May 26th, 2012
Soren Petro

    “I have spoken to eight different people at Entercom and been offered the afternoon job five different times (at KCSP),” sports talker Soren Petro told his audience on Friday. “I choose to work here at WHB.
    “…There is not a better place to work.”
    Petro felt it was necessary to stop incessant rumors that he was jumping from WHB to KCSP to replace afternoon talker Nick Wright, who has taken a new position in Houston.
    Sources at Entercom told Bottom Line that KCSP tried to land Petro a few years ago, but were unable to match his salary.
    Link to Petro’s podcast about his decision.



5 Responses

  1. Solid Sid says:

    Soren is the best in the business….glad he is staying at WHB….he keeps the programming at a high level….

  2. Pat Carlson says:

    Petro is a Class A a**hole. A few years ago he threatened to leave Kansas City if a certain election didn’t go his way. I wish he had left Kansas City.

  3. Bob Wheat says:

    Okay Soren perhaps you can slip a hint to Rex with the Royals that he is not doing radio.
    Viewers just may not be interested in what “Frenchy” had for breakfast 6 months ago.

  4. Wowser. And I thought Soren was still doing afternoons at KMBZ with Don Fortune.

  5. The Word says:

    This is a smart movie. Petro already got his KK butt kicking twice. Once with Fortune and once by himself. Why go though that again? Why be another notch on KK’s belt? Let 610 premote Fescoe or Parkins to the 2-6 spot and let them get humiliated.

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