July 2nd, 2012
Matt Stewart1

     KCTV Vice President and General Manager Bobby Totsch has shaken up the Meredith-owned station almost from the day he came to Kansas City in 2010 after spending several years at St. Louis’s KMOV-TV as its director of sales and marketing.
    Totsch put together local shows on the Kansas City Zoo and another aimed at the Hispanic community. The station began reading obituaries. He brought in his own news director.
    The station had outsourced its sports duties to Metro Sports for several years prior to his arrival, but Totsch promptly hired Sports Director Michael Coleman and brought sports back in-house at the CBS affiliate. He disbanded the station’s investigative team.
    Totsch wasn’t done making changes…
     In November of last year he made the controversial decision not to renew the contract of veteran meteorologist Katie Horner, who had been with the station for about 23 years. She was promptly replaced with Chris Suchan from WTSP in St. Petersburg, FL. She is now in real estate .
    While the jury is still out on all those moves and the station is a solid second to KMBC in the market, there is little doubt his ongoing shake-up of the morning anchor teams at KCTV has been a disaster.
    That trend continues to reverberate with the news that veteran Matt Stewart will be leaving the station entirely after his brief time as a morning co-anchor. 
    For years viewers had become very comfortable with KCTV’s veteran morning anchor team of Chris Pisano and Dana Wright, and their chemistry was clearly evident. 
    However, Totsch sent the popular Pisano packing and moved Wright into a reporting role. She later departed KCTV completely for a talk radio show on KMBZ..
    In April 2010, Greg Adaline and Kelly Jones were brought in as the new morning anchors for “More In The Morning” to replace Pisano and Wright.  The ratings were disastrous, and KCTV promptly let Adaline go after about a year. Stewart was quickly moved into the co-anchor role.
     In May of this year KCTV announced it was bringing in Alexis Del Cid, the morning show and noon show co-anchor at Portland CBS affiliate KOIN-TV the past eight years, to co-anchor  KCTV’s “It’s Your Morning.”  Del Cid will officially start August 1.
   With Del Cid’s arrival Jones was given a high-profile position as host of a new lifestyle show on the CBS affiliate that will debut in September. Stewart did not fare as well and will be departing the station effective August 2.
    “The station has decided to bring in a brand new morning anchor team, and it’s unfortunate I will be leaving KCTV5 after 8 years of hard work and loyal service,” Stewart told Bottom Line in an exclusive interview.  ”I will miss many of my co-workers, and I wish them the best in the future.”
     Stewart began his career as a photographer at WOWT-TV in Omaha. Before coming to Kansas City, he was a reporter/anchor at KCAU-TV in Sioux City, Iowa, KHGI-TV in Kearney, Neb., and WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio. He has collected several awards for his reporting, including Associated Press honors in both Nebraska and Ohio. He also received Emmy recognition for spot news reporting by the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences. 
      Stewart, who recently wrote a bookabout his football playing days as a walk-on at Northwestern where he received his journalism degree, says he is currently weighing several job opportunities. Although many insiders felt he was not treated very fairly at KCTV, he is optimistic about continuing his TV future elsewhere.
     “I hope to continue to grow as an anchor and reporter with another television station,” he says. ”I’ve covered many important stories over the years and made many great friendships.
     ”I just hope my efforts covering the news helped make Kansas City a better place to live.”
    The spokesperson for the station was unavailable for comment.

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  1. Paul Welsh says:

    I never watch weekday morning news but when Stewart was on weekends I thought he was excellent and I would hope someone in KC would bring him on.

  2. Bill says:

    Bet they bring Chris Pisano back…..

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      Pisano commuted for awhile from KC to Indianapolis for a TV gig, but I have heard he has now moved to Atlanta.

      • TAD says:

        STEWART ON 4
        Just to let everyone know Matt Stewart is now on Fox 4 news. I just seen him covering a story at noon.

