April 6th, 2013
Jadiann Thompson

Jadiann Thompson, who has worked as a multi-media journalist/fill-in anchor at KPHO-TV in Phoenix since April 2011, will continue reporting duties while also anchoring the 6 p.m. news at 41 Action News, according to an announcement by Brian Bracco, Vice President and General Manager of KSHB/KMCI-TV.

Her first day on the air will be April 22.

Thompson will co-anchor the 6 p.m. news with veteran anchor Mark Clegg, who will also be anchoring the 4 p.m. news (starting Monday), the 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. news (all with Christa Dubill).

Thompson will be filling the big shoes of Elizabeth Alex at 6 p.m. with the veteran anchor leaving that post in February.

“It will be a challenge to sit in the same chair as a trusted name like Elizabeth Alex, but I plan to earn the viewers’ respect,” says Thompson. “I want to be someone you see not only behind the anchor desk, but in the community as well. I can’t wait to get started.”

In her career Thompson has been on the front lines of many breaking news events. She was there when Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made her final public appearance prior to stepping down from office, and has covered numerous stories involving Arizona’s hot-button immigration reform and controversial Sherriff Joe Arpaio.

She also spent two weeks in the middle of the Wallow fire, the largest wildfire in Arizona history.

“Jadiann has a great ability to connect with the viewer and will bring an infectious energy to KSHB-TV,” said KSHB News Director Carrie Hofmann.

Thompson grew up working at her father’s landscaping business in Northwest Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Arkansas, majoring in Broadcast Journalism and her first job out of college took her to Madrid, Spain, where she taught English as a second language. She also interned on Capitol Hill.

From there, she took her first job in the television business at KTWO-TV in Casper, Wyoming, quickly working her way up from Multimedia Journalist, to Executive Producer/Anchor for the weekday 5, 6 and 10 pm newscasts. She also spent time as Assistant News Director for the station.


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  1. matt says:

    She’s not related to Mike Thompson.
    Also KMBC hiring another Newscaster and KCTV5 a 5 Weather Person.
    Mark gets to do all Evening Newscast so if they add anymore like lets say 9pm to 10pm,5:30pm,6:30pm,10:30pm on KMCI Dubill/Thompson as Anchors because other near by have 2 Ladies Co-Anchoring Newscast in the Evenings and KOMU has done it in the Mornings and KMBC/FOX4KC in the Evenings and FOX4 in the Evenings with Holt/Witt.

  2. Jim says:

    She’ll soon replace Dubill. Christa is an egomanical witch.

  3. Glenn Quagmire says:


  4. Laszlo the buzz says:


    I’d love to see her with Jiao Jioa. Throw in some Christa Dubill, that would be delicious.

  5. mike t. says:

    someone explain to me, please, why with the exception of accommodating elizabeth alex, do they have this new gal scehduled for just the 6, but all the rest have dubill. what is it, dubill’s lunch hour? beginning to think kshb is in disarray.

    • Nick says:

      ‘beginning to think kshb is in disarray.’

      you’re only -just- beginning to think this? :) KSHB’s been in trouble for a long time. Clearly with the choices in their recent hires, it isn’t getting any better. I wonder if Bracco is regretting his choice of going to 41…

  6. LeeAnn Fyten says:

    Strange name is all I can say. She looks to be a pleasant journalist. I refuse to watch KMBC because of Lara Moritz and her facial expressions-she is awful!!!

  7. Curtis Jay says:

    Now all they need to do is get rid of Jaja or whatever her name is on the am broadcast

  8. LAC says:

    Hottest Girl on KC TV !!!!!!!!

  9. larry burns says:

    Welcome to kansas city!! God Bless!

  10. Suzie king says:

    My husband & I absolutely love Christa Dubill!

  11. belle says:

    We started watching 9 news this month. Enough of the giggly blondes who have to touch Gary all the time.

  12. Susan says:

    I have watched KSHB for many years, but have recently turned the channel. We cannot stand Jadiann Thompson and her over the top, giddy, ebullient chatter. I cannot imagine her reporting on a news story of any gravity or importance. She is not a good fit with the other members of the six o’clock news team and sticks out like a sore thumb. Her attempts at “banter” are cringe worthy and verge on “cutsey”. Why not bring in Amy Hawley, Lindsey Shivley or Cynthia Newsome and let this newbie be a field reporter for a few years? She has ruined one of the most solid, credible local news teams in Kansas City. Pity.

