December 13th, 2012
Katie Horner

Life certainly is a series of strange twists and turns.

In October 2009 Bobby Totsch left KMOV in St. Louis to take over as Vice President and General Manager at Kansas City’s KCTV.

He immediately began making a series of changes at the CBS affiliate, including numerous changes to the morning anchor teams, bringing in sports staffers and creating new local shows.

However, none of the changes Totsch made rivaled the one when it was announced first on this site that he had been conducting secret focus-group tests across the country with potential weather candidates with a goal of replacing veteran meteorologist Katie Horner.

In November 2011, Horner who had been a fixture (and lightning rod for critics) at the station for 23 years, was replaced by Chris Suchan.  In June of this year we announced that Horner was starting a new career in real estate.

Fast forward to October 31 of this year. Totsch’s controversial career at KCTV came to an abrupt end, and he was recently replaced by Darrin McDonald .

And now it has been announced today that Horner will be back on the air as a meteorologist at none other than Totsch’s old station of KMOV-TV in St. Louis.

A University of West Florida graduate with a Meteorology degree from Mississippi State, Horner will be doing forecasts at noon and 5 p.m. starting January 7 at the CBS affiliate.

“I have spent 17 years studying, forecasting and helping people through every aspect of Missouri weather from ice storms, heat waves, floods and tornadoes,” Horner said in a news release issued by KMOV. “It’s an honor to join KMOV’s team of dedicated, skilled meteorologists led by Steve Templeton.”

“There are few people who have the credentials Katie will bring to News 4,” said Sean McLaughlin, executive news director at KMOV. “She is a severe weather expert and will bolster our already strong weather team.”

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  1. Ernest Evans says:

    Dear Mr. Horner: Congratulations!! And, many thanks for the classy way you responded when you were dismissed for being an “alarmist”. My suggestion to your critics in the KC-area: How about asking the doctors and nurses at that hospital in Joplin who had five minutes warning that a tornado was going to strike how they feel about “alarmist” weather forecasters? I suspect that these doctors and nurses feel the same way that the survivors of the Titanic felt about the “alarmists” who said that the ship was not unsinkable and that more lifeboats were needed. It is a sad commentary on our society that people are willing to endanger themselves, their families and people in the community simply so they don’t have to wait two hours to see their favorite TV show. Get a life –there are some things in life more important than waiting two hours to see “Criminal Minds”–A J Cook will be just as beautiful two hours later!!Best of luck in Saint Louis!! Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    I’m very happy for Katie, who was the MC for Faith and Family Day at “the K” on at least one occasion. I sure thought she got a bad rap here.

  3. michael bushnell says:

    Good job. She’s a class act who got a raw deal. Definitely one of the nicest people in the business. Best of luck in StL.

  4. Scott Simon says:

    She’ll like it at Channel 4 and will have a good staff to work with. Her colleagues, Steve Templeton, Kent Ehrhardt and Matt Chambers are very solid pros who stand out when the weather news is big.

  5. LAC says:

    Interesting… Home sales must be down in Johnson county.

  6. Darcie Sheehan says:

    I lived in KC for many years and can tell you that I always flipped thru the channels to watch Katie’s coverage during a storm. So glad she’s moved to St Louis! Good luck, Katie and welcome to the Lou!

  7. Carol Ficken says:

    I am so very happy for Katie – there is no one like her. I enjoyed watching the weather when she was on – now it is boring. KCTV lost out when they let her go.

    Kate we just love you and so glad you are in St. Louis never what channel 5 anymore channel 4 you did a good jop hiring her .

  9. Clyde says:

    St. Louis wins, Kansas City and surrounding area’s loss! Congragulations Katie.

  10. Kitie, I miss you, I trusted you. I just don’t truset any of these others. I’m glayd you have another god job. I’m sorry for KC. We lost Your friend Sherry

  11. Jerry says:

    Katie gets it right. Her passion and concern are unequivocally matched in the weather arena. I thoroughly enjoyed her tenure in KC and was flabbergasted when she left. She will be sorely missed as a legendary meteorologist and a friend to all those who loved and appreciated her abilities to effectively deliver the weather. Go get em Katie!!

