January 1st, 2014
Joel Nichols

Joel Nichols, popular TV personality at highly-rated KMBC-TV who had celebrated his 25th anniversary in June, has officially left the Kansas City station, sources have confirmed to Bottom Line Communications.

Nichols was known mainly as the morning weather personality, but also did a variety of other interviews and often hosted specials for Hearst-owned KMBC.  He was known for his quick wit, relaxed delivery and sense of humor.

In October the station moved its iconic anchorman Larry Moore to “emeritus” status after more than 40 years at KMBC.  Combined that is a loss of more than 65 years experience in a few months.

Joe Nichols 25th


Sources have told BLC that Nichols was offered a new contract and the Hearst-owned station wanted him to sign it before the new year.  The sticking point seemed to be Nichols wanted to stay on mornings, but the station wanted to shift him to evenings with veteran meteorologist Bryan Busby.

“The reaction among his colleagues is shock,” a person close to the situation said.  ”He’s been a mainstay here and in the market.”

If Nichols decides to remain in the Kansas City market speculation is that he could possibly land at rival KSHB, where Brian Bracco is vice president and general manager.  Bracco was a highly respected news director at KMBC and worked with Nichols for about a decade.

In addition to his departure, we have learned that meteorologist Lisa Teachman, who joined the station in 2007, did not have her contract renewed.  That means KMBC’s weather center is very short-handed.

The station has reportedly hired a pair of young meteorologists, but one will not start until April. UPDATE: One new meteorologist that has been named is Neville Miller from KMIZ, the ABC affiliate in Columbia, MO.

How popular was Nichols?  Despite the Kansas City Star being a day late on the story it is the most read one on the newspaper’s site.


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  1. Mary Kay ryan says:

    I really liked Joel Nichols. we will truly miss him and hope to find him on another station. also liked Lisa Teachman. Hope she will remain in the Kansas city area.

      The very day I heard Joel left I stopped watching channel 9…big mistake letting him go.I had watched only channel 9 for over 30 years,and one main reason is Joel Nichols. I do not watch it now nor will I since he left.If he goes to KSHB I will watch them. Good luck Joel Nichols!!!

      • Tara Hastie says:

        I agree with you Diana. I have watched Channel 9 solely since 1987 when Joel and Maria anchored the morning news. If Joel Nichols joins another news team – that channel is the one for me. He made the show worth watching. Bad form KMBC – very poor form.

      • Cindy Weber says:

        Well said. I haven’t watched Channel 9 news since they ousted the best professional they have ever had. Its a total disgrace. I’m in HR management and horrified at the way they treated him. I hope he is able to retire for good and enjoy the love of this community for him.

    • Jennean says:

      I am so sad Joel and Lisa are gone and cannot get into you new one Neville I am switching stations and going to fine where Joel is. goodbye

    • Brian White says:

      I have watched Joel for over 20 years.
      He will be missed on channel 9.
      I hope wherever he goes he can take Kris Kets
      Donna Pittman and Kelly Eckerman with him -they made the best morning show ever.
      The weather forecast is very important to me and my business. I don’t want to watch or listen to a guy that looks like he’s just out of high school like the guy on this morning.

    • mary says:

      Well,well good bye Ch 9. Sure don’t care for the new weather guy. Not at all. I’ll be looking for Joel someplace. Ch 9 was a good station to listen to.

  2. Mike says:

    I guess Joel could head to 41. He’d be a “name” in an operation that, outside of Gary Lezak and Jack Harry, has no one who rises to the top in recognition.
    I am more concerned about Lisa Teachman’s departure.She has brought professionalism and science to the on air forecasts. Her colleague has more wrong predictions, especially in snowfall, than I’m comfortable with.
    Not good…not good.

  3. Jackie Meilink says:

    Letting Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman go is a huge mistake by Hearst and for Kansas City. I will no longer have a reason to watch their news.

  4. John Crowley says:

    Big business shows again that they don’t care about anyone. Joel Nichols was the best thing at KMBC. Lisa Teachman was a class act too.

    • Sue says:

      I totally agree. Something is going on. Several news people have left in the last several months. Sounds like Channel 9 coats and ties are getting a bit big for their britches and they’re going to regret it in the end.
      Its sad when they start messing with something that’s working for them.
      All I can say is good luck to Lisa. She’s a class act. And to Joel. I know wherever they go, that the news will get the BEST!!

    • Pamela Troxel says:

      I totally agree Lisa Teachmen will be missed but Joel will be mourned! I will follow you Joel wherever you go. I am sure you will be appreciated and you’re next venture. God blessings on you and your family!

  5. a viewer says:

    Hey 9, if it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it! I won’t be watching them anymore. If Joel really goes to 41, expect a ratings surge in whatever time slot he lands. I hope he really does return to tv, he’s a good man.

    • Tami says:

      GOODBYE TO 9
      Will not watch Channel 9 again. First they went after Christie Craft, then the current women won lawsuit against them, now this stupidity. Never again Channel 9. Bring Joel Back to some KC Channel! Even my 7 yr old wont watch anyone but Joel. By the way, is that the Boss’s kid doing the weather now?

  6. Person says:

    Wait a minute, WHERE IN THE WORLD did this speculation of Joel hopping over to channel 41 come from? Is it just because Bracco is KSHB’s general manager? They already have five meteorologists, so I don’t know what need they would have for a SIXTH, which would without a doubt be more than any other local TV station in the nation.

    So here are questions:

    1) Where did the speculation of Joel heading to 41 come from/start and how serious of speculation is it?

    2) What’s happening at KMBC? They’re falling apart!

    3) Who are these “young meteorologists” are?

    I sense a KMBC viewer exodus this year.

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      1. It was total speculation on my part. It was noted that he could possibly move to KSHB where a former colleague runs the show. Keep in mind, Nichols is more than just a weather guy and could handle a variety of duties there.

      2. It does seem since Wayne Godsey left the station things have dropped dramatically.

      3. Update: One meteorologist is Neville Miller and comes from KMIZ in Columbia(MO). The other is from Oklahoma City, and he will be joining the station in April.

    • matt says:

      He could do Midday and 4pm so Penner can go back to Producer or Senior Weather person like Ted Keller is at Kolr10 Ozarksfirst or do a KSHB version of off the beaten path or Kansas City Live or become a News Anchor meaning be Marks fill in.

      The atations like to take people from stations near by to do Weather and some leave for better Weather Jobs like George,Devon,Horner,Anthony and so on.

      KMBC should have asked him will you stay if we add midday and 4pm.

      He could go to KCTV5 and be the Chief for KCTV5/Star 24/7 local News Channel if they do one so could Lisa.

      OKC lost Apon.

      • COULD MOVE TO 41
        He could move to 41 and they could ditch either of the two new ppl. I watched Rudd in Wichita and like him, but Dionne and Apon bring nothing compared to Nichols.

  7. Mark Hastert says:

    I’ll be watching Joel wherever he goes. I’ve always watched KMBC because of its continuity which seems to be breaking down.

  8. Matt says:

    KMBC has Grigsby as a fill in and Erin moved to Weekday mornings.

    I could tell something was up. Joel just did not look the same the past few weeks. I will be following Joel to 41 if he lands the gig.

    Stupid is as Stupid does!!!

  10. R Rignow says:

    Kinda glad to see Teachman go. Her nasally delivery was annoying. And isn’t it the trend to replace people with younger, more attractive and probably lower paying contracts personalities?

    Maybe Joel could fit in at KSHB. Lezak’s blog was 86′d and moved to his own personal site promoting his “theories”. He lost out last year on the “most accurate” rating to KCTV so who knows?

    The whole station personalities are such a mess anymore I turn to the Internet and news weather sources the stations just parrot anyway. No nasally delivery or mindless banter about their dogs.

    • D. Zumalt says:

      Nasally delivery and trend to younger more attractive? How shallow you are! You just want eye candy instead of quality information? I think Linda Teachman was one of the best meteorologists to come along on 9. And I’ll take seasoned and veteran reporters and meteorologists any day that I know and trust and are familiar and I love hearing about their personal lives, families and pets. I don’t trust a news station that has a constant turnover of younger staff. Doesn’t bode well for the majority of their viewers which are of the baby boomer generation. And you are correct! You should stick with the Internet. It’s more cold and impersonal, just like you!

  11. JD BYRNE says:

    You know, I think it a sad state of affairs to summarily let a “friend” of 20 years go without the opportunity to say goodbye. Joel was always a breath of fresh air. As for Lisa, she had style and science. I think channel 9 will regret their decisions.

    I for one will be looking elsewhere for my news. I have followed channel 9 for a very long time and it feels like they just told me to look elsewhere for my news and I will!!

    • KA Fritchie says:

      I agree with those of you who say they will both be missed. Joel brought humanity and humor to the weather each morning. If he likes mornings, then keep him there! I’m sure that it had to do with the fact that he’s a true family man and that mornings allows him more time with his family. Lisa Teachman is a class act. Any station would be lucky to sign her. Younger is not necessarily better in all cases KMBC. Experience should be honored.

  12. E. Thomas says:

    What a shame! Joel and Lisa were my favorite meteorologists and personalities, not just on channel 9, but of all the local stations.

