April 1st, 2015
Karen Fuller

Kansas Citians were stunned when they learned that popular KCTV anchor Karen Fuller was unceremoniously dumped in February after 12 years at the Meredith-owned station.

After all, Fuller had anchored weekday newscasts at the CBS affiliate for more than a decade and had become a fixture in KC households.  A single mother of two, she had worked her way up the tough TV ladder starting by working a camera and teleprompter at smaller markets.

As KCTV has remained mum on her departure, Kansas City’s most-read blogger Tony Botello at tonyskansascity.com jumped on the news of her departure.

“It’s a tragic fact Kansas City fact that mainstream media newsie ladies don’t have a very long career lifespan,” he noted in a recent column.

Bottom Line Communications profiled Fuller in 2012 and it proved to be a hit with readers.  We reached out to her regarding her departure and she graciously responded with class and dignity as she begins a new career as a media consultant:

     “I can confirm that I was only working under one contract and not monthly extensions.  I can also tell you that leaving was not my decision, and that I was not afforded an opportunity to say goodbye to the viewers.  Beyond that will have to wait until a later date, and because of your compassion, you will be the first to hear from me.  I really do appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you as soon as possible.

     “As for the many wonderful viewers, may I say that it has been an honor to serve them over the past decade.  The folks in our viewing area were so kind in accepting me, and watching me with such loyalty and dedication.  I am forever grateful for having been invited into their homes each weekday night.” 

     One inside source told Bottom Line that it would not be surprising to see Rhiannon Ally step into Fuller’s anchor spot.  However, another source has denied that is the case and says she may join her husband at KSHB, where he was recently named an anchor.  Stay tuned…


81 Responses

  1. Ernest Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Fuller: I was greatly saddened to hear of your leaving Channel 5. You will be greatly, greatly missed!! I watched you practically every night–you are a great journalist!! Just remember, whatever the reasons for your departure, that lots and lots of people around town like me think the world of you and are hoping and praying that all works out for you. Remember what I always tell friends who suffer a reversal: “God never closes one door without opening up another one–but it is Hell in the hallway. Take care and God bless. Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans (Your No. 1 Fan!!)

  2. Joe Golden says:

    Ms Fuller
    I too was disheartened to learn of your departure. I hope the best and would like to see you return to television.

    I know you probably would not want this but I now avoid watching KCTV news now because of the action taken.
    Best Wishes

    • Alan says:

      It’s no different than what happened to Anne Petersen. Not much changed in 12 years. I wish Karen well, but two things come to mind. Either KCTV wanted to get younger or they didn’t want to pay Karen. I sense they are trying to find a slot for Erika Tallan. But it won’t be Karen’s slot. Then you have to figure Rhiannon Ally won’t be hired back. She is trying to return since her husband Mike Marza is now about to return to KSHB as a anchor.

    • Marilyn Rue says:

      Why do we need a husband & wife do the news. I won”t be watching 41 news anymore with that change. Too bad these cannot be left alone.

  3. Jetranger says:

    Sorry to hear that the Degenerate low lifes over at KCTV5 leT you go like they did, par for the course with that Liberal Leftist bunch of morons !!

    As a resident of Kansas City for 51 years, I’ve watch TV 5 reporting of the news go wayyyy down hill the last 3 to 5 years, as the reporters, and Anchors they hire are so phony and ridlicious its pathetic, they can’t even report all the facts to a simple story and get it right, that and they purposely hide certain content and facts that should be reported so the viewing public can be aware, but they don’t.

    Their WEB content moderators are just as badd, those who over see the web site, with their constant blocking people and censoring comments that don’t go along with KCTV5’s Liberal Leftist Agenda !!

    Hiding Facts and catering & Pandering to criminals seems to be what KCTV does best and to provide cover for them and spin the facts & truth about crimes etc.

    The best that station ever was when Wendall & Ann were there and under different management back then, than whats there now !!

    I will never talk to a KCTV5 Reporter or News Anchor, as their on my Black list as well as another KC station.

    KCTV5 has proven repeatedly the last few years they are truly NOT Capable of reporting the news to the public !! Fact, not an opinion !!

    Hopefully advertisers will yank their advertising and revenue along with it and we’ll get to watch KCTV5 fall to the bottom of the pit where they belong !!

    you’ll be missed !!

