February 6th, 2012

    KSHB used the biggest lead-in ever—the Super Bowl—to roll out a new logo as the NBC affiliate rebranded itself Sunday night.
The Kansas City station will now be known as “41 Action News” instead of “NBC Action News.” Its tagline will be “Kansas City’s Breaking News Leader.”
     Randy Thurman, KSHB’s creative director, said the change was made based on a signficant amount of research by the station.
    “Our research clearly showed that people still referred to us as ‘Channel 41′ even though we haven’t gone by that number since 2002 to 2003,” he says. “Overall, it is a very minor change, but we wanted to clear up any confusion viewers might have.”
     He added the station will not really do any major promotion of the change and the product the station delivers will not change.
Even though there really is no cable number “41″ that corresponds to KSHB, every other station in Kansas City still goes by numbers that are no longer in use: FOX4, KMBC-TV9 and KCTV5.

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  1. mike trainor says:

    I understand that there are a lot of people who are used to those channel designations and switching from Fox4 to Fox6 or KMBC9 to KMBC12 or something would be difficult. But… at what point do you continue to hang onto a channel designation just for viewers that are well over 30 years old (and even older)? My 88-year old Mom knows KMBC isn’t channel 9 any longer and flips to 12 when she wants to watch Busby. Won’t keeping these designations just perpetuate the problem? Draw a line in the sand and say, “this is who we are and has nothing to do with an outdated channel designation!” dare ya…

    • Smarter Than Thou says:

      Mike, great reponse. Really inspires the hatred of local television station numbering enthusists. Changing to FOX6 or KMBZ-TV12 or KCTV3 makes absolutely not sense at all because of one minor detail. These are the station assignments given by the FCC (damn Feds overstepping their boundaries again, I know) in connection with their BROADCAST frequencies. If you have a problem with Fox4, KCTV5, or KMBZ-TV9, maybe you should direct your anger towards you satellite or cable provider, and let them know the confusion they are causing in the Kansas City Market.

      This message brought to you by The National Association of People Smarter Than You. “I’m smart, and I approve this message!”

      • mike trainor says:

        if you’re so smart, smarter, you’d know that first i wasn’t necessarily advocating they switch the channel designations in their IDs, i only cited it would be difficult. read it again to be sure you get the inference. you also assumed i had a “problem” with it. i don’t; it doesn’t bother me in the least if Fox4 is channel 6, etc. and where did you get the idea i was angry about it all? maybe you should have read your reply again before you approved it.

  2. Matt says:

    The channel designations still apply to the over-the-air signal of all the stations, and each local channel appears on the correct channel on AT&T’s U-verse service.

  3. Jim Nail says:

    AT&T still uses the old numbers for all the old broadcast stations.

  4. David says:

    Yes… it’s the cable companies that are screwing things up. you can’t change your channel number because different cable companies over the city put KSHB on different channels. Especially cable companies in the outlying areas like Warensburg, Paola, Harrisonville. Many of us still use Over the air antennas, and you all should as well, the picture quality from an antenna makes time warner look like DOG CRAP.

  5. matt says:

    Comcast doesn’t even carry KMCI HD yet or even or IONTV Digital Sub Channels or even other Metro Sports Channels 2 and HD.
    Only TWCKC has Live Well Network and nobody else yet.
    Comcast has KCWE HD on 802 when SD in Olathe is on 13 so you would think HD on 813.
    Metro Weather needs to be on all systems.

  6. Kevin says:

    Back in the day, cable companies were hesitant to put any stations on channels 4, 5, and 9 for fear of over-the-air signals interfering with the cable signal. Most of the service calls in the 1970′s involved “direct set pickup” of signals and channel fine tuning. Additionally, UHF channels had to be placed on the VHF band, because cable only operated on channels 2-13.

    Since the network affiliates had by far the largest viewership, it was important to place them on channels least likely to have interference from over-the-air signals.

    If they wanted to, all the cable companies could relocate the local stations to their corresponding channel numbers. My guess is that that neither the local stations nor the cable companies want to confuse viewers by changing the channel lineup.

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