  13. DGC says:

    Veterans earn the “right” to work the schedule they want. I would have left too.
    Joel is/was my favorite News Anchor. There is no reason for me to continue watching KMBC.
    My wife feels the same.

  14. Jenny scott says:

    Will miss Joel and will follow the weather wherever he goes. He makes my morning. A class act on and off the air!

  15. A loyal viewer says:

    And companies wonder why employees aren’t loyal. It seems so wrong for someone to be tossed aside after so many years of service to a company. If he goes to another station I’ll be following. And I also like Lisa Teachman. I don’t understand the thinking behind this but I think it’s a huge mistake.

  16. Mendy Keltner says:

    We wont be watching KMBC anymore. Joel was one of the main reasons we still watched. With Larry Moore retiring and now Joel gone there is no reason to keep watching.

  17. Joe says:

    What is wrong with companies? I watched channel 9 for their morning team. I now will be looking for a new team to watch. I will miss Joel and hope he does stay and work in tv here. Good luck to both Joel and Lisa and hope to see them on tv again in Kansas City…

  18. Mia Stine says:

    KMBC IS STARTING TO MAKE SOME BAAAAD MOVES. Joel Nichols leaving is a MAJOR BLOW. Too many changes have happened on a station that is known and respected for its continuity.

    The feel used to seem family like and a company that valued long time employment and cared for their employees.

    The new personnel seem way too LOUD and harsh. KMBC is losing their caring edge and it’s a shame.

    Your end of 2013 recap piece to Trans Siberian Orchestra was horrible.

    Some change is good but too many at once and too many that change the personality of the station and you have a recipe for disaster. KMBC you are going down this road and better watch it.

    I will be shopping the other stations for sure.

  19. Edward Hylton says:

    I like Joel, but it doesn’t matter to me. I haven’t watched anything on 9 or 41 for years. I watch Fox 4 and KCTV 5. I wouldn’t watch an NBC station for a bribe, and channel 9 is just flat out boring. Fox 4 has Karli and Michelle…yep they have that market cornered…lol!

  20. Don Martin says:

    Sounds like someone likes being a control freak and master of the weather show. Sound familiar Busby?

  21. Ben says:

    What a shock.

    Joel is a good guy that has been around since I moved to KC back in the 80s. My mother-in-law considers him a class act.

    And this news about Lisa! I like her (despite the nasally delivery) and my wife is a big fan.

    Welp, KMBC, you just lost several viewers here.

  22. L. Marx says:

    Lost a viewer. I can’t imagine what KMBC was thinking. Joel made my mornings fun to start the day. He is Kansas City. I hope another local station picks him up!

  23. JocoDude says:

    Hes a good guy. Hope it works out for him.

  24. K. Russell says:


    People pick stations these days, to get the best WEATHER information — not news, which anyone can read from a teleprompter. The weather caster makes or breaks their audience numbers and ratings. Your numbers will be dropping….hope its worth it. Good luck Joel! You’re the best.

    I love Joel Nichols. Not only his weather forecasts, but also his late night local entertainment show. Which I still miss. He will be greatly missed.

  26. BoothT says:

    Looks like some young Turk got their chain pulled on this one. Good for Joel to call their bluff and walk away. I hope we can see him on in the mornings on 41 or 4. At our house, we’ve gotten to the point where we won’t watch either Busby or Lezak at night. Mike Thompson is the only one who we depend on for the straight story at night and some good science to go with it. Hang in there Joel.

  27. Teresa says:

    I will find it hard to watch Channel 9 any more. I didn’t know about Lisa Teachman until today and now you’ve let Joel go? Are you nuts? So, so sad. Shame on you Channel 9.

  28. Little Man says:

    It’s about time- too many dinosaur’s on 9- wonder why everyone is watching 41? Have you see Jadiann? New era in TV and guy who acted like a goofball who wasn’t even a meteorologist needed to go.
    Teachman not being renewed is a huge mistake!
    Hopefully Ketz will be next.

    Too bad KMBC just lost another viewer. I don’t watch KSHB because Jack Harry is such a Jerk. KCTV 5 and Fox 4 will be my choices in the future. Joel was a class guy who represented their station well. He will be missed. Lisa Teachman was a very attractive, knowledgable weather personality and no odubt a bigger station has eyes on her and who could blame them. Lets face it KMBC is on a youth movement. We will see a whole bunch of young idiots parade their way on camera to see if viewers approve. I am tired of being a barometer of who is quaified to read the news or weather. I’m outta here KMBC. You definately screwed the pooch on this one for sure.

  30. Bob W says:

    Lisa Teachman was my favorite weather reporter hands-down and just last night I mentioned it seemed she had been taking too long a break. Very disappointed in this news.

  31. Kathy says:

    I like Joel Nichols and have since I moved here 25 years ago. But with the internet came change among newscasts and newspapers. Viewership goes down when you can get information when you need it off your mobile phone. I’m sure they no longer have the income from advertisers they once had. Costs must be cut. And an anchorman who has been there for 25 years probably is making a lot of money. I’m just guessing. I’m sure it was a business decision. And I’m sure a all of, including Joel Nichols, will come out of it just fine.

  32. KMBC News Viewer says:

    So Lisa Teachman is gone also? What a shame. Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman beat Erin Little and Bryan Busby by a long shot! I cannot stand Erin Little. She is so fake. I guess I will have to change stations. I certainly won’t listen to Little and Busby at all. Shame on you Channel 9 for doing this.

    What a shame. My husband & I loved watching Joel and Lisa with the weather. I can’t believe they let them go without any recognition, or notice, they were the best.

  34. Jim says:

    Chemistry among any morning show is vital to maintaining a station’s viewing audience. Joel Nichols had Chris and Donna in stitches almost every morning. They WERE the #1 morning show. Not only does it show extreme disrespect to Joel, It angers a HUGE loyal audience in Kansas City. The “Classy” thing for KMBC to do now is hire him back, say “we made a huge mistake” and JOEL IS BACK! 9″s ratings would soar, and all would be well. EGOS at 9 need to get a grip. SERIOUS SCREW-UP!!

  35. Mary Reiter says:

    Losing Lisa Teachman and Joel Nicols will be the death of KMBC. They should have kept Lisa and made her chief meteorologist.

  36. Long time viewer says:

    How can I start my mornings without Joel? I suffer through Chris just for Joel. Guess I won’t have to do that anymore. Goodbye KMBC.

    • Cassie says:

      Amen to that!

      • Cindy Weber says:

        Amen #2!!! Busy in the mornings I just loved hearing Joel Nichols voice, jokes, and humor in the morning as I buzzed around the house. I’ve switched to KCTV5 for 100% of my news. KMBC made so many mistakes in the last few years – 1st was leaving Larry Moore on WAY past his prime. And now eliminating the classiest act still going on this channel. Sounds like they have lost a community of viewers!!! Talk about a management team not in tune with reality…

  37. Mark Ibarra says:

    Disappointing to hear for sure. Both Joel and Lisa were dedicated to their craft and to the viewer. I have no doubt that Lisa has a bright future in Television as a meteorologist whether it be in Kansas City or elsewhere. She is just too good. Joel will be missed as well. He had personality and made morning viewing enjoyable. Like many others, I hope that another station in the market values what he can offer them and puts him back on the air. In the end I wonder if this wasn’t a cost cutting initiative. Channel 9 no longer dominates in the ratings like it used to. Busby, Little, Nichols, and Teachman combined probably made some pretty good coin. Somebody had to go and that was Teachman. The management probably did not expect Nichols to call their bluff, but I am glad he did. Channel 9 is no longer a top dog. Instead it is a dog that is starting to attract a lot of fleas.

  38. Pam Walker says:

    I’ve watched Joel since he started. He always brought a smile to my face. I will miss him. Good luck in whatever you do Joel.

  39. Mary f says:

    You are fools to let Lisa and Joel leave…I have been watching Joel since he started and Lisa is a breath of fresh air…both will be missed. I won’t be sticking around either..so long KMBC your management needs to be shown the door.

  40. Kay Hedrick says:

    Very disappointed. I have been a loyal KMBC morning news watcher for years. I have always liked the morning show because of the seasoned anchors. Joel, Kris, Donna…and I also enjoyed Lisa Teachman when she was filling in in the morning. When I first heard about the loss of Joel my first thought was about Lisa – hopefully she would be the replacement. But, NO! She was not renewed. So what are we left with? Erin Little, Matt Flener, and the Santana look alike from glee (is it Stephanie?). I actually like the Santana look alike except for the fact that “kiddos” is not a word, it is slang. The other two? I could give you more detail but it should be enough for me to say that they bore me. I have no interest in watching either one of them. I had watched the Today Show for nearly 40 years but I stopped when they fired Ann Curry. I will continue to watch GMA, but I’ll be looking for a new local morning show starting first thing tomorrow.

  41. Kathy Mahoney says:

    I grew up watching Joel enjoying his wit and humor. He started my day off right with a chuckle. KMBC has made a huge mistake letting him go!