  12. Sharon says:

    We always watched her at Channel 5, really hated when she left. St Louis is lucky to have her.

  13. Ramon says:

    I’m sure that Wichita, Topeka, and all the other outlying areas, that you consistently interupted prime-time programs to report on, certainly miss your spot-on weather reporting. But, Chicago and other spots out in the Illinois boonies can now benefit of your remote-weather broadcast there in St. Louis. I’ve always gotten up-to-minute weather from Wunderground website .. hated your intrusions … don’t miss you one bit. My sympathies St. Louis.

  14. Shara says:

    I trusted Katie above all the other meteorologists. She was passionate about her job and the safety of her viewers. I so appreciated her. I’m so happy to know that she found new employment, but am sad to see her leave KC.

    • JohnLandsberg says:

      Katie often received a bad rap for her what many viewers felt were over-the-top forecasts and for breaking into regular programming so much. However, in most instances she was simply following orders from her bosses at KCTV who implemented a “first-on, last-off” policy on weather. While other stations were returning to regular programming she was often still talking about storms that were far out of the area.
      She would certainly be in her element with a snowstorm approaching KC today. We used to refer to her reports as “snowgasms.”

  15. John Porter says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Katie face to face October 2012. She lived next door to my wife’s godfather “Henry” who passed away that month. She introduced herself to me and Henry’s family while we were looking over his house. She was very friendly and affable and gave her heartfelt condolences to Henry’s family. I found out later that she was in real estate. I decided to hire her as the listing agent when we decided to sell the house later in 2013. I was sad to see her move away to St. Louis just before the house was sold, but at the same time happy that she found a new job pursuing the career that she loves. She is a very down to earth person. I hope everything goes well with her in St. Louis.

  16. Carolyn says:

    I miss her so much why did u get rid of her.!!!!!!!!

  17. pat mccabe says:

    why did she go, she was so much better then this new gal.get her back , I do not care for this new person at all…

  18. spiegel says:

    Now that she is back in KC, I just hope that we don’t see her doing the weather here. She really likes to beat that dead horse every time!

  19. Rick Carney says:

    First of all she was not fired for being an alarmist. The Meredith Corporation fired her for severe misconduct; she had been trouble for many years and threatened the station with many, sex discrimination lawsuits.

    The Meredith Corporation had only owned KCTV5 for three years prior to letting her go. As someone who reviewed her contract addendum they were happy to get rid of her. Their lawyers were sharp and astute in the manner in which they handled the matter. to avoid the litigation which she threatened they waited until her contract expired.

    The addendum and the Corporation clearly stated that if she went quietly they would waive her non-compete clause and cover six months severance. So the plan was to let her depart on air and claims she was leaving for family.

    Not one of you wondered why none of the stations locally hired her? she tried very hard but was despised by all of them. She wanted to sue KCTV5 but was advised by two attorneys that she had no cause of action.

    She was a very disruptive force and had big issues with the truth. And I bet none of you put two and two together when she left her kids behind to go to KMOV in St. Louis; really family oriented. then a year and a half later “she leaves St. Louis For family again.

    She did not miss her daughters in 3 or 6 months. It took a year and a half. AND WHY DID SHE MOVE IF THEY MEANT so MUCH TO HER. NOW YOU GET THE IDEA; THE KIDS ARE ORNAMENTS FOR HER TO PARADE AROUND WHEN SHE NEEDS SOMETHING.A husband, a job, etc.

    In the end you people have fallen for the image that she creates’ just like you feel you know a celebrity from seeing them on TV or the movies. She is Glib and has no moral boundaries regarding the truth.

    So get a life. There are quite a few people out there that she worked with that know she is a pathological personality.

  20. Rick Carney says:

    By the way she is claiming she is 41; she turns 50 in September.

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