November 12th, 2012
KC Star's printing facility.

As announced here a few weeks ago, the Kansas City Star will be implementing a new paywall policy for subscribers that will go into effect December 5 called “Kansas City Plus.”

With circulation declining and mandatory employee furloughs again this year, the McClatchy-owned newspaper is desperately hoping to increase revenues by charging all customers for digital access.

Some highlights of the new policy:

*  The Star will bundle all its services (print, Web, mobile, iPhone, etc.) into one price.

* With a digital subscription, subscribers will have unlimited access to all digital content.

* After Dec. 5, without a digital subscription,  access to the Kansascity.com site will be limited to 15 pages every 30 days. (Once the 15-page limit is reached, customers will need to subscribe or wait 30 days to view additional content.) Page views do not carry over from month to month.

*  On a subscriber’s first renewal after Dec. 5, they will have the digital bundle with unlimited digital access for $ .69 a week. This is available whether they subscribe 7 days a week or less.

* After Dec. 5, if customers want digital-only access, without a print subscription, the digital bundle alone will be $9.95 per month (or $109.45 per year if paid annually).   New digital package subscribers will receive the first month for .99 cents. The digital subscription will automatically renew at the $9.95 per month price.

Link to additional details

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  1. Rick Nichols says:

    John, that would be a picture of the Print Pavilion (a.k.a. “the glass house” by Star critics) and not “The Castle” (my term) at 18th & Grand, Star headquarters since 1911. At any rate, it will be most interesting to see how the so-called Pay Wall is received by current and prospective subscribers. But the paper obviously needs to do something to improve the picture on the revenue side.
    You can’t be giving away access to content on the Web while hoping people will be willing to pay for much of that same content in print. If only we could communicate with the dead and get some guidance from Mr. Nelson.

    • William Rockhill Nelson says:

      Know what I’d say?

      Mi-Ai, Mi-Ai, don’t you have better things to do than being the cop of how people keep their cubicles? Aren’t there revenue ideas you should be thinking of?

      Mi-Ai, Mi-Ai, why aren’t you getting your money’s worth out of Fannin? He works six hour days.

      Mi-Ai, Mi-Ai, why do you insist on treating your employees the way a baby treats a diaper?

      Sigh. When I owned The Star, people answered to me and me alone. Now corporate calls the shots. That noise is me spinning in my grave.

  2. Ryan says:

    John, looks like they are following the New York Times paywall structure, except 5 less page views per month.
    I hope it works out for the Start.

  3. Sports Observer says:

    If you use Google Chrome and use incognito window, it won’t be able to track how many pages you view. Just sayin’

    • Olorin says:

      I think it will take more than just incognito mode. Incognito does not change your IP address, just stops you from using cookies. However, if you use an IP changer service like hidemyass.com…

      • omar says:

        As far as I know Google incognito should work. If not, imagine a company that only has one or two ip addresses when their employees tried logging on, it would lock them out immediately. Plus, lets be honest, we’re talking about the scar, do you think they’ve thought this through well enough to block IP’s? This is likely cookie based.

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