August 16th, 2012
Peggy Phillip

It looks like change is in the air at NBC Action News station KSHB with sources telling Bottom Line Communications that News Director Peggy Phillip is no longer with the NBC affiliate.

The move is surprising because ratings have been the highest in years at KSHB. Last month GM Mike Vrbac announced that he was retiring after a very short tenure at the station after 40 years.

Phillip joined the E.W. Scripps station in June 2009 and brought more than 30 years experience to the position.

She came to KSHB from WMAR in Baltimore where she served as News Director for a year.  She had previously spent 17 months at WSTM in Syracuse and 8 1/2 years at WMC-TV in Memphis as those stations’ News Director.

She began her news career at KTVN in Reno where she spent 11 years.

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  1. Person says:

    Wow. You need to find out more information about this. Vrabac and Phillip are practically the only reason why KSHB is at where it’s at today. Something HAS to be happening up there at corporate!

    Or maybe it’s because of KC Live. Vrabac announced his retirement shortly before the show started to air, then it started to air, ratings have been abysmal, and now Phillip is out? Wow oh wow oh wow.

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, this is odd. KSHB has actually been watchable. I know GM’s bring in their own people but why ruin the track record of success? Peggy is tough but she knows her stuff.

  3. Solid Sid says:

    Or maybe….they realized that KC Live was an embarassment and got rid of the people who authorized it….

  4. Random says:

    It may just be a big old gossiping rumor board, but check out GWCR For more “inside stuff and details” about what’s been happening and going overt there at KSHB recently. I actually suspect that it’ll be incredibly easy to find out what is happening over there, you’ve just got to ask the right people is all.

    For instance, have you tried contacting Mrs. Phillip herself? Her twitter feed has been silent now for nine days; she posted nearly every day before that. She has a personal email, (of course), and even her own personal blog that I somehow found one day hints at her departure.

    Since she has been fired, I suspect that she is in no way under any sort of non disclosure agreement, and she might be very willing to give you some information and let her voice be heard.

    However undo personally suspect that corporate has a BIG PART of this all! I can also tell you for a fact that Peggy WASN’T Fired because of KC Live. That much I do know.

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      GatewayCityRadio is a joke with anonymous people often just making stuff up. No one even knows who runs the site.
      I was blocked from going on it for complaining about stuff being stolen from this site without attribution.
      Peggy won’t comment on the situation—and I don’t blame her.

  5. Amy says:

    It probably has to do with her management style – Managing By Fear. She has every newsroom she’s ever managed a miserable place.

  6. Scott Simon says:

    I love analysis from so-called insiders who won’t post their full names.

  7. LAC says:

    Can Gary Leazak QUIT bringing his dogs to work ????

    Simply TOO MUCH DRAMA ANYMORE !!!!!!

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