        • NOT KCTV FAN
          In my opinion, I hate kctv5 news crew now!! They have gotten rid of the vets and replaced them with undesireable teams. I have switched to kmbc, and fox4. also, a lot of viewers has followed suit as well. Good for you Matt Stewart. You’ll enjoy fox4 news crew:-)) They are sooo down to earth and fun to watch. Good luck!

  3. Rich says:

    I always enjoyed watching Matt. He is a quality anchor and he’ll have no trouble finding a good position. It would be nice if it were in KC somewhere.

  4. Viewer who cares says:

    Considering 5 can’t afford Ketz, they’ll probably just go up to KQ2 and offer somebody there a few bucks to take over. Heck 7.51 an hour looks mighty appealing.

  5. Lonna Smittle says:

    Just as annoying and misguided as the “Late-Breaking, Investigative” was, I was once again annoyed to hear of another questionable and unfortunate decision to tweak the KCTV 5 news team. This morning, I was sad and angry to watch the classy farewell speech of Matt Stewart.
    I had to visit this site to see what this was all about. I never understood the axing of these capable and popular people: Chris Pisano’s undeserved release and the shuttling and ultimate departure of Dana Wright; the angry mob-chasing-her-out-of-town mentality used on Katie Horner, and now the personable Matt Stewart being sent packing. Matt was genuine, and a joy to watch. He didn’t succumb to the fake smiles and mindless chatter that is too perky for it’s own good.
    Apparently KCTV- 5 VP and General Manager Bobby Totsch doesn’t get it. Who is supposed to be watching this fox in the hen house? Someone wake up before more damage is done and you drop to # 3 or # 4 in the ratings. I appreciate seeing familiar faces and sincere camaraderie on my preferred local news. I appreciate a news channel that rewards their most popular news personnel with job security.
    Run, Matt, Run–you escaped. I hope one of our other local channels hires you quickly. You have presented the news with style, and you’ll be missed. I wish the remaining Channel 5 news team well, but I will no longer be watching.

  6. Its your Morning fan says:

    This is some B.S. I was shocked this morning and come to find out later on Kelly will be gone too. That Totsch guy doesn’t know what he doing.

  7. Katie Harris says:

    Your decision making skills…both in who you let go….and who you hire are HORRIBLE. I doubt one viewer will impact your ratings…but you have lost me!

  8. Aaron Clifton says:

    Maybe KCTV5 will wake up and realize the problem isn’t with their reporters but their general manager much like the Chiefs did with ole Carl…

  9. Rita Svejda says:

    I so so miss Chris Pisano and Dana Wright – I loved their vibe! I was so surprised to wake up one morning to Kelly Jones and Greg Adeline. I was just warming up to them, when Greg was forced to exit. Enter the quite talented Matt Stewart. I have faithfully stayed with KCTV5 morning show through all of this, and eventually liked the “new” team. Now, it’s all changing AGAIN! What’s this guy thinking? Why fix something that isn’t broken? It should still be Chris and Dana. Don’t know how many more changes I can handle on the morning show. Get some stability there already. I don’t like bringing these people into my home day after day, just to see them be forced out way before their contract is up…….

  10. Brenda says:

    I stopped watching KCTV5 when Chris Pisano left. I switched to KMBC because they’ve had the same reliable folks on there for years. They treat their news anchors like people should be treated, not like expendable goods.
    The idiot KCTV5 brought in to clean house should be sent packing because he’s done nothing except ruin the morning news and he continues to make bad decisions. Most people get fired for being a screw-up.

  11. donna says:

    I have watched moening show faitfully but after this I will be watching another station.
    Michael Coleman is a joke as a sports director. Will miss matt he was a good reporter

  12. Jim Bowen says:

    Clearly, KCTV5′s GM Bobby Totsch and his flunky News Director Blaise Labbe don’t have the foggiest clue about what they are doing. Their management and decision style seems to resemble a chicken with it’s head cut off. They’re flailing about smacking people out the door with wild abandon. So, far these clowns have done nothing but ruin a station already sinking – only to new depths. Each decision they have made has further alienated 5′s once loyal audience. And I’m sorry but 5 is no longer a solid number two. They were dead last in some time periods and barely hung on to second in others. Soon they will be third-rate and shortly thereafter dead last. Kick the managing court jesters out!!!