  42. JS says:

    We are spoiled in KC. Most of our News and Weather people hang around for a long time. Unfortunately they leave at some point and it is time for new people to come in and take their place. I liked Joel, Lisa and Larry but it is a business and when you refuse to do what your employer asks there can be repercussions as in Joel’s case.

  43. Don Clark says:

    KMBC has made a huge mistake letting him go! Obviously lying about doing everything possible to keep him. Sounds like they were trying to change his hours. Pitiful, after so many years and get treated this way. This is what is wrong with the job market today! No respect for time on the job, seniority, and job experience. Too Bad! I will be looking for a new station for my morning news and weather addiction.

  44. Kathy Garske says:

    I too will miss Joel. Have watched him since he and Maria started with First News. I have seen Neville on the Columbia station at the lake when we visit there. I usually changed the station. Didn’t care for his attitude and tone of voice.

  45. John Altevogt says:

    The Kansas City Star gets a new publisher. She has award winning, well-respected reporters and an editorial department that’s a community laughingstock. She fires the award winning reporters and keeps the duds in editorial.

    KMBZ gets new management. It’s core audience is based on conservative talk radio. They come in, dump politics, get rid of a well respected host, keep the dummy he was paired with, team him with someone equally obnoxious and they put on a show that would make a mobile home park look like a country club.

    KMBC, long a community leader, gets new management, retires a well respected anchor, runs off an equally well respected weatherman and forces its well respected journalists to publish outright innuendo that’s completely absent any journalistic standards.

    Is there some theory of media management that claims that insulting your audience, lowering standards and demeaning quality staff is the road to success?

  46. Shawn says:

    When stations start playing around with their anchors and weather people, viewers start changing the channel. We get used to relying on the strength of the newscast or weather information. Some anchors bring calmness (Larry Moore) while others rely in sensationalism (KCTV5 – all the evening anchors). We switched our morning news to Fox4 when KCTV5 dumped Pisano and Wright. Now we watch them for all newscasts. Occasionally, I would switch over and watch Joel because I liked his personality. He also did weather (as did Teachman) on KMBZ. As for Lezak…he hardly ever broadcasts anymore and never blogs. He always seems more interested in his dogs and other activities. Would love to see Joel get a spot over there.

    • Person says:

      Gary still blogs, he just does it over at weather2020.com because the station blog got out of hand with rude and hateful comments that didn’t add to the conversation.

      He’s their chief meteorologist…he’s almost always on air…not sure where you’re getting “he hardly ever broadcasts” from.

      • Shawn says:

        Where do I get it from…why from his own facebook page, of course. I realize he’s taking care of his Mother so some of his absences are due to this reason but he’s constantly on vacation (according to him). I’ve tuned in and someone else is reporting the weather. As for the blog, you are correct…it was out of control.

  47. Kim Wilcox says:

    Now all 41 needs is Joel and Kris Ketz and I would be a happy camper! I can’t even look at BB and there nothing on 9 that makes me want to watch. Big Mistake channel 9.

  48. Tony Camposi says:

    Good riddance to Joel. He lives down the street from us and is the biggest douche bag in the neighborhood. His little happy guy routine on the news is all a show. This guy is the most unsociable asshole around. Hell he isn’t even nice to kids in the neighborhood. I hope he got fired and moves, because I stopped watching him years ago due to his bad attitude in real life.

    • a viewer says:

      Hell, it sounds like your attitude isn’t much better if you’re resorting to name calling. I feel like if he were really such a miserable a-hole (as you say), we’d have heard about it…

    • Pat Carlson says:

      I don’t know Joel Nichols personally, so I can’t confirm or dispute what you say. However, …

      Virtually all the talking heads are shallow phonies. I have run into several of them around town over the years. Most avoid eye contact. Some even use a fake name.

      There’s a reason we have the phrase, “on-air personality”.

      As viewers, we impute qualities onto the talking heads. We are surprised when we learn that our notions do not comport with reality.

      I thought Nichols did a good job on his interviews. But I wonder, did he call the station’s bluff, or did it call his bluff?

  49. Beverly says:

    Big mistake, Joel was awesome! You lost a couple of viewers from this household. Lisa Teachman another big mistake for channel 9.

  50. Person says:

    Guys, Channel 41 just hired THREE new meteorologists last year alone, bringing their total now up to five. They won’t hire Joel because they have no room, much less need, for him. There is no newscast they could put him on. The other stations are also perfectly content with who they have. KSHB having five, believe it or not, is quite unusual for a local TV station to have.

  51. Mark Weaver says:

    What a shame! KMBC has lost two professionals and viewership will reflect this. Joel and Lisa were the counterbalance of Brian and Erin, I have always looked at KMBC in the mornings before going to work to get an accurate forecast. Joel and Lisa made a perfect team and each brought something to the morning newscast. Lisa always had a challenge for the children on Saturday mornings and I have to confess that I too learned some things from her. What we need is experience not youth. The weather here in Kansas City changes rapidly, and that requires that we have forecasters with experience and understanding. Once again we see the affects of poor management bringing in younger inexperienced personnel for seasoned personnel who know what they are doing all to cut costs. WOW, wake up. Now where do I go in the mornings?

    • Former Faithful Viewer says:

      Channel 9 in the mornings is definitely not the same, actually, it could be described as somewhat dull now. Joel Nichols was the best! Fantastic personality!

      Glad to see more of Pete Grigsby, he would come in second, as far as local TV personalities go, but, miss Joel Nichols.

  52. Melissa says:

    Joel is the main reason I watched KMBC every single morning! I am soo disappointed that he won’t be there any longer.

  53. Jackie says:

    I’ve always favored KMBC for my news and weather. A big reason to watch was having Joel and Lisa as a part of their team. They didn’t renew Martin Augustine’s contract either so is it about trying to get younger and less expensive people?? I think Lara, Kelly and Bryan are amazing and they are a big draw for the station. However, I don’t like the changes/direction the station has made for reasons that seem more from a profit standpoint vs quality and experienced talent.

    I will definitely make a change to a different station to be my new preference.

  54. Joe Rowley says:

    Well I guess I well no longer be watching channel nine news. It makes you wonder who well be next three down and there is not many left, Johnny maybe or Brian
    Well one thing for sure I won’t be watching their news program to find out.

  55. Zack says:

    55 comments on Joel Nichols departure? John, it looks like your readers are demanding you go back to posting KC based stories!

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      I know! This is really pretty amazing since it is my first KC story in months. It seems to show how close people are to some media personalities, particularly in the KC market.

      • Dave says:

        This is a form of “brand” loyalty. Whoop it up for the sports teams. Identify with on-air personalities. Forget you are receiving headlines, instead of in depth reporting. Is there an (experienced)city hall reporter broadcasting in Kansas City?

  56. Karen says:

    What a shame. Joel made me laugh every morning. Great way to start the day. Guess I will be searching a new channel. If Joel goes to another channel I will be tuning in.

  57. Maynard says:

    Poor management, you have shot yout self in the foot, viewefrs will flee faster than employees. Sad

  58. Beth says:

    So sad! Joel was so levelheaded and right on as far as the forecast. I looked forward to his funny comments in the morning. Lisa was the other meteorologist that did not sensationalize the forecast. I as well, will follow Joel if he goes to another local station. What were they thinking?

  59. Tim Vogel says:

    9 BLEW IT
    Sadly Joel will be missed, as will Teachman. They both did a fine job.
    Erin little just isn’t nearly as good as either of these people. Oh and Brian Busby is just not good. Dry and dull.
    9 news blew it!!!

  60. Tammy says:

    I have always been a fan of Kmbc news. Larry Moore and Joel Nichols were the draw factor. I love their wit, charm, and humor. I guess there are other stations and this will not be the most watched in this household

  61. Rhonda says:

    Joel was our morning version of Ellen, no matter how bad the news was, he could make you smile or laugh every day. Thanks Joel for all the great mornings you helped to create in a world of uncertainty. You will be forever missed in our household. Shame on Hearst for their dumb decision that will ultimately cut their ratings.

  62. sharn says:

    Some people can see better than they can think. Replacing on-air intellect and wit with eye candy is an obvious appeal to the former.

  63. Elaine Fetters says:

    Channel 9 has lost me. Larry Joel and Lisa that is a bunch of you know what. They need to replace the new director since she came things have gone to pot. 3 good people and they are hiring new people. Give me a break………I wish only the best for Joel and Lisa I hope they get jobs at other stations here in the city. I will miss them both sooooooooooooooooo much

  64. Katie says:

    Bad move! I’ve been watching Channel 9 since moving here in 1985. I quit watching their evening/night broadcasts this past year. Always have breaking news & over emphasize at least one word of almost every sentence. News is over dramatized! The news is the news, just give it to us. Now that Joel is gone, there’s no reason for me to watch the morning news either. The morning news is the only time I’m looking to be entertained, and Joel sure knew how to do that. I’ll follow Joel where ever he goes. LOYAL JOEL NICHOLS FAN! Good luck to you Joel!

  65. Cari McHenry says:

    I am furious that both Joel and Lisa are gone. No loyalty. It sounds to me like there needs to be a change in management. I hope that they both get on at a rival station.

  66. Matt says:

    Lisa not gone yet her BIO is still on Site.