  4. waterslyd says:

    Wish you the best, Karen. Youre beautiful and a great news anchor. Better employment is in your future.

  5. Bill says:

    I think it is a shame that excellent service to a company, is rewarded with an escort out of the workplace, without a reasonable explanation of why. She was an outstanding news woman.

  6. Fred Wessling says:

    Having been a lifelong resident for over 50 years, I have seen a lot of news anchors come & go. Karen you were not just any news anchor, as you were one of the best.
    May God bless you in your endeavors, as you will certainly be missed.
    Thank you for all of your hard work & for all of the time that you have given us.
    Much Love & Best Wishes To You!

  7. Eva says:

    Karen, we were wondering what happened, so sorry that you are gone from kctv5. Not happy with them.

  8. Karen,

    The fact that my husband are now online trying to figure out where you are, is a testament to what a fabulous news anchor you are. We watched you faithfully, always impressed by your professionalism. Now we are joining the many who are unhappy with those who have made this negative decision.We wish you the best as a new door opens for you –by someone who understands and recognizes your talent and gift in communicating to others.

  9. Deanne Crain says:

    News is just not the same without you!! I have watched you for the past 10 years! I am very upset with KCTV 5 for the way this has been handled. Still one of your biggest fans!!

  10. Beverly Anderson says:

    My husband and I miss you so much,Karen. I hope you get a better job than at TV 5. I always watched you because I could hear you better the way you spoke so plainly. I am having some hearing problems. We will not watch TV 5 anymore because of the way they treated you and others, and the way they take the side automatically of criminal thugs before hearing the truth and facts, the way they promote disrespect for law and auhority. Liberal morons! We will miss your beautiful face and sweet personality.

  11. Terry Holmes says:

    Karen, OMG what the hell has KCTV5 done? You not only have beauty & class, but you are also one of the best anchors around. KCTV5 has really given a message to it’s veiwers by how they treat their employee’s. First Ann Peterson & now you. We are done watching channel 5 news. God bless you, & we wish you the best!

  12. Mary Dyer says:

    Who is it at Ch 5 who’s gone nuts with all the dumb, embarrassing ideas? The “local” that the reporters were forced to insert into their pieces, for instance–I’m sure that was a bit mortifying for them. But the WORST was marching Karen Fuller out of there. She was loved by the viewers–does that count for anything with the power-slingers there?

    Replacing her with the over-dramatic Carolyn is a slap in the face for faithful viewers. Just. too. much.

    Good thing we still have Amy, Chris, Michael and Brad, and that they outclass other stations’ crews—just like Karen did!

  13. Richard Xia says:

    Sad…..sad…..sad. One more casualty in the revolving door known as KCTV 5.

  14. Dave Tully says:

    Wish you nothing but the best. Very unprofessional the way they let you go. Others have left and got to say goodbye.

  15. Karen:
    So sorry you are not at 5 anymore. I really liked watching and listening to you. You are a classy lady with your response. I would have taken a shot at them if it had been me. I think the thing that bothers me most, it that you did not get to say goodbye. You will find something better. I don’t wish the new anchor ill, but I will miss you. God bless you and your family.

  16. P Mitchell says:

    Karen, wish you the best. You are a class act. Remember your job does not define you as a person. You will move forward with a new opportunity, I am sure!

  17. Rita Svejda says:

    I am so, so sorry to hear about how you departed KCTV5. I had been missing you, and somehow thought you were just on a lengthy vacation or leave. It is so disconcerting that the powers that be see fit to treat their popular, loyal and long term broadcasters in such a way. Not even letting you say goodbye??? This has occurred at not only your station, but other stations over the past several years. As viewers, we bring you into our living rooms and come to think of you as family, and I do not understand why your bosses don’t see that. I also worked in a place (not broadcasting) where a same thing happened to a very well respected and long time co-worker. It is hard on you, and also hard on your co-workers, who are powerless as to do anything. I wish you only the best in your future endeavors.

  18. Jim pena says:

    I don’t agree with the way they treated you. I thought you did an awesome job and I’d like to watch you on air. Keep us posted what you’re doing next. Hope you’re doing well

  19. PJ says:

    You know, it is a very old “trick” to move out the seasoned, experienced, and in my humble opinion, BETTER anchors for younger faces. At some point KCTV5 will realize that their loyal viewers are loyal for a reason. We love our news anchors. They are the people we trust to come into our homes every night and give us our news. They are familiar faces and old friends. And to treat Miss Fuller with such disrespect, to not even allow her a farewell newscast, speaks in volumes to the character of KCTV5. I for one, will move onto another station after this. Miss Fuller, I wish you nothing but success and happiness in your future endeavors. You are talented and lovely and are sure to be scooped up quickly.

