May 3rd, 2012

     Actress. Singer. Comedienne.
    Those are generally not the careers people think of when they hear KMBZ’s long-time talk show host Darla Jaye on the air. But those are a few of the things she did before settling in on her award-winning radio career.
    Darla was nice enough to discuss her media career with Bottom Line Communications and how she landed at KMBZ seven years ago, where she has become a major on-air presence. She has been recognized by “Talkers” magazine as a top talker six straight years, and can now be heard nightly on her highly-rated “KMBZ Live With Darla Jaye” show from 6-9 p.m. weekday nights on the dial at 980AM/98.1 FM.

Name: Darla Jaye

Title: Talk Host “KMBZ Live with Darla Jaye”

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN.

Educational background?
  Music major and theater minor-Simpson College, Indianola, IA.

How long have you been in your current position?
   7 years on July 5, 2012

How did you get into your chosen field?
   I was an actress and a singer in Minneapolis and had just finished a comedy show at Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop (alot like Chicago’s 2nd City). I was told I would have a major role in the next show, but it was given to someone else. I was devastated and tired of waiting tables, so decided to check out a local broadcasting school called Brown Institute.
   While studying broadcasting, I got an internship at a local radio station and started doing their female voice spots, cuz I was the only woman there. A man was touring the station and listened to me recording a fruit basket commercial as Mae West, and offered me a morning news job in Lafayette, IN. I packed up what little I had and moved to a cornfield and the rest is history!

Previous jobs?
   WKJM-Lafayette, IN., WKLQ-Grand Rapids, MI. & WGRD-Grand Rapids, WMMS-Cleveland, OH., KIOI-San Francisco, WLLC-Detroit, WVNN-Hunstville, AL., and KMBZ-Kansas City.

Major awards/honors?
   Talkers Magazine-Talkers Top 250 Talk Hosts 6yrs. in a row, First Female solo Talk Host in Kansas City, KAB Top Radio Personality-2nd Place-2008, Graduate-Eisenhower   Excellence in Public Service 2010, FBI Citizens Academy-Kansas City

Has your chosen field changed over the years?
    When I started in music radio doing morning shows (co-host always), I was usually the only woman on the air at each station. When job hunting I often heard “We already have A woman here.”
   After several years in Rock radio, trying to break into Talk, I was told that women weren’t good Talk Hosts, and that men wouldn’t listen, from several program directors. There are a lot more women in radio today, from management to on air.
   Obviously as technology marches forward, there are way more responsibilities then just the on air product. Facebook, Twitter, Texting, and whatever comes next!

Who do you follow on Twitter?
   President Obama, other Talk Radio Hosts, Bottom Line Communications (of course!!) and all the national & local news media.

Marital Status
  Single. No kids.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
   That I am still excited to go to work every day, as there is always something new to talk about. Being able to be creative and focus on what I want my show to be and say. The ability to be a part of the community and talk about issues important to my audience, and to help charitable organizations.

Least rewarding?
   I can’t think of a “least rewarding” that won’t get me in trouble!

Did you ever consider another career?
    I wanted to be an actress and singer before I got into radio.  I am also very interested in being involved with the Military, particularly Veterans. I also considered politics. I seriously considered running for Congress Ks. 3rd District in 2010.

Do you have a mentor?
  I have had several radio mentors through out my career. Mama Jaye has been my lifelong mentor.

What is the strangest thing you have come across in your job?
   Like many in the entertainment industry, lots of radio people are very insecure!

What is your favorite thing to do in Kansas City?
   Go to the Plaza and try new restaurants all over the metro.

What do you do in your free time?
   Read, work out (a new thing for me!), shop, go to movies, hang out wiith friends.

   I’m a voracious reader, I sing, write and follow politics.

“People might be surprised to know that you …”
   Have a huge heart and a very soft mushy side.

What are your favorite TV shows?
   “60 Minutes” and anything on HGTV and “Chopped.”

Who was the biggest celebrity you ever interviewed?
    Barbra Streisand. She was my idol when I was growing up, and one of the Rock shows I was on managed to get her for mere minutes on my Birthday. It was the first time I was ever tongue tied!

