August 27th, 2012
Lisa Holbrook

Kelly Jones


KCTV will be bringing back Lisa Holbrook to join former morning co-anchor Kelly Jones as hosts of its new local lifestyle show “Better Kansas City” that will debut Monday, (9/10)  at 9 a.m. on the CBS affiliate.

The “Better” format is similar to ones at other Meredith-owned stations such as “Better Portland,” “Better Arizona” and “Better Las Vegas.” “Better KC will take over the time period currently occupied by “Live With Kelly.” Ripa’s show will move to Fox 4, which will air it at 10 a.m. opposite “KC Live.”

Holbrook returns to Kansas City after working at KWGN-TV in Denver as a weekend sports anchor/reporter.  From 1995 to 2005, she worked  at KSHB as a news and sports anchor/reporter/producer. She covered the Chiefs, Royals and area college teams.

A graduate at The Ohio State University, she worked in Washington D.C., North Carolina, West Virginia and Syracuse, NY, before coming to Kansas City in 1995. She is married.

Jones joined KCTV in April 2010 as the co-anchor with Greg Adaline on “It’s Your Morning” and as the “KCTV News at Noon” anchor. Adaline was replaced in about a year by Matt Stewart.  The team of Alexis Del Cid and David Hall were4 brought in this month as the station’s new morning show hosts.

Before joining KCTV5, Jones was the morning show reporter at KFMB-TV in San Diego. Her news career began in Yuma, AZ. where she anchored the morning and noon newscasts at KYMA-TV. She later was the main anchor at KSVI in Billings, MT.

A Michigan native and single mother of two, she is a graduate of Wayne State University.

17 Responses

  1. Browan says:

    Why is that Matt Stewart was cut and left Kelly Jones coming from this cut with another failing show? What is wrong with his picture? are the viewers missing something?

  2. LAC says:

    Good Luck Kelly !!!!!!

    I agree Matt was Excellent, and SO ARE YOU !!!

    Why all these RACIST haters ???????

    kctv 5 must be a RACIST station !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Scott Simon says:

    That’s about the right position for Lisa Holbrook, puff TV shows. A very weak anchor and reporter.

  4. Lazlo says:

    Hopefully Kelly will do another cheerleading segment.

  5. \Dont let the door... says:

    We all know that Kelly was “let go” from her anchor position. She is a high maintenance Diva who did nothing but cause trouble and drop the ratings. Color has nothing to do with it. Not even her new weave will save this show from drowning just like our competitor at KSHB. KC does not need these types of shows. They are boring. And if they insist, they should be more careful in their selection of hosts. Annoying,pretentious non talented hosts only guarantee that the show will fail. This is the plan. It fails and they have to let Kelly go. That way, the NAACP can’t come after us. Can’t wait to hear your review John. You are always spot on.

  6. In the know says:

    After getting demoted to this stupid new show, Kelly Jones is trying to move back home. Please don’t wait much longer Kelly,your time here is over. We are sick of seeing you out at every event, acting like a big diva that you are. You have burned way too many bridges in this town, not just with people at our station, but with local business owners, charity groups, etc.
    We all see through the fake act. You are all about yourself and care NOTHING about anyone else. GET OUTTA HERE- you are not wanted anymore.

  7. LAC says:

    Kelly, IGNOR these past two LOSERS, who cannot see a true professional !!!

    Losers and wannabe’s always whine like little baby’s when they themselves cannot do their OWN position well !!!!

    So… “in the know” and high maintenance” go blow , because you have very clogged pipes and know NOTHING about Quality personnel !!!!

    Now go whine and cry in the corner please, just like the little children you really are !!!

    Give’em HELL Kelly !!!!!! You and Matt Were THE BEST IN KC… Not kctv’s morning show has gone down the toilet for GOOD !

  8. Lisa says:

    I recently saw the show and I must say; it was very weak. Kelly is very controlling and insecure, I can tell by the way she continues to look down in shame at her co-host and the way she talks. This show is very poorly done, don’t know how long it will last. Kelly darling get rid of the wack weave job, be yourself darling.


    I would personally like to address the anti Kelly Jones viewers who posted the comments in this segment. If you people had the ambition to get out of your ruts and off of your butts then you’d accomplish something similar to the success that Kelly Jones has had here in K.C. as well as the international successes that she achieved before she arrived here in KC. Her level of professionalism and charisma has won you people over, but no amount of this can cut through the jealousy that some of you men feel because you will never get close to a woman of her caliber, and you jealous females can neither rival nor equal what Kelly is as a woman and a working professional journalist. Get over it.
    Kelly, congratulations and best wishes for continued success here or wherever you go. And for the rest of the channel 5 team, keep up the good work in delivering unbiased journalism and news reporting.

  10. Shae says:

    Tv5 just can’t seem to get it together. Alexis Del Cid and David Hall are just plain awful. That was nothing wrong with Kelly Jones paired with Greg Adaline or Matt Stewart , or the Anchors before them. Now Kelly is paired with Lisa Holbrook. What I want to know is who does their hair , makeup and clothes? They look like two prostitues who just got off from work and wonder into a studio. Shame!! !! They’re both nice looking women.

  11. stewart says:

    This is the worst show. I hate it that the 3rd hour of the Today show was replaced by this show!!!! There is nothing good about the hosts of this show & the different segments of the show are just boring!!!!!!!

  12. dlee says:

    Kelly Jones can project professionalism and credibility by getting rid of half a pound of make-up and dress “journalistic” appropriate!
    You cannot expect to be taken seriously while dressed and made up to go “clubbing”!
    If you want to wear dresses that end at your hip bone then ADD a tall desk to the set with a covered front! Least you think this comment comes from jealousy..stop there! I have fabulous legs and know exactly when & how to display them! Time to grow up girl or take your sticht to a market tolerable of your “look” aka:Vegas. But remember the clock ticks so you better figure out what you want in your future.

  13. Barry Morrison says:

    Kelly,obviously the Star of the Show,you will go far as your dreams!Everyone starts somewhere….K.C. is a good place to start! Hang in there and the best of luck to you…When the time comes,you can move on. Great to have you on K.C. tv!

  14. lynne lehman says:

    This show is BORING.! Unfortunately Jones is wayyyyyy too phony and Holbrook looks drunk.

  15. Theresa says:

    Have to give a thumbs down for this show…Not sure what kinda look these ladies are going for but the hair and make-up are hideous..Not the best subjects discussed.. trying to be nice ..by not using harsh words…mine and others on my fb wall opinion.

    Sorry ladies..

  16. Glowing says:

    What is with Lisa Holbrook’s hair??????????

  17. Mike says:

    Kelly, I absolutely love how you’ve taken “Better Kansas City” to a new higher level…you’re doing an amazing job!!!

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