  67. geri says:

    Total viewer at KMBC has already dropped with Larry Moore’s departure and Maria Antonia. Sorry, there is nothing to like about BB or any of the other faces I see there when I accidently go there. This new guy Neville, looks like every other new anchor/weather person from any town USA. Good luck KMBC. You’re going to need it.

    • No longer a ch9viewer! says:

      My husband and I can neither one stand Erin either. Her changes were brought up in a group setting and everyone mentioned the eye batting and voice. Pretty funny. I watched Ch 9 and Believed Joel’s forecast. When my husband channel surfs the other stations are so dramatic. Every storm is a blizzard. When people tell me what they have heard about the weather I always ask what station. So I know they aren’t full of crap. Weather.gov here we come.

  68. Marie Holmes says:

    Why was Joel being moved to the evening hour news? He was one of two original people who started ushered in the early news on Channel 9. He was going to be moves so that Erin Little could have the morning slot, which is what she wanted. Does Channel 9 not realize that she is the reason so many viewers have left Channel 9. I would like Channel 9 to be honest enough to let the viewers know who Little is related to at KMBC. Is she a daughter of, wife of, girlfriend of? Can’t stand the batting eyes, voice, hair!!! Just turn off 9 when she is on a newscast. Shame on channel 9 management for not caring about your viewers. I watch people on the news channels that I would invite into my home. Little ain’t one of them!

    • DE says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Marie – Erin Little has been a prima donna ever since she arrived on that station, and the #1 goal she’s had was being the chief meteorologist (whether Busby realizes it or not!) Also can’t stand Teachman’s ‘motor mouth’ delivery. Besides that, the newscast has turned into a running joke, with Lara Moritz’s constant laughing about nothing, the station’s constant use of their helicopter (for non essential news), constant break-ins to regular programming (for things that can wait until the news starts), and their EXCESSIVE weather coverage that all seemed to start on Dec. 24, 2009 when we had a minor snowstorm – people don’t want to hear what Bryan/Erin/Lisa has to say every FIVE minutes about the weather!

  69. Cassie says:

    GIVE 4 A TRY
    Tip: On mornings when the arrogance of Ketz or the inability to read by the other anchor get on my nerves, I’ve been watching Channel 4. All the anchors are normal, and it’s a nice diversion. I suggest you try it. I hope Joel finds a spot soon, though. I will miss him!

  70. Patti Beckingham says:

    I awake every am at 4am to watch channel 9 news and the sounds of Joel’s voice. Phrases like nicely normal gives me a smile and knowing that he has been watched every day since 1988 with Maria, and now because of corporate bs I have lost Joel. No one can replace him or his ties and his quirky humor. I was just starting to enjoy watching Lisa since she finally didn’t have to wear that gray suit all the time and finally had wardrobe choices that brought out her personality along with a recent makeover and now she is gone too. Bring Joel back to 4am and Lisa to the time she prefers along with huge pay increase to offset longtime viewers you will loose.

  71. Bill in Blue Springs says:

    KMBC Channel 9 has been my main source of news and weather for over 50 years. With Joel leaving the station I will follow suit. Treating someone that has been loyal for 25 years like he was a fry cook and Micky D’s tells me a lot about the management of KMBC.
    I wish the best for Joel and I will be viewing different stations in the KC networks to pick my “New Station” to watch for the next 50 years and it will not be Channel 9 that is for sure.

  72. Bill and Brenda Park says:

    We are sad to see Joel and Lisa leaving channel 9, Joel was the reason we watched the morning news, you screwed up ms. Brown, we will not be watching your news anymore, morning or night.

  73. Pam Seymour says:

    This is the beginning of the end for KMBC. You all have lost you minds. Joel and Lisa are great and will be following to brand X.

  74. magnuson says:

    I will watch Joel Nichols on whatever station he ends up at. I hope Lisa Teachman stays on in KC, too. I recommend to KMBC to get Joel back, pronto!!!

    I do not believe that she was ever given the credit she deserved for the job she did. KMBC News is off my list.

    It’s all about the focus groups.
    Local news isn’t about loyalty. It’s all about likability, not necessarily by the audience but by focus groups, consultants and handlers, many of whom are on one or the other coast. Station Managers and News Directors keep their jobs by acting on recommendations by said consultants. Loyalty? Seniority? Forget that. Nichols low key delivery will be missed. He’ll land on his feet however, maybe not in media at all. Good utility players are hard to find and he’s one of the best.

  77. Cindy says:

    Joel was a great guy on the air. Have you noticed lately that Channel 9 seems to be the cheerleaders for anything the federal government comes up with? How about some good, hard hitting, local news. Some of the lamest stories have come out of Channel 9 lately. Fire the News Director. I am even considering Channel 5. I never thought that I would ever say that. Channel 9 has lost me. It has been a slow process but they are just not what they used to be. Mike Thompson will be my new weather man, and Gary Lezak, or even Channel 5. Treat your people better Channel 9. That two weather forecasters at once crap that you started a while back on the morning show showed me that you planned to let someone go. Gee, how difficult that was to figure out? Not.

  78. Sherry Hammond says:

    I will follow Joel where ever he goes. When will the powers that be learn that if its not broken don’t fix it! Bring back Joel and keep Lisa Teachman.

  79. Michelle says:

    BYE for good. I can’t believe Joel is gone & am so sad. I was so looking forward to Donna Pittman’s upcoming maternity leave so I could watch Joel & Kris (I can NOT stand her, so haven’t been watching for a while & then only flipping in order to miss her & see Joel). Must say now – GOODBYE Ch. 9…I won’t be around for local news here. And I just removed APP from my fon.
    Best to you Joel. Enjoyed all 25 years with you!!!

  80. deb says:

    Overcooked, mundane and repetitive weather chatter can be found on any station. What made channel 9 unique was the personality that Joel Nichols projected into the morning weather/news. He made my husband and I laugh out loud for the past 20 years making it sort of fun watching/listening to the news (a necessity in preparing for a 25 mile commute). There is something to be said about a company’s loyalty and appreciation to a long time employee. Your lack of that quality will make me get my morning information elsewhere. Goodbye channel 9!

  81. Delene Sloan says:

    I can’t believe KMBC let Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman go!! Joel Nichols seems like part of my family and he was a class act. I LOVED his humor and his professionalism. I have been a faithful listener of Channel 9 for years and years. I will not be listening anymore.

    Lisa Teachman was a professional and was a great weather forecaster. I will miss both of them greatly and will not be a Channel 9 listener any longer.

    VERY upset over this decision. I would think that a person who has worked somewhere for that long would not be forced to move to a position they did not like especially when they are doing such a great job at their current position. Bad mistake!!!

  82. Tom K says:

    With both Joel & Lisa leaving, I have no reason to watch KMBC anymore. That leaves a very boring morning crew and the evening news is worse. I guess I will go back to Fox 4. Channel 9 – You made just one too many mistakes and I hope this costs you. This is all we need, another KSHB. Pretty faces, bad weather, and no news. Oh Boy!!!

  83. Person says:

    Wow. 99 comments at the time of my writing of this! Very impressive John. You should seriously consider either writing stories about Kansas City news again for find someone who’s competent and willing to do it.

    This year will be very interesting none the less! We are literally watching KMBC plummet into the abyss. This could be the year that they become irrelevant.

    All great things must eventually come to an end. My how the mighty have fallen.

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      Thanks “Person” for putting this story over the century mark. I might take your advice and start doing more KC-focused stories again.

  84. C zagalik says:

    Time to change channels. Loved Joel

  85. Debie littrell says:

    How sad that channel 9 let go a wonderful weatherman, bad bad business, I have watched this station for thirty years and Joel was always the one who gave a great spin on the worst and best weather, best wishes to Joel he can do so much better at another station

  86. Marsha says:

    Lisa Teachman was the most accurate, professional meteorologist on the KMBC. I hope she, if she wants to, finds a spectacular station to work for. What a mess. Joel was very entertaining, and Larry Moore, I had always hoped that was his decision to leave. No reason to watch KMBC any longer, except Saturday morning to see Jana Corrie, she is very good also.

  87. Jim B says:

    Where is Dan Henry when you need him??

  88. Devon says:

    I have watched ch. 9 since the 80s and Joel has been a big reason for that. Do you know what a gem he is??? Brian I like you too but this is the last straw. Almost stopped watching after Maria got screwed. And I don’t think I’m the onlyone who didn’t have season tickets in the 60′s who is sick of Dawson. Who is running this show? Joel best of luck to you. Hope you find something better in KC. My family will find you. SO LONG CH. 9.

  89. Kay says:

    I just saw Lisa Teachman doing the weather on channel 9, did they reach an agreement? I hope they put her in the morning slot if they kept her!

  90. Matt says:

    Lisa back doing the Weather tonight.

    Hmmmm…As of 9:15 tonight, she’s on their web site as part of the Weather team. But then again, Joel is on their talent request page too. Huh!

  92. Person says:

    Lisa Teachman is back from vacation apparently, but will be leaving on January 31. Here’s what she posted on her Facebook page today:

    “Good afternoon! Today is my first day back in the weather center after an extended break with family and friends. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you nothing but the best in 2014! This year will mark changes for me and my family. After January 31, I will no longer be a member of the KMBC weather team.

