December 4th, 2012

“Radio George,” the highly-successful Internet radio station created in 2008 by former Kansas City radio talk show host George Woods, has now expanded its holiday music selection by featuring 10 Christmas channels of music this season.

In addition to five “Traditional” channels Radio George this year’s offering  includes three “Smooth Jazz” offerings, a “Revenge of the Blue Christmas” station and the “Son of the Revenge of Blue Christmas” channel.

The music can be accessed via the Internet without commercial interruptions.

Bottom Line interviewed Woods in September 2010 about his Internet radio undertaking.

Woods, a Kansas Citian who revealed he is scheduled for hip replacement surgery in the near future, told Bottom Line that putting together the 2012 Christmas offerings involved a lot of time and effort.

“This turned out to be a more time-intensive project than I projected,” said Woods, who is a member of the prestigious Kansas City Media Legends group.

“There are two new channels of traditional Christmas music, numbered 4 and 5 (clearly labeled links on the RG home page). These channels contain some choirs, some orchestras, lots of melodic standards, AND a few selections that might be called obscure….that is, until you read the new short features on each of those pages, “Special Listening Notes for This Channel.”

“It took a little extra work to knock ‘em out but I think it’s worth it,” he added.

Listeners can scroll down each page for a complete playlist on each channel.

Where does he get all the songs in his massive collection?

“All of the music on these channels comes from old LPs, remastered into MP3s without clicks, pops, or crackles…by me and Cool Edit Pro,” he noted. “Also, I ran all the songs through a great program I found that “equalizes” the volume for all the tracks on each channel–so you never have to screw around with the volume control once you’ve set the level you prefer.  I even found a way to decrease the length of space between each song for listeners.”

After years as a successful radio host in Omaha and several other cities, Woods came to KCMO in 2002 and was the  station’s morning talk show host for three years. He moved on to St. Louis, but soon realized he was in a no-win situation and realized he was tired of moving at the whim of station managers.

After analyzing the radio business and where it was headed, Woods created Radio George in 2008, where listeners can go to his Internet site and listen to their favorite music. Within five months his venture was profitable and today is growing by leaps and bounds.

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    I’m a big fan of the endeavor and have a big colorful link to Neon Beat on my site.

    Thank you, Mr. Woods for all your hard work!

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