August 10th, 2012
Karli Ritter

Michelle Bogowith

WDAF-Fox 4 had been searching for a replacement for morning meteorologist Don Harman for nearly nine months and had at least three meteorologists in the spot during that time.

Now, after the long search the station has decided to insert its current meteorologist Karli Ritter into the position. Harman committed suicide in November 2011.

Replacing Ritter at the 9 a.m. and noon weekday newscasts will be Michelle Bogowith, who has been doing the weather at KOMU-TV8 in Columbia, MO since 2007.  KOMU is an NBC affiliated owned by the University of Missouri and operated by the Missouri School of Journalism.

Bogowith will start September 10. She graduated from the University of Missouri as a double major with a Bachelors degree in Meteorology and Communications in 2008. In December 2011 she received a Masters in Meteorology.

Ritter joined the station in March of 2007 after working in Sarasota, FL and Montgomery, AL.  She received her meteorology degree from Florida State University.

24 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    Great Choice

  2. Mike says:

    I do wish all the folks at FOX4 the best. Karli is doing a good job; I presume there’s good reason while the personnel search has taken this long.

  3. Person says:


    wow. this Michelle Bogowith chick is INCREDIBLY young! Only four years out of university! She cannot be more than 26.

    • TimKridel says:

      Michelle comes across as personable and polished. I’m not surprised that she’s going straight to a market of KC’s size.

      • Person says:

        And…she’s young! WDAF has been making a LOT of young hires recently, probably because they’re a lot cheaper than a more seasoned on-air TV personality.

  4. Ron says:

    Now just get rid of those two IDIOT anchors in the morning and they will improve, THEY ARE AWFUL !!, And that is why I NEVER watch channel 4… oh yes, joe lauria too, THE WORST weatherman in KC !

  5. Darrin says:

    I don’t think they ever intended to hire anyone for Don’s position. They knew from the beginning they were going to put Karli in his spot. Not a good choice. She can’t pay attention to what’s going on in studio AND do her weather. She’s often caught off guard when it’s time for her segment.

  6. concerned viewer says:

    a good hire, charly arnolt another good young attractive hire who has a professional delivery. I agree with the commenter above that MS Ritter….. as cute as she is , is very unprofessional and doesnt seem to focus on what she is doing. Mark Alford is a joke , ive watched them for a few weeks and noticed things like the stories seem incomplete and Mr Alford seems to think its his job to make wise cracks about every story.
    loren halifax seems to be able to deliver the story but the script is written so poorly it makes it difficult to read.
    perhaps a revamp from the producer down

  7. switched says:

    Have to agree about Ritter. She convinced me to watch 5 &9. Also I won’t watch weekends. Golf has no business in the weather segment. If M.G. is professional enuff, maybe I will watch 4 again.

  8. Marc W. says:

    I don’t like all the young people they are hiring. Karli Ritter’s age shows when she tells her personal stories and when she taps on the desk while she is talking to others, or swirles that controler around and around on the desk, DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!! I do think Michelle is better than Karli though. She is not so distracting.
    Joe used to be really good, but it seems they all get distracted so easily. Maybe it’s because all the clowning around they do. What happened to just doing the news!!! Leave your personality for your own time! Get some mature weathermen in there!

  9. drew says:

    FOX is the only station to watch. Karli is gorgeous and everyone involved in Fox4 have real personalities! Which make for a great start to even a cloudy day.
    Having said that, sorry if your a boring stiff and can’t enjoy a little humor. But predicting weather is a difficult thing to do as there are so many factors and contributions that cause rapid changes. Ask any of the meteorologist none of them are spot on every time. Don will forever be missed, we can only pray that he is in peace and happiness:-)

  10. dawn says:

    I like watching FOX4… Their style of speaking is such that its like they are sitting around the breakfast table. Telling us the viewers something that happened that morning. I enjoy that they can speak without being monotone. I’m really glad that Matt came from that other station. I like Matt’s speaking voice too. :)

  11. lori says:

    This was a fun station when Don Harman was on. Now it’s all about Karli Ritter and her annoying cutesy chatter. Ugghh. I can’t even watch this station anymore. Michelle Bogowith would have been a much better pick than this lightweight ditz.

  12. Ann says:

    Karli is likeable enough, but do they have to play the music so loud, completely drowns out what they are saying, if I want music the TV would be off and the radio on. I often turn it off or over to a different channel because it is annoying.

  13. Much says:

    Karli and Michelle are so hot they make me want to write bad checks. They do a great job even though I’m a little smitten. Loren, Mark and Nick have to go…cheesy and really weird.

  14. Dogmama says:

    Karli is no bimbo. She’s smart, acerbic and a good meteorologist. Joe is an outstanding weather guy with the calm approach KC needs. Michelle’s monotone is annoying. Mark is an obnoxious bully and Nick and Loren can’t read a prompter to save their lives. I’ve quit watching the news portions and only check in for the weather segments because of the horrible anchors. When management wises up and replaces Alford with Rob Collins, I’ll tune in again. Collins is one to watch; I hope they realize what a find he was.

  15. Michelle says:

    I can not stand Mark A. He is a cocky, rude person. I am so sick of him putting in his two cents on EVERYTHING! That is not very professional. I can’t wait till he’s gone! Loren H. reminds me of a bobble head. She moves her head side to side when she talks, and please Loren, stop picking at your fingers when telling a story, it’s very distracting. Karli R. is like a teenager doing the weather. She bangs on the desk like you would drums. They are all annoying to me. Fox 4 has lost their professionalism.

  16. My two cents... says:

    Why do people expect so much perfection from life and people? Relax and quit being so critical. What good is it doing for anyone? This group has a tough job as it is and to throw out these negative comments clearly describes the person you are. Work on your own issues without bashing out at others.

  17. Kathy says:

    I enjoy the laughter and camaraderie of the morning team. I think Karli is a good fit for the team.

  18. Peggy Simmons says:

    I LOVE the morning weekday shows they wake me up and lift my sprits. Mark, Loren and Karly make a great group. Still miss Donnie and pray his family is doing well. Dont watch the other stations unless im going to be out at 5 pm the watch the 4 o’clock news. The other stations just keep changing out their people and you don’t get to know them, please dont change!

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