June 20th, 2012

    As part of a test within the McClatchy Co. newspaper group, the Kansas City Star has hired 18 employees and will launch a new business unit July 18 to provide online marketing to small and medium-size businesses.
    The unit will be called “impressLOCAL” and will “target doctors, plumbers, restaurants, dentists and other businesses that want to reach retail customers but lack the resources to manage their digital presence,” according to a story by Star reporter Mark Davis.
   “Clients of impressLOCAL will be able to establish a presence on the web, in both computer- and mobile-friendly formats,” noted Davis.
    Star Publisher Mi-Ai Parrish said Tuesday the new business group was a response to requests for such service and would provide it in a turnkey approach.
   “We’re like an online marketing agency,” Parrish said.
    According to Davis, a similar effort is under way in Fort Worth, Texas, as part of a test within the McClatchy Co. newspaper group. Some other newspaper companies also have begun online marketing businesses.

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  1. Rick Nichols says:

    Another sad sign of the times (pardon the pun), I’m afraid. Yeah, I remember The Times, the morning counterpart to The Star back in the day when most Americans weren’t reading at a fifth-grade level and twitter was something that birds did all day long. Now what would really impress me is for The Star to get out of the entertainment business and back into the news business where it belongs.

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