October 9th, 2012
Stefan Chase

Stefan Chase, who abruptly left WDAF-Fox 4 in April under undisclosed circumstances, has landed at KTLA-TV in Los Angeles as a reporter.

At Fox 4 Chase was the 9 a.m. and noon anchor, so in essence she has moved to a bigger market, but at a lower position.¬†She is not listed on the station’s site so she may be just doing freelance work for it.

The video below shows her in action.

She joined Fox 4 in March 2010 after spending two years at KSNF in Joplin, MO.

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  1. Rick Nichols says:

    A HIT IN L.A.
    Undisclosed circumstances? At the very least you’d think Fox 4 would be able to say she left the station for “personal reasons” and leave it at that. Well, she’s not “of a certain age” and she’s certainly not overweight, so she should be a hit with viewers in L.A. where they like ‘em young and thin.

  2. LAC says:

    Good Luck Stefan !!!!!

    Just amazed at all the reporters who leave KC
    and who are here only a short period of time.

    Stations here must be brutal concerning employees, from what I see, most GM’s should get the BOOT !!!!!

    • brettfan says:

      I agree as I have followed some people who left this city for other parts. Here are just a few.

      Rhiannon Ally does morning news at the CBS in Miami. Cynne Simpson is at the ABC in D.C. Greg Adaline is back in Lansing, Michigan. Harris Faulkner headed to Minneapolis then Hard Copy and now is at Fox News. Amber Jenne ran off to Los Angeles and ended up on the RFD clone Rural TV. Krista Klaus headed to Tampa Bay but now is back in KC working for the KC Business Journal and the KC Star and she does a radio business show. Steve Chamraz is now in Milwaukee after leaving Chicago and he now anchors. Dee Griffin was fired from her Memphis station after leaving KC for there. Katie Horner found another job outside of the news business as did Pete Grisby, Barbra Porter and Anne Peterson. I could go on. But you get the point.

      • JohnLandsberg says:

        It should be pointed out that Ally is married to former KC TV reporter Mike Marusarz, and he anchors under the name Mark Marza in south Florida.

  3. Same Sam says:

    She’ll be there for a year and then she’ll be out someplace else. Hopefully, she’ll have a good enough tape.

  4. brettfan says:

    Thanks for the information.

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