  20. Tammy says:

    It’s like losing a family member and not getting to say goodbye.

  21. Alan says:

    This site might not know it but it feels like KC television is trying to get younger women to boost ratings as they feel that things got stale so all these changes happening right after the February ratings period. That’s the first thing.

    Secondly, Ellen McNamara will be the replacement for Karen Fuller. She comes from KSTP. And her father is Bob McNamara.

    Thirdly, it feels like KSHB and KCTV are in a fight to see who can improve. But KMBC just got into the act with massive changes.

  22. Joyce Sanger says:

    So sorry that KCTV5 seen it fit to dismiss Karen Fuller. If they want to really improve their newscast…get rid of that weatherman!

  23. Connie Simmons says:

    We miss you Karen. So sorry you were treated so badly. KCTV5 has lost a valuable asset and we have lost a friend.

  24. John Jones says:

    Karen, I don’t understand what KCTV5 hoped to accomplish by letting you go. I see their decision as a self-inflicted wound and an insult to the viewers. You are a classy professional who delivered the news without the anxious, over-caffeinated reporting being displayed by one CAROLYN LONG. Wish you well in your media consulting endeavor. And don’t let anyone tell you it’s about ‘younger talent’. You already have that covered. We will miss you and what you brought to the news.

  25. kathy wyatt says:

    You are one of the best. Greatly missed. Most likely a male decision.

  26. O Watson says:

    I stopped watching KCTV5 when they got rid of Katie… This station is very mean to women and all women in the area and surrounding areas, should re-think the news station they watch. If they are this rude to women, we don’t need to support them.

  27. Jeannie says:

    Ch 5 has made a horrible mistake by making such a talented anchor leave the airwaves! I for one will no longer watch KCTV5 & find it a slap in the face to your career here in KC & to your nightly viewers that they didn’t even let you address us to say goodbye! You were always a joy to watch & our family will miss seeing your smiling face each evening! #ShameOnKMBC

  28. Mark Deininger says:

    i cannot believe KCTV5 let a great anchor go. Idiots!!! Wish her the best in a better market than Kansas City. Shame on you KCTV5!!’

  29. K Bennett says:

    Karen, you were and are a strong, articulate news anchor .
    Letting you go is the final straw.. I will not be watching
    KCTV news– there are other stations or newspapers or
    Internet. They are not needed and not worth your
    Time. Good luck

  30. Judy Hanks says:

    I’m’ so sorry to hear that Karen won’t be on KCTV5. After moving here 4 years ago I checked out all the local stations to find the best. Karen was the best news anchor. She reported professionally & spoke so clearly that I could always understand her. Karen has a beautiful smile and was so pleasant and upbeat. I looked forward to seeing her report the news. I’m very upset to hear she was asked to leave.

  31. Lionel says:

    I still miss Katie Horner too. All the best to you.

  32. Bob Smith says:

    So sorry to see you removed from the anchor spot at KCTV 5. You were one of the few personalities that made KCTV 5 Weather palatable!

  33. Annette Deutsch says:

    It just goes to show you that there is no accounting for crazy and ignorant. It was probably a money thing because this country is run by greed. I will say this, if you did ask for a raise, those idiots who run the station should have given it to you because you were, and are, more than worth it. I hope those who made the decision get to read these messages. They truly do not know what the viewers want and it is not some young girl right out of college (she looks like she is 12 and she doesn’t make a good partner for Brad). You are such a good broadcaster and one we could trust in. There will be other doors that open for you but we will miss you so much. God bless you and your family.

  34. KCTVViewer says:

    Well I see there is a new news anchor at KCTV 5 (Ellen McNamara)who replaces Karen. Karen was an excellent anchor and I don’t understand why she was replaced. I think news channels need to take a close look at their discrimination policies. Obviously older men are allowed to continue their careers, while, it seems, older mature women are not wanted and are simply discarded. I am guessing that the station has “other” reasons for letting an anchor go, just like any other business can manifest reasons to let an employee go.