    I have read many of the messages posted over the last week on Twitter, my personal Facebook page and even the station’s page. I am truly touched and appreciative of your support!!!

    For nearly 7 years at KMBC, I have dedicated my career to providing an accurate forecast and always being there when times were the toughest. The biggest stories of my career happened here at KMBC from covering my first tornado in Kirksville to being on the ground within hours of the Joplin, Harveyville and Wichita tornadoes.

    Thank you for your continued support! I will let you know the next stop on my journey right here!


  93. Cracker Jack says:

    Lisa Teachman must have buckled down to a low money deal to stay employed. Done it myself several times since late ’60′s ! ! !

  94. Emily Miller says:

    I’ll be shopping for a new morning news station. HUGE mistake KMBC! Joel made your morning newscast.

  95. Alan says:

    It took a while for this all to sink in for me. The final nail was getting rid of Lisa for me. Joel is a good guy who did his job well. It is a shame the way he was mistreated. I don’t know enough about what went on behind the scenes. But I do know these changes are not good because KMBC didn’t handle the situation with class.

    Maybe they needed to save money. Maybe they wanted to clean house. Maybe Joel wouldn’t work the shift he was being moved to. But dumping Lisa without much reason is the final straw. I guess I won’t be watching the new guys. I once wanted to go into broadcast media. But the facts prove that it is a medium that can be a bit rough to work in. I am a little upset by it all. I won’t be watching KMBC anymore.

  96. Joan Smith says:

    I am very disappointed to learn that Joel Nichols will not be on the morning news anymore. I will not be watching the morning news or even the evening news anymore. I have watched this station for my news for many years. Joel was my favorite as he could always make be laugh in the morning I watched the AM news only because he was there. I am very sad that you are not out to please the public.

  97. Belinda Shade says:

    I have watched Joel from 1988 I loved him then and he always makes me laugh. I always am in a good mood when i have watched him . I have no desire to watch kmbc 9 news I will just keep changing the channel in the morning until I final see him on another station any one of them will be glad to get such a great person to have as part of there team.
    So Joel I am waiting, miss you.

  98. Terry Harless says:

    I guess we all could send an email off to KMBC showing our displeasure news@kmbc.com. Doubt it will do any good, but worth a try. BTW I have been browsing other stations in the morning, haven’t decided on one yet, but won’t be watching KMBC again even though I enjoy Ketz and Donna.

  99. Margie says:

    I am in shock! Why in the world would they do this; let Joel and Lisa go? Like everyone else, I will be leaving channel 9 to another station. We’ve sure got slim pickins around here. Why does 41 need 5 weatherpersons? I will be watching to see where Joel and Lisa go. I hope Lisa finds something around here as well.

  100. Robin says:

    I am in total shock. Joel was KMBC. His humor brought so much to the newscast. It was like he was part of our family delivering what he needed. I am very sad and disappointed with KMBC especially if they lose Lisa too. I have always watched this newscast because it was so family like but with Larry stepping down, which I understand, and this change with the weather crew I might have to try some of the other stations. Very, Very disappointing!!!

  101. Lori A. says:

    You can send an e-mail if you want, but I have sent three in the recent past and not once did the station management have the courtesy to respond. So I’m not sure it’s worth your time. As far as Joel’s leaving is concerned, management should be ashamed of themselves for treating a 25 year veteran this way. Joel had by far the best, brightest and easiest manner on morning TV. Funny too. Started every day with him from the day he started. This leaves me wondering why the hell I would want to watch Channel 9 in the morning. So I guess I won’t!

  102. Martha says:

    Can’t believe Joel is gone. Can’t stand the blond Erin Little. She acts like a princess and we are lucky to be in her presence. Mr. Nichols was always personable and charismatic. He made me laugh on several occasions which made my day start well. Corporate America thinks anyone over 50 is incapable of working now. This not only happens in television but all across America. Will miss Mr. Nichols and will find another channel to watch.

    • DC says:

      I don’t think that the dumb @@@ses at kmbc know what they have done,because you see it is hard to hold substance in only air as in between there ears.

  103. Jackie says:

    I am so sorry you let Joel go. The trio, Joel, Kris and Donna made my mornings. I loved the three of them together. It’s apparent you don’t understand group dynamics on how this wonderful and funny group worked well together. I truly would chuckle on their antics…well Joel’s antics. I like Lisa Teachman too, however I really loved me some Joel he is just too funny and with all of the horrible news you present he was the balance. Please give him a good contract and bring him back.

  104. Molly green says:

    Joel and now Lisa Teachman? Who next?
    I think it’s time for us to change stations

    Not sure what they’re thinking is but this viewer is moving on

  105. Cheryl Bordewick says:

    I am genuinely saddened to learn that Joel Nichols has left the station and was given no fanfare. He will be greatly missed. His humor was wonderful. I also do not like to see Lisa go…she is a class act as well. Kind of like losing members of the family! Not at all sure what management was thinking.

  106. Missed says:

    I miss Joel Nichols. I have been watching him since day one on the morning show. Enjoyed seeing his children on the occasional visit to the show. This is a hugh loss to channel 9. The morning show will never be the same.

  107. Kat Bowie says:

    I am terribly disappointed at the release of Joel and Lisa. I enjoy both of them immensely. I find Johnny Kane to be totally insipid and juvenile. However, you let two capable newspeople go?

    I have been a faithful watcher since moving to KC 10 years ago. I think I will be watching other channels now.

    Really very disappointed and aggravated at your poor decisions regarding this. I wish that you would reverse your decision. However, you have obviously NOT listened to your viewers prior to making these decisions so why would you listen to them after-the-fact?

    Kat Bowie

  108. Roger Goodloe says:

    For many years it has been a ritual at our house to wake up with Joel predicting the weather in the morning, so wherever Joel ends up, if it’s in the area, we will watch him. He brings more to the table than just a pretty face and a guess at the weather.

  109. marcy says:

    whoever let joel nichols go is a idiot. Pompas yuppies trying to jack around his schedule on mornings he has earned and should be able to keep.
    typical yuppie arrogant scum invading everything

  110. Roger Goodloe says:


    Since Wayne Godsey left, things must be in disarray. First, Larry Moore forced to retire and now Joel Nichols’ being forced into another time slot. The new general manager must not have a grasp of what the viewer’s want. She needs to reconsider. Are you all with me? I will not watch another KMBC newscast again!

    Let’s unite!

  111. Pat hall says:

    No more KMBC for me. I watched for Joel Nichols. His sense of humor made everything a bit nicer in the mornings.

  112. Rosemary Toczek says:

    I, also, will no longer watch KMBC news. If trying to keep him meant only if he took another time slot, they obviously could care less if he stayed and that type of corporate bullying makes me “sick”! It’s a slap in the face to not only him, but to us viewers who give them their ratings. I hope and pray he is staying local and does get the morning job on another station.

  113. Abel Ramirez says:

    I have not and will not watch KMBC TV, I have gone to kctv5, but if Joel moves to KSHB I will go there! Loyal Follower!

  114. Mary says:

    My husband and I look forward to Joel’s forecasts and the humor he adds to it all…he will not only be missed but we will be leaving the station and, hopefully, following him to another channel. We have noticed that Kris isn’t as pleasant as he used to be…I always enjoyed his wonderful laugh but it’s like he was told to cool it or something..we used to like watching Erin but she has changed too and we call her the weather dooms slayer now! Way too dramatic! We are going to find a new weather channel and hope to find Joel somewhere soon! Until then, good luck Joel, in whatever you choose to do!

  115. Nola says:

    I have watched Joel Nichols and the morning news since it started with him and Maria. He is great in front of the camera and Kansas City loves Joel. Since I don’t start my day with his humor now, I will never watch KMBC News again. I Have heard many friends say the same. Wherever you go Joel, Kansas City citizens will follow!

  116. Terry says:

    I too will stop watching KMBC. I respect Kris and Donna, but Joel was our sunshine in the morning no matter the weather. I do not understand what has happened, but it is their mistake to let a truly wonderful man slip out of our lives. Good luck to you Joel and God Bless!

  117. Brad says:


  118. Julie says:

    In the KC market, their are certain news/television personalities who are like family and Joel was one of those people. Reading thru all the comments on the forum, it’s clear how popular Joel was. KMBC, were you flooded with complaints about Joel? Heck no, you think you know you viewers and clearly you don’t. Why remove someone who was such a bright spot for your station? Shame on you. Also, Lisa Teachman was my favorite weather person. She was smart, accurate and articulate. I wish her and Joel all the best.

  119. JohnLandsberg says:

    From: Eric Juul

    If only the media would realize how people like Joel Nichols are a positive reflection of our city. That will never happen. This city is all about power struggle for individuals, not what’s best for the town.

  120. michele says:

    Switching to different chanel tonight! He was the only reason we watched 9 news for many years….

