December 6th, 2012
Mark Alford

Should Fox 4′s smarmy morning anchor Mark Alford be fired for reportedly referring to folks in San Francisco as “San Fran-Sicko(s)?

At least one gay activist in Kansas City believes so and has created a Facebook page titled MarkAlfordMustBeFired and issued a news release calling for Alford to be fired.

Alford refused to comment to Bottom Line regarding the situation.

“Kansas City’s WDAF FOX 4 affiliate news anchor Mark Alford followed a morning news story regarding a nudist event in San Francisco, C.A., and following a video interview of two men who appeared to be involved in an LGBT activity, Alford concluded the segment stating “San Fran-Sicko(s),” says a news release issued Wednesday.

“It is my opinion that Alford should be fired. Is it in our best interest to continue to let this bigoted behavior occur go with accountability? Can we accept yet another apology for such behavior; especially from a news anchor that injects personal opinion on the news objective, and in such a cruel manner. The LGBT population deserves justice and retribution for this outrage.”

On the Facebook page a person identified as Mark Ferbet says he sent this note to FOX 4 via its Problem Solvers contact line:

Local News Anchor Mark Alford makes LGBT slur on news program, and Fox 4 News has ignored the outcry. Has allowed this ignorant individual to keep his job, and is insensitive to LGBT issues. Since I can not contact the management directly, as you have no place for that here on your website. I, and other outraged citizens of the Kansas City Metro area will continue to use whatever platform we have to get Management’s attention about this.
Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Kansas City’s WDAF FOX 4 affiliate news anchor Mark Alford followed a morning news story regarding a nudist event in San Francisco, C.A., and following a video interview of two men who appeared to be involved in an LGBT activity, Alford concluded the segment stating “San Fran-Sicko(s)”. Not only was Mark Alford’s use of the term “San Fran-Sicko(s)” rude, it was a direct attack on the citizens of that City, and the LGBT community, based on the story that was being played.
Mark Alford has a history of making really stupid and ignorant remarks, and Fox 4 News has continued to allow this childish behavior on their “coveted” morning show. Opinions such as Mark’s have no place in the news… unless of course you are trying to be a product of FOX NEWS, which places your entire organization as suspect of having an agenda beyond reporting the news fairly and unbiased.
An apology from Mark Alford for his Rude comment on air should be mandatory. At the very least… his removal from your morning programming would improve the overall morning news show.
Mark Ferbet

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  1. Orphan of the Road says:


    Many in the gay community in San Francisco are appalled at this behavior themselves. They support the legislation too.

    An unfortunate remark, for sure.

    Capped-teeth and good hair are the basic requirements for TV journalism.

    Both Marks should reflect on the wisdom below.

    The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. H.L. Mencken

  2. BillthePainter says:

    Lots of people use that term….because San Francisco is full of strange people, not just LBGT people. I’ve heard that term used repeatedly on the radio and other places in the public domain.

    It sounds like this person is LOOKING to be offended. It also sounds like this person needs to get a life, a job, a hobby, SOMETHING!

    Get over yourself!

    My suggestion for an “apology:” “I’m sorry you’re so sensitive.”

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    I’m sure the term “San Fran-sickos” has been used many times in recent years as BillthePainter suggests, but personally I’m rather tired of Alford’s antics on Fox 4 and think it’s time for a change over there, especially if he’s unwilling to make a comment to Bottom Line or other sites with respect to the situation at hand.
    The Fox mantra is “we report, you decide,” so by golly, report, and that means keeping your personal feelings to yourself while you’re on the air.

    • Dennis Vaughn says:

      As usually happens you are mixing up Fox News and Fox network affiliates. Fox 4′s slogan is not “We Report, You Decide” and it would be wonderful if you got your facts straight before you start piling on anyone else.

  4. Zack says:

    I’d fire anyone working for me that expressed an opinion that the behavior in exhibited in San Francisco is acceptable.

  5. Sick of Alford says:

    As Mark has been pointed out before on the Fox 4 Morning page on Facebook, he likes to pick on groups of people. It totally goes against their ad campaign that started after Don Harmon killed himself. Their “You Matter” campaign.
    As it appears to be for Mark it means You Matter, unless I feel like making fun of you then it’s fair game and I don’t give a crap how you feel about it.

    • lh says:

      I agree . If someone disagrees with the perverted life styles in ” san fran sissyco ” then all the lgbt losers pile on . God destroyed 2 cities because of this lifestyle . Judgement over the whole Earth is very close .