  13. Belle says:

    Love KSHB. Loved Elizabeth Alex. This woman with the strange name can’t hope to replace her. I enjoy the Clegg/Dubill team.

  14. Sage says:

    Seriously cannot stand watching Jadiann. She is so into herself and thinks she’s hotter than hot. I watched her videos from when she visited Thailand. I was shocked to hear her use a normal voice! Her reporter voice is so fake and overdone. Blah!

  15. Kevin says:

    I think the last two posters couldn’t be more wrong. Jadiann was in Phoenix and our loss was KC’s gain. When was being beautiful a bad thing, especially when the person is genuine and very well spoken. My wife and I think that Jadiann is on the fast track and the sky is the limit for her. She has a great look and takes pride in her appearance and craft.

  16. Kearney says:

    Mark Clegg is an empty suit whose every broadcast seems like an attempt to convince the audience that English is his second language. Jadiann only makes their broadcast worse. Her croaking Britney Spears impersonation is maddening and only serves to remind me of how immature she is. Please give Amy Hawley or Christa Dubill some more time on the desk. They are the only ones at KSHB who can consistently read a teleprompter without stumbling over every other word.

  17. Chris says:

    I hate listening to her. Her speech is forced and affected.
    When she is on I turn it.

  18. George Kovats says:

    In my opinion, Jadiann is a great addition to the team. She’s not only beautiful, but fresh, spontaneous, and often funny. I’m sick of these local news anchors who take themselves so seriously. Loosen up, have a little fun, be genuine. I think she’s all those things and has great potential. Excellent hire KSHB, she’s the only reason I watch the show. Sounds like I might have a crush on her, which I do a little, but that’s all part of the fun. Let’s face it, local news in general is a joke no matter what station you watch.

  19. Judy Johnston says:

    Please, please, please, put somebody else on at 6:00 p.m. instead of Jadiann! Love the other team, but turn her off until Gary comes on at 6:17. Somebody told her she was cute and she believed it!

  20. Will Benton says:

    Jadianne is horrible please get rid of her

    Hey Jadianne: Half your viewers (at least) are from Missouri and support Mizzou! The airport, Chiefs and Royals, and THE city is in Missouri. What an insult to all of us for you to say “Don’t kill the messenger” when you report Mizzou is ranked above KU. Abject sincere apology on air required.

  22. lori agron says:

    I wish they would get rid of jadianne when she is on I turn to another station. She is sooo into herself. No wonder mark clegg left.

  23. Bob Atchity says:

    Dubill is very professional, my compliments for having her on your team.

  24. joe says:

    Jadiann talks very weird, like really nasally. Almost like a nerd would talk. Think Professor frink from Simpson’s. Maybe she has bad allergies

  25. Patti says:

    I can’t believe Jadiann has lasted as long as she has. My daughter walked in the room the other day while I had the news on, started laughing and said, “She sounds like a duck!” I bet if you count her mis-pronunciations and stutters and mis-phrasing (which makes it very hard to understand the point) her mistakes are at least 10 percent of what she says. I watch kshb to see Gary’s forecast and I just CRINGE at her. The giggling, the ridiculous voice, and the inability to actually read the news– WHY? I cannot believe she got a degree in broadcast journalism and this is the result.

  26. Jason W says:

    When is this girl going to leave? She’s awful…is she dating someone at the station or something? I can’t think of any other reason this girl was hired or is still there.

  27. Jimbo Jumbalaya says:

    I want KaaCee McDonald on 24/7.

    Please show Krista “Have you heard about
    this?” Butterball out to pasture.

    Crimany just read the darn news. And keep your
    head still. And don’t shake your head disapprovingly,
    and sometimes for no reason. And get your hair outta your face. And
    don’t wear orange. Can you say pumpkin?

    I’d watch another news program but they
    are truly horrible. Phil Twit and others.
    But Lezak is the best weather. And Jack
    Harry hates Kansas as much as I do. So
    I’ve nowhere to go.

    Even Judy Ann is better.

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