  13. Dale says:

    Sorry to see ANOTHER change. I like Gary Amble although I don’t think he can predict weather very well or is made to report what “Chief” meteorolgist makes him report. I actually see a power issue with Suchan and believe the ladder…Matt Stewart was a genuine nice guy.He did great! Sorry to see the GM fool using his power in this way. Lose him! I too will watch a better station until I hear otherwise! Oh yeah….your sports coverage is the worst POSSIBLE! Later Channel 5!

  14. Cathy says:

    I too, left KCTV5 after the Pisano/Wright departure and have never looked back. As for Matt Stewart, fantastic anchor. I loved watching him on the weekends prior to moving to the morning show. Hope KMBC picks him up, he would be a great asset. They need to stop replacing anchors and clean house from the top beginning with Totsch.

  15. Sherry says:

    I am going to stop watching KCTV 5 news. The slashing of great news anchors is unacceptable. KCTV 5 has developed a reputation of instability and poor decision making. Guess I’ll jump on the KMBC 9 bandwagon.
    It upsets me to share my morning ritual with news anchor’s that I enjoy watching then they are just gone.
    Just wish the advertisers would wake up and stop running their ads on this station.
    Chris Pisano and Dana Wright were the bomb and I truly enjoyed watching them, then I had to get used to Kelly Jones and whomever was by her side, but this is the final straw.

  16. Pat says:

    I was shocked about Matt Stewart and Kelly Jones, everyone loved Matt and will miss him. I hope another station will pick him up in Kansas City, I think most of the viewers will follow him. I will not be watching channel 5 anymore, they need to get rid of Totsch, he has a problem.

  17. Pamela Sparks says:

    I too will not be watching channel 5 for news anymore. I did the same as many others when I turned on the news this morning and was wandering who these people were????? I agree, the change needs to be done at the top!!!!

  18. ELAINE AKERS says:

    I am very disappointed with the changing of the anchor team. I enjoyed the Pizano/Wright team but stayed and was used to Jones/Stewart. You are making a big mistake and I will switch to channel 9 as they seem to be loyal to their employees. Totsch needs to go.

  19. pat lewis says:

    i will no longer watch, as stewart & jones had a fantastic chemistry together, i enjoyed watching them. both are quality anchors. sorry to hear about matt, hope he ends up somewhere better, he deserves more!

  20. Sharon M says:

    I started watching Matt Stewart several years ago. I had watched Fox 4 news for many years before switching to KCTV. I really enjoyed the Stewart/Jones. I felt Stewart really cares about Kansas City and reporting news honestly.
    I did not like KCTV overall, the morning show was the only time I watched KCTV. Now they have lost all my viewing time. Totsch is an idiot. He needs to be removed. Unfortunately, once you lose a viewer, it is very difficult to get them back.

  21. Leslie M says:

    I am truly disappointed at the Morning show changes. Not sure what the GM is thinking but by the posts seen here he is not listening to KCTV 5 fans and what they would like to see. They have managed to get rid of everyone we loved. I too will be switching to another channel for my morning news. Good luck to Matt, you will be missed!

  22. Kathy says:

    Mr. Totsch, you will be gone soon because you are making some horrible decisions. Be prepared for your news programs to remain in third place. Although Katie Horner was not my favorite, Chris Suchan is horrible. I just watched the noon news and these two new people are not going to improve your ratings!

  23. anodkc says:

    I sent an email to the management stating my concerns about the change of the morning show.The new anchors are terrible! This is about Matt and Kelly… I wish. You well. The ratings will reflect your absence.

  24. caitlin says:

    I liked Kelly, so glad to see Matt Stewart go. He acted and sounded like he was reading a bedtime story to kids, so annoying and contrived. I doubt he ends up in a major market. Smart move to dump him!