  121. Dan says:

    Smart move Channel 9.
    Had accidentally met him one time. What a pompous ass!
    He butted right in my conversation with someone to let us know that…”he was Joel Nichols with KMBC 9. You know, I do the weather.”
    This Jack Ass really thought highly of himself. Like we were to stop what we were doing and cater to him.
    If I had been his boss, knowing his self righteous attitude to the public, I’d have fired his dumb ass along time ago.

    I have watched Joel since for over 15 years he was the highlight of my day. I got up every morning to exercise on the treadmill and this is the show I watched. I live two hours away but I loved this show because of Joel. I will no longer be watching your channel, I nothing to look forward to in the morning news, the other people are good, but his sense of humor the smile on his face the personality and charm will be GREATLY missed. I too will watch what ever channel he goes to.

  123. Sandy says:

    I have watched channel 9 news for many, many years and loved Joel! He has such a great personality and his relationship with the other news anchors was good. Truly a great loss losing Joel! We will be looking for another news station. Lara Moritz is so overly dramatic in reporting news it’s nauseating. Not fan of Donna Pittman either. Don’t like Pete Gribsby, period. Channel 9 news has gone downhill and so disappointing what is happening with running all the good news anchors off. Goodbye channel 9 news!

  124. Fran Nelson says:

    They both don’t deserve to be let go. Lisa Teachman is the very best along with Bryan Busby. Erin Little is not even close in ability. She is a bit “full of her self”. I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t pay Lisa T. to stay. Joel has been so good & his sense of humor adds a lot to early morning. I am a LONG time KMBC listener. WHY ? and who else that is good are you going to get rid of ?

    Fran Nelson

  125. Darlene Muirhead says:

    I will look for Joel & maybe Lisa also. Feels like they are part of my family. I like channel 9, but I might have to look around.

  126. Lianne says:

    So sorry to see the announcement about Joel Nichols. He was my favorite weather personality. I loved his sense of humor. Can’t stand Erin Little–count the number of times she says, “in terms of” “as you’re heading” “for your morning/afternoon” which are the most numerous of her cliched phrases. Joel’s forecasts were professional. I miss him. I won’t be watching channel 9 any longer.

  127. Lonnie says:

    It was a big mistake to let Joel Nichols leave the station. I have been watching him since he came to Kansas City. My first memories were of he and his wife, their first apartment was on the television, as he was walking through to the nursery to see their first born child. He has been a big part of my television life and I will miss his wit, his community involvement and his playing the piano at Christmas time. I wish him the very best and now I will watch channel four. He was all the kept me with KMBC.
    Good Luck, Joel

  128. Ray Blackman says:

    is there no loyalty to employees at Channel nine for that reason I will no longer watch your station

  129. WENDY says:

    Someone screwed up with letting Joel Nichols leave. Joel was the one to get me out the door and deal with everything due to his sense of humor. Where ever you land Joel put it out there so I can find you again. The rest of the cast I could do without. They are boring, dull, full of themselves and just bland. Why would I stay with Channel nine with this group. I will definitely find a new station to watch.

  130. JohnLandsberg says:

    From: ronni gochee
    Subject: joel nickel

    Message Body:
    will never watch your channel 9 news again.

  131. Sonya says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm,my morning is not as sunny without Joel Nichols. The chemistry between Joel, Kris and Donna was such a nice relaxed professionalism…..this morning I realized I don’t like all the new people. And sorry to say, 5 of the youngsters do still not equal 1 Joel.

  132. Wayne says:

    The decision by KMBC to not renew the contracts of Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman is beyond my comprehension. Joel has been a part of us for so many years. And Lisa is such an intelligent, classy person. It would be a shock if either did not get a high-profile position with a different local station.

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      Sources have told Bottom Line that Joel Nichols was offered a contract, but it involved moving from mornings to evenings and he didn’t want to make the move. Teachman’s contract was not renewed.

  133. Mary says:

    KMBC ignores letters from loyal viewers

    Many messages have been sent to both KMBC and Hearst regarding the departure of Joel and Lisa. No one has received a response from them. Not even a form letter saying “Thank you for your feedback”. In my opinion, that’s just bad business. If their purpose is to drive all of their loyal viewers away, they seem to be doing a great job. I would love to see a story about their apparent lack of concern of their viewers opinions.
    I think they must be seeing a drop in their ratings because of this!!! Thanks for breaking the story on Joel! I’m following the updates closely through the Facebook page supporting these two trusted people. I’m sad to hear Lisa has no real job prospects yet (according to her friends in the group) and no one has heard from Joel. I miss him so much!!!

  134. David Hoover says:

    My family is another one who will not be watching kmbc anymore. We liked Joel’s sense of humor. He would even get Kris cracking up all the time. I too responded to kmbc, with no response from them. And Lisa gives the weather and her own personal touch. Very professional. Hope they stay in KC market. if these comments make it back to kmbc, (RUN,GET JOEL AND LISA BACK….BEFORE YOU LOSE ALL YOUR VEIWERS) Dave

  135. karin blevins says:

    Don’t have much to say, other than I have not watched KMBC since Joel left. The fun thing is in shopping around I found Kerri Stowell.. I liked her approach and her down to earth traffic reporting.. She’s on channel 4 if anyone wants to know. Sorry to lose Lisa Teachman-another class act.

  136. Marti Schuller says:

    I stopped watching this channel when the Christine incident happened long ago. Now I’ve given it up again. I like Erin Little and Lauren, but not enough to continue. I will miss Joel enormously and if he shows up on another network I will become a watcher there. He brought smiles to my face every morning and I already miss his rapier wit. Whatever he does, I wish him only great happiness! And Channel 9 news, we’re through. This time for good. Enough is enough!

  137. Joyce Martin says:

    I am so disappointed that Channel 9 let Joel Nichols go. I have switched to Channel 5 because Channel 9 has no continuity anymore. You never know who will be on the anchor desk in the morning. And have you listed to Erin Little? Oh my gosh. In less than 2 minutes, she said “morning” 12 times. Give me a break. It’s 5:00 in the morning. We all know it’s morning. She is doom and gloom. Sorry, but I’m so angry about Joel leaving. I watched the early morning news because of him and his humor. Any station that gets him will see their ratings soar. And another word for Channel 9: Tell your anchors to quit saying “yeah”, “alright” and “well”. What has happened to the professionalism that was so apparent when Larry Moore was reporting the news? I think they need to make some more changes.

  138. Connie says:

    I am so sorry that Joel is gone from KMBC9. He was the highlight of the day..a kick start to the day if you will. KMBC 9 was certainly in error in letting him go. Really don’t care about the others, Erin Little and Lisa Teachman neither one are worth watching as far as I’m concerned..can’t stand the voices, makes me shiver. I hope Joel stays around the KC area and hope to find him somewhere else, I will be watching for him.

  139. Connie Diane says:

    Management at KMBC made a huge mistake! I will be changing channels!! Joel was a great weatherman, personality and the reason I watched the channel 9 morning news.

  140. Wendy Herrington says:

    I will miss Joel so much. Not just a great weatherman but a great father and husband. I dont care what channel I watch now. Love and miss you Joel!

  141. Elaine Fetters says:

    Will not be watching Channel 9 any longer. I am upset with that new general manager who seems to not care about anyone but herself. I hope she is the next to go and we can get the staff back as it was. I can’t believe that the bosses of the GM let her do that to Larry Moore, Joel and Lisa. I hope Joel and Lisa land here in the area so we can show Channel 9 how important these people were. They used to be my number 1 not they are nothing.
    Get rid of the GM

  142. gelene matthews says:

    Joel was one of my favorites! Someone who was so good – and entertaining – should have been offered a good and generous congtract. Don’t know what you at channel 9 are trying to accomplish, but you just lost another viewer.
    In addition, there are some (most) of your newscasters who don’t use proper English. That is a real turnoff for me.

  143. Pat says:

    I can not believe that the GM and Administration at KMBC have made the changes they have made in the past few months! Evidently they do not care what the viewers and the people who made them the most watched station want. First to force Larry into retirement, then Joel and Lisa from the weather is absolutely the wrong move to make! I love Brian but watch out, he will probably be next. Sorry KMBC you have lost a very loyal viewer, not that you even care!

  144. Barbara Lutz says:

    Just noticed Joel was missing thus week(due to schedules)! Oh my gosh! He has been the main reason my family and I have watched KMBC 9 morning news for as many years as I can remember. We will truly miss not only his knowledge, but his humor as well. The rest of the morning crew seems lost without him.

    What was wrong with Joel staying on morning hours? He obviously loved it and we loved him there. If he lands in another local station, you can bet we will be switching channels! That’s after well over 25 years of being a KMBC morning news fan! Then to top it off, not to renew Lisa Teachman’s contract! You’ve got to be kidding…she’s been one of the best new hires in years. KMBC needs to take a good look at what is happening in house and maybe let the axe fall on some of those making these lame brain decisions!

  145. Julie says:

    I just read most of the comments and totally agree. Joel, Donna and Kris made the morning show so enjoyable. Lots of news, laughter and fun. I hope he will join another channel so I can follow him there.

  146. Barbara Wilson says:

    I am so disappointed that Joel will no longer be at KMBC. Hope he finds a good job. So the truth comes out Larry Moore was forced to retire. A sad time at KMBC 9. Joel had a winning personality.

