March 20th, 2013
Kalee Dionne

KSHB-TV will begin airing a new 4 p.m. weekday newscast and has brought on a new meteorologist, according to an announcement by Brian Bracco, KSHB’s vice president and general manager.

Starting Monday (4/8) the 41 Action News Station will give viewers a first look at the top stories, breaking news and weather and will be anchored by Mark Clegg, Christa Dubill, along with Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak.

“I am excited to be adding more news at a time when many stations across the country are cutting back. It reinforces our commitment to keep our viewers up to date on what’s happening in their community on the screen of their choice,“ said Carrie Hofmann, News Director. “This latest news expansion means KSHB now produces seven and a half hours of local news and entertainment programming each weekday.

“Jeopardy” will be moved from its current 4 p.m. time slot to 3 and 3 p.m., with the Jeff Probst show eliminated.

Bracco also announced the hiring of meteorologist Kalee Dionne to replace George Waldenberger, who left KSHB in January for WFTV in Orlando. She will start in late April.

Dionne is currently the morning meteorologist at WIAT-TV in Birmingham, Alabama. A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, she has also served as a meteorologist at WSIL-TV in Carterville/Carbondale and WCIA-TV in Champaign, Illinois.

An avid singer, Dionne has performed at Walt Disney World, Cedar Point, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Below is a cute clip of her at WIAT trying to deliver the weather and dealing with hiccups.



Gary Lezak

Christa Dubill

Mark Clegg

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  1. Person says:

    But what happens to ‘Jeopardy!’? The viewers last time through half a fit and nearly revolted when KSHB announced their 4:30pm newscast a couple years ago and that Jeopardy! would be pushed back to 4pm. So did they finally have to get rid of it, or are they just pushing it back yet another half hour to 3:30?

    Regardless though, given KSHB’s recent severe ratings woes, I find this illogical personally.

  2. Anom. says:

    When will they finally get a new set?

  3. Mike says:

    When will KMBC decide Dr.Phil and Dr. Oz are not Oprah, and fold to do their 4pm cast?

  4. Dore Dad says:

    Very cute video of the new weather lady doing the weather with the hiccups.

    Can’t wait to see the video of her meeting Stormy and Windy for the first time!

  5. matt says:

    Good and 3pm of Jeopardy is just a repeat and they can just move who Wants to be a Millionare back to KSHB at 3pm and add Daily Buzz Show or Live Local Newscast back on KMCI like at 7am to 9am.9pm to 10pm. Weber/Shively maybe in line to get promoted to Full Time Anchors.

    KMBC will wait intill Anderson Cooper goes off air to move Dr. Oz to Mornings and and add 4pm to 5pm maybe with new Guy and somebody and they will also do Midday if KCWE adds oone. also could see 9pm go to an hour.

    KSMOTV has downgraded 9pm to 30 Minutes but added back 9pm Saturday.

  6. LAC says:

    She’s cute and when I have been in B’ham, she is very good at delivering the weather, which is very important for my outdoor photography…

    Just hope she leaves the EF-5 tornadoes in Alabama, not here !!!

  7. Andrew says:

    I can’t believe they couldn’t just make a 41.3 and put COZI TV on that!! They should partner with Weather Nation as it is similar to NBC Wx Plus! For all of us who only have OTA very disappointed!

  8. AMO says:

    It is not needed….that extra 30 min of “news”…which really is not news when it is repeated again and again at 5 and 6 ! The 4:30 broadcast totally unnerves me. Christa’s voice is nerve wracking…she talks entirely too fast, I quit watching that 30 min because of her. We miss Elizabeth Alex so much. She was so calm and endearing compared to Christa. Jeopardy was a fav of my husbands for YEARS after getting home from work. Then KSHB moved it back to 4 pm, so now he is only able to view 15 min or so of it. Now moving it back again ??? DVR here we come for Jeopardy… it certainly won’t be used for hours of KSHB news . Switching our viewing of the news to 6 pm. to another channel. Enough is enough. KSHB has been going down down down, and this move will not help.

  9. Bob says:

    The insidiousness of 2 hrs of news is crazy. I don’t need to listen at 4 to hear the special updates will be broadcast at 6. Do you really think we’re going to sit for 2 hrs and watch news? Is this CNN?

  10. mike says:

    as a one who has seen kalee for the last 3 years you guys are in for a treat. she makes everything fun and she knows the weather

  11. Ted says:

    Kaylee may add a “fresh” new look to the tired and over exposed Lezak, even better meteorologist Pener, and the new star from Wichita JD Rudd plus the new skinny mini Michele Apon but Kaylee can get caught up trying to organize her verbalisation or articulations at times. I sometimes find myself trying to finish her thoughts for her when she’s struggling to figure out what to say. Seems like the mind is working faster than the mouth and that’s pretty fast. Being “cute” will forgive and hopefully a new relaxed persona will help her with time. Wichita transferee Rudd is very smooth though. Maybe he can replace some of Lezak’s over exposure. How many weathermen/women does one channel need?
    Weather broadcasts in this town are granted waaaay too much air time and promotion for 60 seconds worth of information. TV is becoming 10 times more advertising itself than the news information or content it provides. How much more can they do to be even more redundant.?? Unfortunately I trust we’ll find out.

  12. Jacob Honeycutt says:

    A all new set is coming to 41 in October!

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