    Has KCTV5 thought about actually taking a poll of their viewers to determine what we want? I want an anchor I can count on. Someone who is consistent, is a part of the community, and has been around here for some time. Maybe KCTV5 needs to take another poll and see how many viewers they have lost over this decision. I know I will be looking elsewhere for my news.

  35. Billie Aye says:

    I loved watching you, Karen, and I’m so sorry you are GONE! I kept thinking you were just on vacation…..I wish!!!

  36. Joel Trubble says:

    Once again, kctv5 has shown a lack of class and honor. Karen Fuller is a classy professional who is too good to be treated in such a manner.
    Best Wishes to a Class Act; you will land on your feet somewhere better.

  37. Susan McCurdy says:

    I too thought maybe you were on an extended vacation or leave. As mentioned above – the testament of what a great job you did is reflected by how many people are trying to find out where you are! I so enjoyed your news cast and hope to be able to follow you to another station. Do keep us posted somehow on your opportunities. I’ve lost my enthusiasm for KCTV5 now after watching it for 10 years (when I moved here).

  38. Sandra Stawinski says:

    Karen, you are sorely missed. I agree with all the comments regarding TV5. Best wishes for you and your family. We were loyal TV5 watchers not anymore. My husband does not like the weatherman. We have loved watching you and miss you! Thanks for the years that you were there for us!!

  39. Jim holden says:

    Sorry that Karen was dumped for younger face Caroline better now hold her breath.

  40. Cathy says:

    Sorry to see Karen Fuller is gone. Don’t like her replacement – not much personality. I wish Karen the best of luck, no one deserves to be treated like that.

  41. Kathy Mainville says:

    I really enjoyed viewing KCTV5 in the evening because I really liked Karen and Brad together. I still like to see Brad, but there is a big hole in the new anchor desk without Karen Fuller. She is a great journalist, and I miss her soooooooo much. Get a grip KCTV5 execs. You made a huge mistake in removing her.

  42. Paige says:

    I’m missing you more than ever now that I have no other choice to watch Fox. Omg! You were the reason I loved KCTV5, and then letting you go has caused me to dislike them. I wrote an email to KCTV5, and of course I haven’t received a response. Sometimes people don’t realize how good you are till you’re gone, and this is definitely the case!!! We will miss you!

    • Donna Didde says:

      The way female news anchors are treated so unfairly, I think it would make women journalists apprehensive of entering into television news media careers. The networks seem fickle and competitive to unreasonable degrees.
      Seems like the employees would be constantly worried about holding their jobs, never knowing from one day to the next if they have what the expectations are from the network directors.

  43. Pat Holtsclaw says:

    We were still wondering what happened to Karen Fuller. Nothing was said and boom, she was gone. TV 5 was our favorite station to watch but will change to another one. They just seemed to throw away females on this station. I understand that Anne Peterson lost her son in an accident but had a problem with the station too. Good Luck to your new chapter in the book of life.

  44. Mary Spohn says:

    Wondered why I hadn’t seen you lately…so surprised you are gone!! You are definitely missed!! God bless you and your family…and good luck in whatever you plan to do/are doing…I know that everyone can be replaced, but you were one of the reasons I watched Channel 5!!

  45. Anne Roberts says:

    No, Karen! The way they treated you was totally wrong. Of course, you responded with grace and class, unlike those in charge at KCTV. I tend to watch different news channels throughout the evening to get different slants on news and news from different areas of the city, but I always would watch you and Brad at six. Now, the new person (who looks just like a younger clone of you and not that much younger-looking as that) is put in such a difficult spot. She acts (and probably is) nervous, especially having to follow such a wonderful person as yourself. You will definitely be missed and will also be able to count your blessings that you’re no longer there. Especially if this is the way they treat women there.

  46. Len says:

    My wife’s response really expresses the feelings of everyone that we know. She said, “How could any one be so mean to do this to such a fine and loveable person as Karen. She was credit to TV5 and to Kansas City. It breaks my heart that they would humiliate anyone like they did. What kind of manager and owners would allow such treatment of any employee. I hope her lawyers ‘break the bank’.”