  25. Kris Wilson says:

    I stopped watching kctv5 when Kelly and Matt came on, Both are losers. she couldn’t talk, kept making mistakes and saying the wrong words. He was a snoozer, didn’t care what or how he said it, glad they are both gone. Just found out this morning. don’t know if I’ll come back though.

  26. Howard Beale says:

    Kelly “She coulda been an actress, but she wound up here” Jones. Where does one start? How about with the question, What is “Better: Kansas City” better than? It is not better than poking one’s eyes and ears out with large knitting needles; this is clear. The instant My Little Pony extensions attempt at a “fresh” look, are more Fresh Prince than 2012 fashion win. More the look of a lost demon-spawn love child created out of a love tryst between Rihanna and Tyra Banks.
    The gritting-through-the-teeth fake toleration and feigned interest in pie crust or craft projects or anyone other than her shadowy reflection in the closest mirror… have to be her penance for whatever deal with the devil she has made to ensure face time anywhere on television. One can almost hear her counting down the hours until she believes she will get discovered by a national morning show and blow this pop stand.
    Sadly she will learn that world-class ego does not equate to talent on that level, or anywhere close to that level. Kelly, “we’re just not on that level”. The ghosts of journalism past roil in their grave with every forced smile and practiced perky lilt in that “To Die For” voice.
    The world shall be that much closer to being set aright… as you accept your place at the Lancome counter of some out of the way Dillards in some 70th-something media market, begin taking on the 12 steps of Ego-Anon and make amends for having perpetuated your damage on the unsuspecting.

  27. Kim kling says:

    Matt Stewart & Kelly Jones WERE the reason I watched ch 5 over ch 4 in the am! Now I will go to ch 4. Katie Horner was great too. Maybe ch. 5 better get rid of the man who made those crap decisions!!!

  28. Janay Cash says:

    I too am very shocked to know that channel KCTV5 has changed news crew again! I liked Matt and kelly jones! Kelly was a nice addition to the show, a fesh face!! I will not watch channel 5 again…way to many changes. I dont like every other week it’s new people, it confuses me! Lost another morning viewer!!!!

    I think you completely ruined the mornings show!!! The two anchors you’be got doing the news in the am now are like watching to damp mops standing in the corner. They do the job as soon as someone pushes them I’m the right direction but not good on the improv

  30. Kay M. says:

    I’ve been trying to watch your station but have lost patience with all the changes. First it was Katie, then Matt, and now Kelly’s on the Better KC made up like a Vegas hooker. Those two women are extremely uncomfortable on air and I get embarrassed for them! I am a veteran of KFAR Midnight Sun Broadcasters (back in the mid 70′s) been riding it out to see if things would finally click. They haven’t-color me gone.

  31. Julia McReynolds says:

    Just found out he is on my favorite news station channel 4 i knew I saw him reporting the news just love him he’s great

  32. L. Brinkmeyer says:


    What is up with Better KC showing reruns this week? Same identical show was on for two days, Thursday and Friday. With the Big 12 basketball tournament in town you would think this would be the time for Kelly and Lisa to showcase KC Better with an up-to-date program. That was certainly a poor decision to instead use reruns.
    I am getting to the point like many others that KCTV 5 is not getting it right! I miss many of the staff they have let go over the last months. I liked Matt Stewart and Katie Horner and Dana Wright. If you are going to host KC Better you best get it on the air.
    There should be enough around KC town that they don’t have to run reruns that were seen Super Bowl week.

  33. beth says:

    I just have to say this matt is awesome im glad he is back on air at fox4 the new couple you have are boring and my cat has a better sence of humor then the two new anchors dana wright always a professional always could be trusted with her reports and at least gave us a great smile to see to the boss try to watch fox 4 see how comfotable they make their morning watchers next and i promise gary will leave and he may take the place as chief at fox 4 watch out he is tired of turn over

  34. beth says:

    watch out gary will be next he is tired of turn over and he has alot of respect for his forcasting but when your morning anchors have no experiance no sence of humor and dont put a smile on your face like dana he will get fed up

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