Who would you consider is the most interesting person you have interviewed or met?
    Sarah Palin after the 2008 campaign. After following the media onslaught and vilification of her during the campaign, I was pleasantly surprised to find she was very kind and quite intelligent, as opposed to how she has been portrayed.

What do you love most about Kansas City?
   The people and how quickly I felt like this was and is home.

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  1. LAC says:

    Sure wish Darla would replace the Lying Pig on KMBZ weekdays between 11-2pm.

    Go Darla !

  2. Barb Smith says:


    Where do I start. My mom’s name was Darla Jeane and that is what caught me was your name and I love to listen to you. Then last week on the way home from the grocery store you mentioned your b-day was March 2nd and so was hers. She was a wonderful caring woman that was always doing things for other people. A good memory was a food fight we had while making Christmas baskets for the veterans in our town.
    You’re right Darla only great people are born on March 2nd. That is also the day she passed 16 years ago. God bless and take care.

  3. Susie Hudson says:

    Hi from the Hudsons! We loved meeting you and spending so much time with you! You made our time one memorable vacation.

    We loved getting to know you! God bless and take care!

    Darla, Fans, anyone, IF you know of any resources, volunteers, anything that can help – I’d so appreciate it. Trying to help a DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN keep his home. He is currently in the VA hospital after heart surgery (pace maker) and rehab (damage to heart). In his absence, his Preach, Robert Krahl, who is in jail for pedophile charges has/had Power of Attorney and passed this on to his Attorney James Barker. Barker has emptied the Veteran’s home, sold assets (including car/s) and emptied accounts (believed, admitted to taking money to VA social worker) and intends on selling the home. Claiming vet, Louis Laugesen, is incompetent. VA has tested and not the case! Myself, a neighbor and another friend are trying out best to keep this from happening, but we are just simple people and this is very overwhelming. Police are limited… We need a miracle. Appliances, heirlooms, everything sold or trashed. Today for example, I am on my way to empty a dumpster with hope of salvaging few things for when he comes home, he does not have a stroke! PLEASE!!!!! Jennifer Gould 816-446-7389

  5. Jeff Bottom says:

    Listened when you were in Huntsville/Athens.
    Always enjoyed show. Felt like maybe you got a dirty deal.
    Doesn’t seem like 7 years.
    Will try listening on Iheart.
    Take care.

  6. Huge Darla Fan says:

    Please, please, could the management at KMBZ get rid of Dana and Parks and put Darla in that time zone!
    Darla is great!

  7. J Doubeday says:

    From: j doubeday
    Subject: parks and dana radio show

    I miss Darla J in the evening. As much as I disliked Dana and Parks, I listened to part of the show every day. I miss it. We’ve always had bad language. You guys are journalists and radio personalities. If you need it to make a point-then u have the right to do so.

    I am a grandmother of five. I am so sick and tired of everyone being sensitive. I am so sick and tired of everyone being so moral-I work retail-we have women who show 3/4’s of their Boobies work there. I don’t hear anyone squealing. The human race is two-faced. Get over it and move on to real problems. I will never listen to 980 because of your mental limitations on being “nicety-nice”.

  8. Michael Vathakos says:

    Ms. Jaye:

    I really appreciate the work that you do and the sincerity that you do it. I was disappointed that you were switched from FM in the evening to AM in the mornings; however, as I am an early riser, I endeavor to listen.

    Particularly impressive is the year when you took control of the ‘Coats for Kids’ project, in which you were at so many of the commercial cleaners personally collecting winter clothing. During that campaign, one evening I was out with a couple of guys and they told me about you. Collectively, we spent over $800.00 at Eddie Bauers on the Plaza, had complete winter outfits packaged up, and delivered them to the cleaners the next day.

    You are such an animated lady, and if I ever get the chance to meet you in person, I’ll be grateful for the opportunity.

    Incidentally, those people who are on the FM portion of your network are disrespectful, inane, and totally out of touch with mainstream Kansas City.

  9. oey claire says:

    I can’t stand that Dana and Parks. She is soooo tasteless and ignorant w/her screaming and inane remarks. Darla J, on the other hand is erudite, kind and an excellent radio personality. She needs MORE airtime!