    Ms. Fuller, thank you what brought to your profession and Kansas City. Your departure is, without question, Kansas City’s loss. You, indeed , deserved better. While the manner in which you were “dismissed” may have been painful and perhaps humiliating, you are, at least, now away from a toxic environment. I suspect contractual/legal encumbrances prevents your speaking as candidly as you wish. However, your class accompanies your beauty. I wish you noting less than the very best and sincerely believe you will find yourself on-camera. Hmmm, your own production company? Please, be well and happy!!

  48. Ben says:

    Poor excuse for a journalist, not to mention the face lift. Everyone in the bizz, she should be very happy she survived 10 years beyond the expiration date.

  49. Randy O says:

    I had boycotted KCTV5 for many years because of Katie Horner so I missed many of Karen’s years at the anchor desk. when KMBC 9 dumped Joel Nichols and Lisa Teachman I dumped watching them and started watching Channel 5 again. Karen seemed to do a great job then they dumped her. I wish her the best.

  50. Deb K says:

    KCTV5 really has a lot of nerve running their segment on women being grossly under paid after the way they treated Karen. I have no idea why she was ‘escorted out’ but I truly miss her. Ellen has some huge shoes to fill. Hopefully she and the teleprompter will get coordinated soon. I don’t want to disparage her but why KCTV5 think she is a good fit for someone who is polished, professional and loved by viewers is beyond me. Poor judgment on executive’s part if they feel they’ve made an improvement. I feel badly for Karen over the way she was treated and for Ellen being ill equipped to follow the best. Best wishes to Karen in her future endeavors.

  51. Whaa? says:

    I’m not a fast study so it took awhile to notice why my TV comfort level had dropped. Karen, I always looked forward to spending time with you in the evenings. Then, when the local World Series coverage was done on 5, it was a treat to find you there, too. You will have no problem with another station but, hopefully, it will be in the KC area. Best regards and wishes!

  52. Jay Carnay says:

    Everyone knows the definition of Channel 5 is synonymous with LOW RENT. No one should be surprised at their antics. Fox 4 has KC’s best anchor in Phil Witt; KMBC 9 has the best weatherman in Brian Busby and KSHB 41 has the best sportscasters in Jack Harry and Frank Boal. That leaves Channel 5 as the Hot Dog channel–when Channel 5 comes on, it’s time to go get a hot dog. Good luck Karen Fuller–your class made you way out of place at Channel 5.

  53. Pat Carlson says:

    I didn’t much like Karen Fuller when she started at Ch. 5; but, she grew on me. I came to prefer watching her. So, I was surprised when the station dumped her.

    The new gal is horrible. She comments on every news story, even the ones she reads! She probably has been told to do so; indeed, the comments may be scripted. Such comments add nothing to the “news” and they aren’t entertaining; so, I’m not sure why she is making them.

    Brad Stevens is going down the tubes with her. The Rant is a good p.r. idea; it gives the impression that the station is listening to its viewers. Some of the comments are insightful. But, Stevens unnecessarily gives his two cents, unless the comments touch on a controversial topic, in which case he says nothing.

    Also, on two different 10 p.m. news casts, Stevens said, “I am so tired of hearing about Deflate-gate!” Really, Brad? Then why are you reporting on it? Why are you anchoring a “news” cast which continues to report on it?

  54. Manny Corrales says:

    Ms Karen Fuller
    When I got home from a 2 week vacation, I turned my TV on 2 the channel 5 news and c u I ask ed friend if u had went on vacation and was u were out cause they let go I have since stopped watching 5 news and as a lot of people stopped. Let the public know where u are and the channel and we r their. Manny

  55. TJ Hawver says:

    It’s months later and I’m still in shock!! It just takes ms back to losing Anne, Dana, Katie & now Karen (of course Sandra Olivas too)! KCTV continues to lose the loyalty & dedication of us. I guess when we (women) reach 40, we start to get the “side eye” accompanied with the powers that be having urges to nudge us closer to the edge (out the door). Then should we reach 60, watch the hand or foot prints on our backs as their urge becomes overwhelming and actions take over!!
    Karen, the next door that opens, will open WIDE. Mine Did!

  56. A. Burnett says:

    KCTV 5 is just not the same without Karen. We tried watching it again last night and it is not, and never will be the same. We have watched KCTV 5 exclusively for many many years, it was how we ended our day, but we will not continue watching. KCTV 5 has proven time and time again that older females are not welcome and will be replaced. Too bad, I guess in TV world men can get older, but women cannot. Karen’s replacement is not for the better. I want to watch someone who is seasoned, informative, professional.

