to Arbitron’s RADAR 113 report, which covers March 31, 2011–March 28, 2012,” wrote Inside Radio. “While that’s a healthy number – nearly two hours a day – it’s down 28 minutes a week from one year earlier: 14 hours and 19 minutes. More alarming are year-over-year declines among young adults.

“Men 25-34 spent 51 minutes less with radio per week in RADAR 113 (15 hours) than in RADAR 109 (14 hours, 9 minutes), which covers April 1, 2010–March 30, 2011. TSL among women 25-34 also fell by a significant amount, from 12 hours, 55 minutes to 12 hours, 13 minutes, a year-over-year drop of 42 minutes.  Men 18-24 are spending 36 minutes less per week with radio, women 18-24 are listening 38 minutes less.

“Demos with smaller declines than the 12+ average include women 35-54 (down 21 minutes), men 45-54 (down 17 minutes), women 45-54 (down 26 minutes), men 55-64 (down 15 minutes) men 65+ (down 26 minutes) and women 65+ (down 18 minutes). Teen listening declined only eight minutes but the demo already had the lowest listening level of any: about eight hours a week for teenage boys and nine and a-half hours for girls.  The biggest TSL surprise: a 43-minute weekly decline among women 55-64.  Both RADAR 113 and RADAR 109 include data from all 48 Arbitron PPM markets.”

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