  10. Lee McGraw says:

    Wow! When I read about you I thought to myself “now there is a lady that I would love to have as a friend”. (And maybe more) I could sleep in while she was at work! Just kidding, of course…I never miss her show. As the line goes in Best of Show where they are interviewing a middle age beauty talking about her marriage to her 90 year old, toothless, wealthy husband ” we enjoy soup, enjoy ….talking….or not talking”.
    only problem is my daughters name is …you guessed it..Darla.

  11. Pat Carlson says:

    Her show is no longer a solo show. She always has a younger male on air with her. He is not billed as a co-host, but he is one.

    I like Darla Jaye; she seems like a good person. However, I never have much cared for her show. With the transition to mornings and the addition of the co-host, the show has only become worse.

    I would support Darla Jaye for congress over that mindless bloke who is in there now! Run, Darla Jaye, run!

  12. norms wilson says:

    Where is Carla. I miss her

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      I’m not sure where Carla is, but Darla Jaye announced on Facebook yesterday that she has been terminated at KMBZ. It is the station’s loss.

  13. mary l says:

    Shame on KMBZ for firing Darla. Such bad form. Won’t be listening anymore. She was the best thing about KMBZ.

    I can’t believe our dear, fun-loving Darla has been dropped by KMBZ…we love her! She is one of a kind…the constant news we wake up to now is just plain boring and annoying! I hope she’s picked up quickly by KCMO, the other talk station as we’re in withdrawal…we miss her laugh and humorous way of making even bad news tolerable first thing in the morning…Love you Darla!

  15. Christine Strider says:

    One morning I could not believe my ears and thought my radio had gone off of its station setting… I searched and searched for my Darla Jay and she was nowhere to be found… I started getting a lot more done in the morning other than listening to the radio… so I tried calling the radio station to see what happened but it’s a phoney phone that is never answered… it just rings busy anytime of day or night… so I was at a loss until I just happen to think of googling the name Darla Jay… Here I am and I see that some jealous person fired her… I sure miss you Darla Jaye, if you read this… You are one sweet sweet funny talented beyond words off the cuff speaking quick witted clean speaking but not afraid to say what’s on your mind… Guess your mind’s pretty clean… lol I loved loved loved your show… And I’m just a temporary transplant in Kansas City but I blessed the day the dial ended up on your old station and I was able to hear somebody whom I consider a younger, female version of Rush Limbaugh. Hope I can find out what radio station you have moved to… I’ll listen to you with my cell phone if I have to!
    PS: Sarah Palin is one of my top five people whom I would love to meet in my lifetime. I have stood up for her with everyone who has had nasty things to say against her… she’s a very sweet woman too❤️

  16. nancy crigger says:

    I thought Darla was returning on Feb 15, but she did not. I just found the answer to where Darla J is–no longer on your station. I now listen to an alternative station. I still listen to Rush and Hannity in pm, but not in the mornings! You really don’t offer much for the am programs.

  17. nancy crigger says:


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    There are few things more sacred to the public than the National Football League.  The NFL has been able to grow by leaps and bounds while raising prices for fans, TV viewers and many taxpayers without question.  It was dubbed “America’s game.”

    As an example, a 30-second spot in the recent Super Bowl went for $4.5 million.  And that doesn’t even include the costs to actually create the ad.

    The majority of NFL owners are not just millionaires.  Most (18 out of 32) are billionaires.


    One would be hard-pressed to even consider that the NFL’s popularity would ever wane.  It wrapped itself in the American flag, patriotism and all that was good in the culture.  Many teams began games with giant-sized flags covering the entire field.  The National Anthem was sung by a host of celebrities.

    Military flew jets overhead at the start of games compliments of taxpayers.

    The first chink in the NFL’s armor occurred when it was revealed the league was actually charging the military for many pre-game rituals.  The military had paid $10.4 million of taxpayer money to show its patriotism.  When that was revealed the league reluctantly returned $723,000 (link) .

    During this entire time the league began switching cities in an effort to raise more and more revenue.  Loyal fans in Cleveland, Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis were dumped like yesterday’s garbage.  Years of loyalty meant nothing to the NFL.

    But then the millionaire players decided to make political statements (the average NFL salary is $1.9 million).  They decided to disrespect the flag, veterans and those who love the U.S. by kneeling during the National Anthem.