  57. Rayma MacRae says:

    I was shocked to see you were gone. What a tragedy.. I am not watching channel 5 now that you are gone. You were a wonderful anchor and is greatly missed. I wish you the best in all your endeavors.

  58. Jodie Gerken says:

    So sad to see Karen is not on the air. Its just not the same, she had such a bubbly personality and was so enjoyable to watch. It seems so scripted anymore. No personality.
    The only one left I enjoy watching is Brad, but it is not the same without Karen. They seemed such a good fit. I am sure she will do amazing whatever she does. Hopefully we get to see her beautiful face again on tv soon

  59. Naomi Eads says:

    I no longer watch the KCTV news except for Carolyn Long. What were you thinking!

  60. dana says:

    I adored and trusted Karen, she is a class act!
    I will no longer watch channel 5 news, her replacement they have shoved down our throats
    Is fake to me. Karen, you were the best and I
    Miss you lots. God bless and take care!

  61. Janie Rosenberger says:

    I, like so many, was SHOCKED to find you missing. KCTV5 has been going downhill for a while due to poor choices like this. Please keep us informed as to where we can find, and follow you. I pray for your happiness and that of your family. Thank you for all you gave to us here in KC. You and Ann are greatly missed and have left big shoes fo fill. God bless you!

  62. Christine says:

    Your professionalism, caring persona, and communication skills are sorely missed. Like others, I no longer watch KCTV news even though I still like Brad,Chris (it’s not his fault about Katie!) and Carolyn but just cant watch the rest of that anchor team. what is going on over there? inept management, you think? You were the best Karen!

  63. Michelle says:

    The only time I watch KCTV5 now is the 4 o’clock hour when I know Carolyn will be on….for now. Ellen is robotic and emotionless and totally unremarkable while reporting the news. That makes sense because 20-something’s don’t watch the news! I want someone that has life experiences and I can relate to, to join me in my living room! She can spend some time getting seasoned as a reporter or behind the camera…work her way up the ladder like the rest of us!

  64. Jeff says:

    Really miss seeing you on the evening news.

  65. Rhonda says:

    I lived in northwest Arkansas when you were in Little Rock. I moved to the KC area shortly after you did. I had watched you faithfully all these years. Suddenly, you were gone. I am saddened by the events, and hopeful for your future.

  66. Jean says:

    Karen Fuller is doing the news in Cedar Rapids IA.

  67. Shea says:

    I missed Karen’s departure because I stopped watching KCTV5 after they dropped Katie Horner. When she went to St. Louis, the people there loved and embraced her. I don’t know what is wrong with people here or with KCTV5, but I don’t see the point of replacing a really good meteorologist with a mediocre one like Chris Suchan. I don’t like Mike Thompson, and Gary Lezak and Bryan Busby are okay but they’re not the same caliber as Katie. I get my weather from the weather channel now. If another KC TV station picks up Katie, that will be my new station.

  68. donald sims says:

    i will be glad to see you on tv again, it is their loss

    • Frances says:

      I am sorry to hear the news that you got rid of Karen. Well we don’t like Ellen McNamara. We hear her more then Brad. Be so glad when she is gone

  69. 5 IS HISTORY!
    Karen Fuller I miss her won’t watch 5 anymore 🙁

  70. Karen you are the only person I remember to this day that has suddenly left channel 5. I do wish you the very best. Channel 5 is known for letting people go and at short notice. I do hope you will stay in the business because I would definately go to that channel. Do not like McNamera at all. Poor Brad is lucky to get a word in at all. Channel 5 stinks now in my book.

    Karen miss you so much. I hope you go to a station so we can pick up where we left off. I will not watch 5 anymore. They stink. They are always letting people go and without reason. Poor Brad does not get a word in edge wise. I do not like McNamera. You will be missed so much.

  72. Diana Story says:

    Karen~ I am so excited when after living in Russellville Arkansas until 2008, saw you on the news.. again.. you are the best beautiful young lady ~ your big blue eyes are beautiful, just like you ~

      I still miss Karen Fuller, she was an excellent news anchor and a beautiful lady. I dislike the way Ellen McNamara has to make comments that she apparently thinks are cute and her attitude in general. Please bring Karen Fuller back.

