June 30th, 2012
KSHB anchor Christa Dubill

    In most cases, journalists have to go somewhere to cover news stories.
    In the case of KSHB 41 Action News in Kansas City, a story came to them Friday evening as the Police were called to the studio at 4720 Oak Street after a hit-and-run suspect tried to make a getaway and ran right into the station’s employee parking lot.
    KSHB anchor Christa Dubill (in photo) was able to capture some of the action (below) with her cellphone camera and Tweeted much of the drama to her followers.
    According to a story by 41′s Syed Shabbir, shortly before 6:45 p.m., two cars collided at 47th Street and Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. The driver who caused the wreck fled the scene, and the other driver chased after him. The suspect headed south on Oak Street and entered the fenced-in parking lot behind the KSHB-TV studio.
     41 Action News employees saw the suspect hiding underneath one of the station’s marked vans. The other driver approached the suspect, and pulled him out from underneath the car. The pair started fighting, and the suspect threw an object at the other driver’s face, drawing blood.
    The suspect tried climbing the west side fence of the parking lot, which stands about 8 feet tall. After failing to climb the fence, the suspect ran to the east side fence, which is about 4 feet tall. The suspect crossed the fence and headed south on Oak Street while the other driver continued to chase after him.
    During the chase, the suspect told a 41 Action News employee that he was out on parole and that he was driving his wife’s car.
    Officers caught up with the suspect a few blocks away and took him into custody.

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