    They might even have pulled it off except for President Donald Trump.  Trump, who may be able to read the American public better than any President in history, let it be known he felt players should not disrespect the flag and the country where they earn a living.

    The athletes, coaches and owners, who felt they were above criticism, doubled down and more players began kneeling, or sitting or riding an exercise bike during the Anthem.  Athletes in other sports blasted Trump, with LeBron James, a high school graduate himself, calling the President “a bum.”  Virtually all sportswriters supported the players and their “Freedom of Speech.”

    Trump didn’t back down one iota.  In fact, he doubled down and asked fans to boycott games.  He threatened to pull many tax exemptions owners have received.  He sent his vice president to a game, and when the players began kneeling, he left the stadium.

    As NFL ratings plunge (Monday night’s game plummeted to a season-low) the Dallas Cowboys’ owner is now demanding his team stand for the Anthem.

    Thursday night NFL ratings are also declining.  This means the league may find itself doing “make goods” to advertisers to make up for not delivering ratings as promised.

    A CNN poll noted the President is winning the fight. “Trump got what he wanted: More Republicans (87%) and Independents (48%) sided with him than not. Heck, even 21% of Democrats are with him on the NFL issue. Even 24% of people who disapprove of the job he’s doing overall see this issue.”

    Trump’s approval ratings as president have been dismal.  But he does have a unique way of speaking to the public and to the average folks who have simply allowed the NFL to bully them for years.   Finally, someone was speaking for them, and they took action.

    Trump may not be the greatest communicator on earth, but he knows how to communicate with his base.  He knows what issues will resonate with the public.

    As far as the NFL goes, Trump might be the only one doing an end zone dance these days. If the NFL doesn’t take action against the players soon the viewers who refuse to watch NFL games may never return.

    Published October 13, 2017 at 2:10 pm - No Comments There are few things more sacred to the public than the National Football League.  The NFL has been able to grow by leaps and bounds while raising prices for fans, TV viewers and many taxpayers without question.  It was dubbed & ...


    If you are a professional communicator you have likely worked with all kinds of executives on a variety of messages.

    Some are natural communicators who can virtually repeat your finely tuned key message points effortlessly.  They are a joy to work with.

    However, to some (most) communications is a challenge.  Some simply cannot communicate effectively.  Media interviews are dreaded.  (“The media are out to get me!!”)

    It might be best to find someone else in the organization to handle those duties, if at all possible.

    President Donald Trump can be a very effective communicator.  The operative word is “can.”  He would be an absolute nightmare to work with to provide a consistent, clear message on virtually any topic.

    Unlike most top executives, Trump has virtually no message discipline.  Executives, particularly at public companies, realize that virtually every word they say in public can potentially impact their company’s stock price.  It is a talent Trump does not have.

    “Message discipline is the concept that politicians and other public policy advocates should talk about what is relevant to achieve their aims, and not allow themselves to be sidetracked either by their own thoughts or the questions of press or audience.”  (Wikipedia)

    Most communicators would never, ever let a top executive Tweet out his/her own personal views on various topics.  In fact, if an executive sends out a Tweet at most companies you can bet it has been reviewed by a variety of people ahead of time.

    Whenever Trump goes off-script during a speech he is in trouble.  His aside during a recent speech about football players kneeling during the National Anthem has caused a nationwide furor.  He does this on an almost daily basis in making his communications team apoplectic.

    Why does Trump continue to get himself in trouble communicating?   First, it is probably his ego. He has been successful in business shooting from the hip, and it has likely worked effectively before in business settings.  As President not so much…

    Secondly, his style worked as he toppled 16 other opponents (the largest field ever in a primary election).  Remember how he labeled each opponent?  “Little” Marco Rubio?  “Low Energy” Jeb Bush?

    His stunning election victory versus a superior-financed Hillary Clinton cemented that fact.

    It is tough to argue with the communications success he has enjoyed in the past.

    Will Trump change his communication style in the future now as President?  It is doubtful since it has worked in the past.

    His communications team will just have to continue to cringe as he goes off-message on a daily basis.





    Published September 25, 2017 at 3:40 pm - 2 Comments If you are a professional communicator you have likely worked with all kinds of executives on a variety of messages. Some are natural communicators who can virtually repeat your finely tuned key message points effortlessly.  They ...