  147. Tammy Messer says:

    I will find a new station now.

  148. Mori says:

    Totally shocked that Joel is gone. He cracked me up the few times I would watch in the morning. I thought that Larry retired on his own but now I’m hearing that’s not the case. I truly miss him and his tomatoes. The new guy, Len something is okay. Lisa, I wont miss, something about her eyes freaked me out and I prefer Bryan. Hate when he’s gone. I noticed that two of the evening reporters are gone and maybe even David Hall. The breaking news is a joke, I’ve gotten to the point that I just ignore it. Also, what the hell were they thinking with hiring Johnny Kane in sports. Since he’s been on, I stop watching sports. Younger is not always better and I think KMBC should know that by now.

  149. Dee says:

    The morning show isn’t the morning show anymore and Joel was the main part. Loved his funniness and when he needed to be serious it made you pay attention. Lisa Teachman was the absolute best in the evening. Along with most of the other’s, Johnny Kane is a complete idiot!!!!!!! Anyone could give a sports commentary and be better than him. Sorry KMBC 9 you have really lowered yourself.

  150. Ann says:

    I tried. Really, I did. I just can’t see the quality anymore. One newscaster not only can’t remember Kelly Eckerman’s last name – he stumbles every other sentence, even with a TELEPROMPTER! He must’ve gone to the same public speaking class as Obama. That’s sad enough, but ever pay attention to Johnny the Pilot stud? EVERY SINGLE TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH, HE NEEDS TO “CORRECT” WHAT HE JUST SAID. He makes me friggin’ dizzy! Erin, honey…stop already with the “cutsy” wiggles while sitting. Yes, you’re cute – no, you’re not professional.

    I’ve been watching you morning and evening for many years. NEVER have you stooped so low, NEVER have I even considered switching stations…until now.

    Joel, if you’re reading these…you are missed by many. Thank you for the quality that created many loyal viewers, me included.

    Lisa, you deserve better than KMBC.

    I wish both of you only the best. God Bless.

  151. Doris says:

    I am sorry to see Larry and Joel go but I will continue to be loyal channel nine viewer just as I have always been. Good luck to all including the channel 9 news team.

  152. Heywood says:

    I miss Joel! That was a terrible move to try to force a senior person to a shift that he didn’t want to work. Where is the respect? You have kept the wrong people and dumped the good ones. Joel & Lisa were by far the keepers in that weather group. It’s time to move Busby out! The new weather guy should be replacing Busby. The lineup should be Teachman (without the dog drama), Nichols (wherever he wants to be, hopefully mornings), the new guy (I don’t know his name because I quit watching KMBC after these idiotic moves) and Pete Grigsby (who has been jerked around by this outfit for way too long!) Get rid of Busby and Little! I’m not happy with the alternative stations but I absolutely am finished with KMBC until they WAKE UP!

    I thought there were some good moves with Larry Moore finally hanging it up and the traffic girl replacement. I thought maybe Dawson would finally be retired but I wasn’t willing to give up Joel!!! Ketz has always been a weak replacement for Flink. Ketz should have replaced Moore in the evening a few years ago. He has no joy but would work great for the no smiles, evening news.

    There is going to have to be changes to get me back!

  153. Matt says:

    Don’t get rid of Busby or Little or Grigsby. Len does a good filling Larry’s Shoes. Harrison and McDonnell also do a good job as part time Anchors and need to be promoted to full time ones.

  154. Jane Shannon says:

    I love Joel Nichols! What a huge mistake for KMBC. Mr. Nichols is smart, personable, and engaging. He is professional in every sense of the word. I certainly hope that he will stay in Kansas City and bring his talent to another channel. I will not be watching Ch. 9. Sad that they couldn’t figure out who the real draw was for their channel. It was Joel Nichols.

  155. cheryl yonkman says:

    I have been a channel 9 watcher for years and somehow missed the announcement that joel was leaving. he has seniority and should have the choice to stay in the mornings or go to evenings. I am very disappointed with channel 9 and will now probably seek another channel for my news, weather and sports.

  156. MaC1 says:


    I had been out of the KC area since December 2013. I returned only to miss Joel. I thought maybe he’s taking vacation. Now I’m learning he won’t be returning. I’ve watched KMBC go through station managers and on air talent without any thought to how long time Kansas Citians will react to the changes.

    Viewer loyalty comes with a price!! Did KMBC ever consider why Joel has been with them for 25 years? Viewers tuned in to his broadcasts because he delivered not just the weather but the genuine passion and love for KC. Its really sad that a ‘time slot’ could not be negotiated in order to retain Joel AND his loyal viewers. That to me is bad business.

    I will certainly follow Joel to another station because with Larry gone and now Joel who will infuse true wisdom into the broadcast? Certainly not this so called younger klan. Why do executives think younger means better? Younger news junkies turn to online media via smart phones, etc. But it’s the generation of Joel and Larry who ‘faithfully’ tune in morning and evening. When will they figure it out…?? Disappointed in you KMBC…

  157. theresa parker says:

    I won’t be watching 9 anymore either will follow Joel wherever he goes in the mean time 41 for me.

  158. Cara Smith says:

    I liked Joel so much. So sad to see him go. Didn’t know what happened. The station didn’t even let him say goodbye. Big mistake. I’m so disappointed. I guess we all got so attached to him because of his sense of humor, and his sincerity. Seems like a family member gone…
    I liked Lisa too! :( Terrible!

  159. Who is it? says:

    Management is going through an Obvious Youth Movement and is alienating the people with this crap. Lisa Teachman was fired because she couldn’t replace BB. They are looking to fine BB’s replacement and neither Joel or Lisa were capable of doing it per the Station.

    BBs gonna be the next to go. Nevile is just a replacement. The Main guy from OKC will be up in April. Maybe he will replace BB.

    Anyway, Station is dropping like a rock down the ratings tube. I’ll be continuing to watch Suchan and Lezak battle it out.

    I watched Channel 9 morning news for more years than I can remember mainly because of Joel’s wit and humor. I also liked the interaction between Kris, Donna and Leesa Teachman. Letting her go was also a huge mistake. But because you let Joel go you have let me GO as a Viewer! I will never again watch Channel 9 morning news if Channel 9 news at all. All my friends and family agree with me 100%. I wonder how many viewers you can afford to loose???? You may find out! For sure my husband and I are 2!!!!!

  161. Gary Schlie says:

    Watching Channel 9 in the early morning hours and again at 5, 6, and again at 10 pm was the only channel watched in my house and in my younger years, but after Cliff Judy (ONE OF THE BEST IN A LONG TIME) is gone and Larry Moore is gone and now Joel Nichols is gone and Lisa Teachman is going. You kept David Hall (I don’t know why) and a few other young ones that are not up to standard. I be watching some other channel.

  162. Paula says:

    We will miss Joel. He actually knows relevant information about Kansas City history. Enjoyed his comments. If he treated someone with disdain, I wonder whats the other side of the story – also disagree about the tv personalities I see in the community – Busby, Little, Ketz, same as on air.

  163. Connie Cowley says:

    Joel was the BEST TV personality/weatherman in KC. I’ve enjoyed his humor for more years than I can count. His great sense of humor highlighted his obvious intelligence. He made the weather real, not just blabber.

    I won’t watch KMBC in the mornings again. Miss you, Joel.

  164. Downtown Dave says:

    Ok, I was surprised. I saw Marcus Moore in the Wichita market. Then it dawned on me…..lisa was not around during the evening. I liked her. Erin? But friends…..guess what. This is the world we live in. You don’t like change? Heck….change is the ever constant part of our day. Deal with it. I had a job that I was kickin butt and taking names. Thought I would be there forever. Got fired after having the most successful year ever. Guess who….Cap Cities. Owned the Star and various other TV (ABC), radio and newspapers across the nation. Why did I get the boot? Cause I was vesting for my retirement and they thought I could be replaced by two kids for a lot less money. They were wrong. I have gone on to 3 other great jobs and now own my business. SO, life goes on.

  165. Toni Rob says:

    The Morning news isn’t the same without Joel. First Larry not Joel and rumor is Lisa is next. What’s going on down at Channel 9? I guess corporate think they know best. Will be changing the channel now. The least that you could have done was let the viewer know Joel was departing.

  166. Toni Rob says:

    Morning new will never be the same!!! Watching Joel in the morning was not only informative it was also entertaining. After not seeing Joel for a few mornings I started to wonder what happened. Then I realized the morning news wasn’t the same without him it was kind of bland. I started to question and found he wasn’t coming back. I guess I’m done also too. I guess Morning Joe will have to do now. Good Luck Joel will be hoping to find you on a another station to get my dose of morning weather.

  167. mary says:

    Wondering for awhile where Joel Nichols was and who the heck is the dud doing the weather. Now I find out Joel was forced out.
    Joel and Kris did such a great “back and forth” with each other. He had Kris laughing each morning with his quick come-backs. What a team they made. How the heck will we get along without his famous “orange barrel
    alerts”??!! I think Kris is sad…he doesn’t smile or laugh anymore, doesn’t look happy at all. And he can’t say a word about losing his
    sidekick, or he’ll be out on the street. But I
    guess we all know how Kris feels about his funny buddy. I don’t just miss Joel. I miss
    “Kris ands Joel together”.