  73. Jeff Hines says:

    KCTV5 OWES FAITHFULL VIEWERS A REASON WHY misses fuller was let go

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    The phone book coupon issue exploded locally and then nationally.  The local Catholic hospital in Lima was beyond upset.  People on both sides of the abortion issue agreed that offering a discount coupon for it was tacky.

    The phone company’s legal team initially was quick to point out it was perfectly legal for the abortion clinic to offer a coupon since abortions were legal.  But the average person did not care if the coupon was legal.  They thought it was tacky and insensitive.

    The company spokesman ignored the legalities of the message and instead profusely apologized to everyone for the offensive coupon. He promised controversial coupons would never find their way into the phone book again.   The message resonated and the furor died down in a few days.

    CEO Munoz blew his initial message, but a day later had developed a new, stronger one. It should have been his initial message.

    “The truly horrific event that occurred on this flight has elicited many responses from all of us: outrage, anger, disappointment. I share all of those sentiments, and one above all: my deepest apologies for what happened,” noted Munoz.

    After all the facts have come out about the incident some cooler heads have risen over the incident.  However, it will be tough to overcome the initial horrible publicity and a reported $255 million loss in stock value.



    Published April 12, 2017 at 3:25 pm - One Comment You’ve probably heard the slogan, “You never have a second chance to make a good impression.” The same is true in crisis communications.  When a crisis hits, as it did with United Airlines removing a passenger ...


    President Donald Trump has a rather unique way of dealing with the news media: He looks on the news media as needing him as much as he needs them.

    This tactic goes against everything media trainers (including us!) have preached for years. We have always stressed to our clients how to effectively work together with media outlets in order to get their message out to the public. We note it is important to provide information that the news media will want to use for a win-win situation.

    However, Trump, as a successful businessman, seems to look at things from a business perspective.  He understands that media conglomerates today operate the same way as Walmart or Exxon. He knows the media needs him for readers/listeners/ eyeballs. That means revenues for their bottom lines.

    He knows the media needs him for readers/listeners/eyeballs. They need him as much as he needs them.

    In years past journalists were heralded as individuals who worked hard to uncover issues and provide an honest examination of news. Yes, there was a business side to the media, but journalists were above the fray. A threat by a company to “pull its advertising” meant virtually nothing.

    That is not the case today.

    Literally thousands of high-quality journalists have been purged in the past decade over budget cuts. Reporters with specific beats such as banking, state government, telecommunications and others with intimate knowledge of those areas have been cut loose to improve media outlets’ bottom lines. It’s not a grand calling.  It’s just business.

    National Public Radio recently listed big digital media companies (LINK) and their myriad of ownerships. Potential conflicts of interest are routine. Verizon owns the Huffington Post which has attacked Trump relentlessly; Walt Disney owns ABC and ESPN; Time Warner owns CNN and TMZ.com; CBS owns book publisher Simon & Shuster.  In the newspaper

    In the newspaper business Forbes reports that 15 billionaires own America’s media outlets. They own them to make money, not necessarily quality journalism.

    With only 6% of the population trusting the news media, according to a recent Associated Press story, Trump’s attacks on the media also resonate with his base.  When he attacks CNN for doing “fake news” the network’s bottom line suffers.

    As an example, during his recent address to Congress Fox News led all coverage with 10.8 million viewers.  CNN came in at a paltry 3.9 million, with MSNBC the lowest among all cable channels at 2.7 million.  These numbers means millions of dollars of lost ad revenues.

    Yes, reporters hate Trump. Press coverage of him during his first 30 days in office was 88% hostile (Link).  But their bosses love the revenues he generates for them.

    It will be interesting to see if coverage of President Trump changes over time as media outlets’ bottom lines are impacted.









    Published March 2, 2017 at 8:46 pm - One Comment President Donald Trump has a rather unique way of dealing with the news media: He looks on the news media as needing him as much as he needs them. This tactic goes against everything media trainers (including us!) have preached f ...


    It has been called “appalling journalism.”

    That might be considered a positive comment regarding an editing trick inserted into a documentary on gun ownership that has come to light.

    Long-time NBC Today Show star and anchor at all three major networks, Katie Couric, now with Yahoo! News, is being severely criticized for highly questionable editing in her documentary titled “Under the Gun” after it was revealed an eight-second pause was inserted to make it look as if the people interviewed could not answer her question (LINK).