    Since the presidency of Donald Trump began in January the public has had a unique view in seeing how many, many executives act when their true remarks/feelings/views go public. Unfiltered.

    It is often not a pretty scene.  It’s like the old joke where you really don’t want to know how sausage is actually made.

    Trump, in his effort to show “transparency” to the public, has been sending unfiltered, unedited Tweets out on a random basis since he began running for President.  They can come at any time of the day or night, and often seem to follow the “Ready, Fire, Aim!!” theory of communications.

    His latest missives aimed at C-list TV personalities MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have totally derailed a series of recent legislative successes (LINK).  Not only that, but his Tweets have actually enhanced the couple’s standing.

    Communications professionals around the globe have been left scratching their collective heads and wondering, “In his wildest dreams how did he ever think talking about Brzezinski’s facelift would be a good idea?”

    I have been in top-level corporate meetings literally hundreds of times.  If the public was privy to many of the actual discussions they would be stunned.  After one meeting where the company president repeatedly stressed the need for diversity I heard him casually remark to the HR director as we were leaving, “Okay, does that cover my ass legally now if we don’t hire minorities?”

    It is impossible for President Trump to have an overall coherent communications message when he is shooting out Tweets from the hip.  His staffers end up spending all their time and effort trying to clean up the most recent mess he created rather than focusing on any type of overall communications strategy.

    Someone needs to stress to the President that his personal, off-the-cuff,  tweeting must stop.  If he won’t heed that advice he should at least agree that someone must read his Tweets before they go out.

    The days of unfiltered Tweets from the President must end.




    Published July 1, 2017 at 7:59 am - One Comment Since the presidency of Donald Trump began in January the public has had a unique view in seeing how many, many executives act when their true remarks/feelings/views go public. Unfiltered. It is often not a pretty scene.  It̵ ...


    Regular viewers of KCTV were stunned in February 2015 when long-time anchor Karen Fuller was suddenly yanked off the air at the Meredith-owned station.

    After all, Fuller, 47 at the time, had been a staple at the CBS station for 12 years. Viewers were accustomed to her entering their living rooms on a regular basis and were shocked at her departure.

    In April, Fuller revealed to Bottom Line (link) that her departure was not her decision. Sources say she had requested 15 seconds of airtime to thank her loyal viewers, but instead was yanked mid-shift and escorted out of the station.

    In August 2015 we reported she had landed a new position as an anchor at the Sinclair Group’s KGAN in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   It should be noted Kansas City is the 31st largest TV market in the country; Cedar Rapids 88.

    The Kansas City Star has now broken the story that Fuller is now suing her former parent company over age and gender discrimination.  She filed suit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kan., against the Meredith Corporation.

    “Fuller alleges in the suit that the company has created an ‘age ceiling’ for its female anchors but not for male anchors,” the Star reported.  “Women age out in their mid- to late 40s. The company does not enforce the same age-related job requirement for male prime-time anchors.

    “The company’s strong-arm behavior assaulted her dignity, cast aspersion on Ms. Fuller’s many years of hard work, professionalism, and loyalty to her job, and took away Ms. Fuller’s ability to say goodbye to co-workers, friends and viewers,” the suit alleges.

    Fuller’s case is being handled by R. Pete Smith, chairman of the Kansas City-based law firm of McDowell, Rice, Smith, and Buchanan.

    Bottom Line has learned Fuller was given the green light to sue Meredith in March following an EEOC investigation of possible systemic issues with age/gender at other Meredith-owned stations.




    Published June 8, 2017 at 8:06 am - 2 Comments Regular viewers of KCTV were stunned in February 2015 when long-time anchor Karen Fuller was suddenly yanked off the air at the Meredith-owned station. After all, Fuller, 47 at the time, had been a staple at the CBS station for 1 ...


    It has been called “appalling journalism.”

    That might be considered a positive comment regarding an editing trick inserted into a documentary on gun ownership that has come to light.

    Long-time NBC Today Show star and anchor at all three major networks, Katie Couric, now with Yahoo! News, is being severely criticized for highly questionable editing in her documentary titled “Under the Gun” after it was revealed an eight-second pause was inserted to make it look as if the people interviewed could not answer her question (LINK).