  168. Sharon Nash says:

    First of all I’m just shocked Joel and Lisa both are great at there jobs.Joel is funny smart and brilliant. Big mistake Channel 9 WAITING TO SEE WHERE JOEL go’s because that’s WHERE I will be watching. Good Luck JOEL YOU deserve better .Hope Lisa finds a good job also.

  169. MISTAKE
    Big mistake 9 won`t be watching ever again.

  170. Teresa Gipson says:

    Joel Nichols was the only genuine personality at the station. He was always a hoot and always said something that made me smile or Laugh. (I’m sure he was secretly rolling his eyes at some of the stupid stuff the others say)Channel 9 is out of control with their weather coverage. I watched this morning and everyone was doing the weather. In the course of an hour, I did not see one lick of news.
    Erin Little gets way too much face time and she’s a total drama queen. It’s weather stupid! Gives us the forecast and conditions and step back. I’ve been dressing myself for over 60 years, I don’t need Erin to tell me what to wear or how to drive. And Brenda Washington is always standing outside somewhere,looking ridiculous. Eeesh Brenda, you used to be a reporter, have you no dignity. They just need to give us the forecast and conditions. Don’t tell me how to dress, don’t tell me how to drive. I’m outta here and I’m going to watch for Joel. Today is my last day to watch KMBC. I was forced to turn the channel just to get some news. The only reason my husband and I watched in the morning before work was to get some laughs and mock their idiotic banter. My two cents.

  171. F.Quinn says:

    Sorry but I have to let KMBC go now. No reason to stay loyal now. Loved the rapport that the morning team had and the humor Joel Nichols brought with the broadcast. You need a bit of humor with the daily dismal news before you leave for work. Now you guys are just dull.

  172. steph says:

    I too will leave kmbc and follow Joel. I’ve been a loyal viewer for many years and have enjoyed the morning chemistry between Kris Ketz, Joel and Donna.

  173. Debbie says:

    I have been a long time viewer of kmbc. I am disappointed that the very funny Joel Nichols is gone. Joel earned his spot in the morning. I will be leaving too. I will miss his humor.

  174. Debbie says:

    When I need information, be it weather or news related, I rely on those who have earned my trust. Joel’s longevity with the station, experience, wit, and historical understanding of Kansas City earned my trust. And Lisa proved herself to be intelligent and straight forward. The turnover at KMBC is discomforting. Where Larry was allowed a build up to his retirement and given opportunity for his fans to say good-bye, Joel and Lisa were axed abruptly as though their time and contributions to the station were inconsequential and no one would even notice their absences. (Remember Cliff Judy and Kerry Stowell? They just disappeared, too.) When it comes to my news and weather, I want to hear it from those I can trust, not fresh-faced out-of-towners. Corporate greed and disregard for employees is out of control. I’ll take my business/viewing elsewhere in response. Best wishes to Joel and Lisa. May new doors, better doors open for you.

  175. Anita says:

    Joel Nichols is the reason I watched KMBC news & weather. I wish him the best wherever he goes. BIG LOSS FOR KMBC!!!!

  176. Sandy says:

    KMBC…. What are you thinking? I will look for another station as well, but should one want yo really cause a “dent” in KMBC, start writing down all of the advertisement/commercials and call them, write to them and tell them you will not be using their products and they are wasting money on KMBC 9 station.
    Joel and Lisa you are both dearly missed!

  177. Sydney Martin says:

    After many years of being a loyal viewer – DONE with Channel 9 news! Too many changes, too many ‘new’ team members with no personality or presence. No respect or appreciation for exceptional talent on staff – NO longer any respect for Channel 9! Time for me to make a change.

  178. Ron says:

    Get rid of Erin Little. PLEASE.

    This woman cannot form a sentence without using the word ABSOLUTELY. Count how many times she begins a sentence with it…

    When she comes on I switch channels.

  179. Matt says:

    Nichols told Lisa in November he was taking her shifts and Lisa was told at the end of January going in a different Direction and it’s KCTV5 gain.

  180. Sherie Downton says:

    When Channel 9 showed how little they cared about their employees, I decided that I did not care about them. As I searched for a new news channel, I noticed how the employees on other channels seemed so much happier. I have been with KMBC since 1977, and I am happy that I made the switch. I was first suspicious when Larry left because I remember how they treated Natalie Moultrie years ago. If they do not care about the people that we had grown to love, then I no longer care about them. Good Luck Joel & Lisa!

  181. Kathy Jacobsen says:

    I truly will miss both of these reporters being discussed. I live in Olathe and work in Lawrence, but I have always been loyal to channel 9. I will record programs from all channels, but will watch the morning news from others for better weather reporting. One of the channel 41 is a new neighbor of mine and I will miss both Joel and Lisa. I do like Erin and Bryan, but none of the others. the new guy is not my cup of tea, too serious for me.

  182. matt says:

    Indeed it looks like Joel Nichols will be returning to the air at KSHB. The station is airing a promo proclaiming “Joel’s back” juxtaposed with a nickel (get it? Nichols? Nickels?). As you read below, KSHB posted an opening for a Kansas City Live host. KMBC let Joel Nichols go late last year after 25 years on the air as both morning weatherman and host of a Sunday night interview show.

  183. Rick Stanfield says:

    Remember when Hearne Christopher took you to task for saying that Joel Nichols could rejoin his old boss at KSHB? Sure looks like that is exactly what is going to happen:
    “As for a rumor started New Year’s Day by former KC media blogger John Landsberg that Nichols may rejoin his old boss at Channel 41… mere speculation.”
    Do you think Hearne will apologize for his remarks?

  184. Reenie says:

    Like most posts, I’ve thoroughly missed Joel on First News every morning. The news is now so boring – and too much like any other newcast – I’ve started watching/listening to whatever is on Create (KCPT 19.3)as I get up and moving in the morning.

    Joel was THE reason I watched First News since day one. While I realize that all things must pass, I’m not a happy camper. This wasn’t the first time that KMBC jerked Joel around. They moved him to early evenings once before … I think it may have been early 90s. I wrote to the station then telling them Joel was the only reason I watched First News – he made the news and weather bearable with his humor – and that without him I’d be watching CNN instead. I sent a copy directly to Joel and got a very nice hand-written note back from him thanking me for taking the time to write – and to copy him as the station brass didn’t tell him they’d gotten a nice letter about him. He explained then that he was looking to make a move to a different market. But before long, Joel was back on First News! Somehow I don’t doubt the powers that be didn’t ever stop jerking Joel around, so I suspect the sword of Damocles has been hanging over his head for some time.

    I also really enjoyed his work on Afterwords and his pieces called Kansas City Pride. I never cared a bit he didn’t have a meteorology degree. Sometimes too much book-learning gets in the way of common sense and making things understandable for non-scientific people.

    I’ve seen Joel around town over the years hosting at several different non-profit fundraising events, and he’s always been as personable and fun as he was on the air.

    I’m glad to hear he’s teaching as an adjunct professor – it almost makes me want to sign up for the class – but as I’m not a fan of any early morning news programs, I probably won’t be catching him on KSHB – especially if he ends up hosting Kansas City Live instead. He’d be perfect for that gig, though.

    I haven’t bothered to send anything to KMBC this time, but since it’s now May – sweeps month – I think I might … just so they know why their ratings have dropped (as I’m sure they have).

  185. Shirley says:

    I refuse to continue to watch KMBC and all the drama going on. All the really GOOD weather people and news people are gone. They need to clean house just a little more.

  186. Dave says:

    The decline of the station began with the arrival of Sarah Smith from Omaha. Perfect example of the “Peter Principle”. She just isn’t ready for prime time. Omaha was probably way over her head but Affirmitave action must prevail regardless of consequences. Way to go Hearst. Just destroyed a can’t miss team.

  187. Vicki Nelson says:

    We had watched Channel 9 for years because of Joel Nichols. Since he is no longer at the Station, we are not watching Channel 9.

  188. kathy weber says:

    All these people only watched for Joel? And now they would rather not watch something that they’d watched for decades because he CHOSE to leave? You guys need a life.

  189. John says:

    I am pleased that Joel and Lisa have found new homes in the news. I enjoy channel 5 news in the morning now, and 41 also. Too bad for KMBC, what a critical error on their part. Their replacements at KMBC are good in their own right, but not the same. Good luck to you all.

  190. Linda Winton says:

    At first I thought maybe Joel was on at a different time, but thought I would stay awhile with 9, but it’s just not the same since Larry, Joel and Lisa is gone.
    I only watch Bryan then turn it to another station.
    My other family just changed to other stations.
    It hasn’t anything to do with getting a life, we grew up with watching Larry and Joel, they were like friends or family. I’m very disappointed in KMBC.

  191. tom says:

    They knew why Joel would never work with Buzzballs.

    Joel has morals

  192. danhennessey@gmail says:

    NO MORE 9
    I watched channel 9 news every morning for years sense Joel nickols left I have not watch channel 9 news I think it sucks

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