    Luckily for the individuals being interviewed, one person was wise enough to record the Q&A (LINK TO AUDIO). Otherwise, questioning the bubbly media icon would have been virtually impossible and fruitless.

    Couric was executive producer, host and narrator of the piece.  Anti-gun activist Stephanie Soechtig produced and directed it.

    In the documentary, a group of Virginia gun owners was asked by Couric: “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

    Not only did Couric/Soechtig insert a pause (8-10 seconds), but they also inserted “B” roll of the gun owners taken before the interview even began.  There is little doubt the editing was clearly designed to make it look as if Couric’s tough question made them speechless and uncomfortable.

    Couric is now calling the edit an “unnecessary mistake,” according to an individual with knowledge of her thinking (LINK).

    In an official statement, Soechtig countered, “my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on Americans’ opinions on background checks. I never intended to make anyone look bad and I apologize if anyone felt that way.”

    Couric now says she supports Soechtig’s statement “and am very proud of the film.” However, a few days later she admitted she regretted how she portrayed gun activists (LINK).

    However, the National Review and Washington Post now say Couric should be fired over the deliberate misrepresentation (LINK).

    This is a classic reason why at Bottom Line Communications we strongly advise clients to always record media interviews.  Without actual audio evidence (below) the Yahoo! crew would have denied inserting the pause.

    However, with the evidence journalism takes another huge credibility hit.


    Published May 29, 2016 at 8:30 am - 2 Comments It has been called “appalling journalism.” That might be considered a positive comment regarding an editing trick inserted into a documentary on gun ownership that has come to light. Long-time NBC Today Show star and ...


    In Journalism circles, having a degree from the University of Missouri was often a ticket for success. It is not only the nation’s oldest Journalism school, it is also one of the most prestigious.

    When rankings for the best “J” schools in the nation are posted the University of Missouri is almost guaranteed to be in the Top 10 or Top 5.  However, that may have all changed due to the actions of a single media professor during the recent student uprising at the school.

    A Mass Media Professor, Melissa Click, is shown in a video asking for “muscle” to remove a student photojournalist, Tim Tai,  who was working for ESPN and in a public place.   It is a horrible act by a college professor and shows a total disregard for the Journalist’s First Amendment rights, which is against what the school has taught for decades.

    “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here,” says Click.

    A video of Click’s actions against Tai has gone viral and has well over 500,000 views (LINK) on a single site.  The New York Times has written an extensive story about her actions.

    What was once a sympathetic media for the protesters has now changed with the actions of students and faculty against them.

    Technically some have pointed out Click works in the Mass Media Division of the Department of Communications in College of Arts & Sciences, which is separate from the J-school.  However, she is listed on the School of Journalism’s site (LINK), which tars the entire Journalism program whether it deserves it or not.

    Click had earlier Tweeted out that she she was looking for coverage of the event by Journalists.  Later on she is clearly leading the charge against other Journalists with total disregard for their rights to cover the event.

    With the resignation of the school’s President and Chancellor the University of Missouri is clearly being painted as a college where the inmates are running the asylum.   Rather than act like a Professor, Click and other faculty members have clearly shown they were behind the student protests against the administration.

    If the University of Missouri doesn’t hire a crisis communications team immediately its entire image for producing quality Journalism graduates could likely be tarnished forever. If the school was wise it already had a crisis communications plan in place for such an incident, but that is unlikely.

    The first move would be to remove Click. But that would be a stop-gap measure since a faculty member helping foment the disturbance was an indictment on all the faculty.  The school hired her, and whether tacitly or not, approved of her actions.

    A statement issued today by the Dean of the Journalism School denied she was part of the faculty and sounded as if her days as a professor at Missouri were numbered. Click has also been forced to apologize in an attempt to save her job and resigned her “courtesy” appointment to the J-School.

    However, a Kansas City reporter told BLC that the protesters are refusing to speak with local reporters and will only do interviews with national media outlets.  That is the kind of move that will turn sympathetic local media against them now and in the future.

    It’s a bad move.



    Published November 10, 2015 at 10:23 am - 5 Comments In Journalism circles, having a degree from the University of Missouri was often a ticket for success. It is not only the nation’s oldest Journalism school, it is also one of the most prestigious. When rankings for the best ...