    Luckily for the individuals being interviewed, one person was wise enough to record the Q&A (LINK TO AUDIO). Otherwise, questioning the bubbly media icon would have been virtually impossible and fruitless.

    Couric was executive producer, host and narrator of the piece.  Anti-gun activist Stephanie Soechtig produced and directed it.

    In the documentary, a group of Virginia gun owners was asked by Couric: “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

    Not only did Couric/Soechtig insert a pause (8-10 seconds), but they also inserted “B” roll of the gun owners taken before the interview even began.  There is little doubt the editing was clearly designed to make it look as if Couric’s tough question made them speechless and uncomfortable.

    Couric is now calling the edit an “unnecessary mistake,” according to an individual with knowledge of her thinking (LINK).

    In an official statement, Soechtig countered, “my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on Americans’ opinions on background checks. I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.”

    Couric now says she supports Soechtig’s statement “and am very proud of the film.” However, a few days later she admitted she regretted how she portrayed gun activists (LINK).

    However, the National Review and Washington Post now say Couric should be fired over the deliberate misrepresentation (LINK).

    This is a classic reason why at Bottom Line Communications we strongly advise clients to always record media interviews.  Without actual audio evidence (below) the Yahoo! crew would have denied inserting the pause.

    However, with the evidence journalism takes another huge credibility hit.


    Published May 29, 2016 at 8:30 am - 2 Comments It has been called “appalling journalism.” That might be considered a positive comment regarding an editing trick inserted into a documentary on gun ownership that has come to light. Long-time NBC Today Show star and ...


    In Journalism circles, having a degree from the University of Missouri was often a ticket for success. It is not only the nation’s oldest Journalism school, it is also one of the most prestigious.

    When rankings for the best “J” schools in the nation are posted the University of Missouri is almost guaranteed to be in the Top 10 or Top 5.  However, that may have all changed due to the actions of a single media professor during the recent student uprising at the school.

    A Mass Media Professor, Melissa Click, is shown in a video asking for “muscle” to remove a student photojournalist, Tim Tai,  who was working for ESPN and in a public place.   It is a horrible act by a college professor and shows a total disregard for the Journalist’s First Amendment rights, which is against what the school has taught for decades.

    “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here,” says Click.

    A video of Click’s actions against Tai has gone viral and has well over 500,000 views (LINK) on a single site.  The New York Times has written an extensive story about her actions.

    What was once a sympathetic media for the protesters has now changed with the actions of students and faculty against them.

    Technically some have pointed out Click works in the Mass Media Division of the Department of Communications in College of Arts & Sciences, which is separate from the J-school.  However, she is listed on the School of Journalism’s site (LINK), which tars the entire Journalism program whether it deserves it or not.

    Click had earlier Tweeted out that she she was looking for coverage of the event by Journalists.  Later on she is clearly leading the charge against other Journalists with total disregard for their rights to cover the event.

    With the resignation of the school’s President and Chancellor the University of Missouri is clearly being painted as a college where the inmates are running the asylum.   Rather than act like a Professor, Click and other faculty members have clearly shown they were behind the student protests against the administration.

    If the University of Missouri doesn’t hire a crisis communications team immediately its entire image for producing quality Journalism graduates could likely be tarnished forever. If the school was wise it already had a crisis communications plan in place for such an incident, but that is unlikely.

    The first move would be to remove Click. But that would be a stop-gap measure since a faculty member helping foment the disturbance was an indictment on all the faculty.  The school hired her, and whether tacitly or not, approved of her actions.

    A statement issued today by the Dean of the Journalism School denied she was part of the faculty and sounded as if her days as a professor at Missouri were numbered. Click has also been forced to apologize in an attempt to save her job and resigned her “courtesy” appointment to the J-School.

    However, a Kansas City reporter told BLC that the protesters are refusing to speak with local reporters and will only do interviews with national media outlets.  That is the kind of move that will turn sympathetic local media against them now and in the future.

    It’s a bad move.



    Published November 10, 2015 at 10:23 am - 5 Comments In Journalism circles, having a degree from the University of Missouri was often a ticket for success. It is not only the nation’s oldest Journalism school, it is also one of the most prestigious. When rankings for the best ...