  6. tom says:

    Mark may be a pain in the ass but at least tells it like it is

  7. Rick Nichols says:


    Dennis, so instead of “We report, you decide,” let’s try “Working hard for you” as Fox 4′s slogan, in which case Mr. Alford needs to be reporting the news rather than opining about it as he has a tendency to do. Hey, Fox 4 is free to do an editorial segment by the GM at the end of the show just like KMBC used to do when Wayne Godfrey (I think I have the man’s name right) was there.

  8. Nick says:

    Ridiculous. An anchor woman in Ohio was fired for making similarly homophobic remarks; on her *Facebook*, no less. Mark better watch himself and hope he still has a job after a while. Personally, I don’t care what the anchor’s personal beliefs are, but don’t be shoving them into everyone else’s face.
    You’re SUPPOSED to be as neutral and unbiased as possible for a reason, so keep your views and opinions to yourself and just give me the news.

  9. Mark says:

    As my FB post has been listed here, I want to point out that I believe in Freedom of Expression/Speech. What I find offensive is that Alford continues to speak negative and offensive comments on air, and apparently the Management of Fox 4 do not care.

    Fox 4 News in Kansas City has really continued to fall as far as quality is concerned, and it does not surprise me that they allow Mark Alford so much freedom. Instead of providing fair and balanced reporting, their morning show has become the punch line of a bad joke.

    I will be watching KMBC Channel 9 and encouraging others to walk away from Fox 4 until they make some significant changes.
    -Mark F

    • Person2 says:

      Mark did you see the sweeps results for the November period? Fox4 improved dramatically over their previous period.

      News in general has been falling in this market for years. KMBC used to be able to pull double digit numbers in the ratings and towered above their competitors. Now, they are lucky to pull a 6 and beat out the competition.

      If you are wanting the news without a bias, modern journalism is not for you.

  10. Jess says:

    I hate to say it, but this is really not a big deal. I mean this happened a couple days ago and there are only 57 people in that FB group. Not a lot of outrage.

  11. Rich says:


    I don’t believe this is an LGBT slur at all. There are gays and lesbians in every city in the US. I’m guessing the comment wasn’t aimed at the LGBT community but at the strange behavior for which San Francisco is well known.

    San Francisco is thought to be the most liberal city in the US, attracting such extreme behavior that it essentially has become a freak show. This has everything to do with personal behavior and nothing to do with personal sexual preference. One only has to look at the decisions of the Ninth Circuit of the US District Court (based in San Francisco) to see that many of the folks in San Francisco really seem to be on another planet.

    Should Mark report the news rather than providing commentary on it? Probably so. But the entire persona of the Fox4 Morning Show is built on a mix of reporting, commentary and personal insights that make it a unique product.

  12. mark smith says:


    Looks like 59 friends on the fire Mark page. Given the tone and language on the page in question, I’m surprised Mark’s comment offended them. It’s become common practice these days for people to use facebook to bully their agenda through. This fire Alford facebook page is just another example of someone looking to be offended.

  13. GET A GRIP
    Are there not homeless people, orphaned, abused, neglected children that need our attention and care other than all the haggling over this? Really people? Get a grip on what is really most important!!! Real suffering; real suffering people need help and not the analysis of every little word said on tv or radio.

  14. Joey says:

    If you don’t like the comment, then change the channel. Quit crying just because you don’t like what someone stated.

  15. danielle says:

    Get over it and move on with yourself. Anyone can take a comment and bend it into a soapbox. Try taking a deep breath. Maybe you should be fired for being an idiot.

    I quit watching that station in the morning, primarily due to Mark Alford’s right wing crap. If individuals maintain their political beliefs, that is fine. But local news on television is not the proper place. Alford’s commentary were political jabs, they were not part of any news item, Mark and sometimes sidekick, DH, would make some very offensive remarks. Mark needs to go. Go back to Texas and resume your ways amongst your own.

  17. SouthsideDave says:

    Grow a set – jeez.

    With all the problems going on, you’re going to get bent over something some goof said on a local morning news show ?

    Your priorities are all screwed up.
    San Francisco has had that image long before Alford came along.
    Use that wasted energy on something constructive.

  18. Jon DeWitt says:

    You all have no clue the context is how it was said. I know Mark, personally, and this isn’t a homosexual dig. It’s the fact that nudity, and sitting on public property, is disgusting.

    If you are in a homosexual relationship, that’s cool. But you better get some thicker skin when it comes to comments that aren’t even pointed at your sexuality.

    Grow up!

  19. Cindy says:

    Perhaps the “special” people that felt so insulted should take their thumbs out of their mouths and grow up…

  20. Jane says:

    I agree with Danielle..relax you are assuming that Alford was making a comment about LGBT. I have also heard the San Fransico reference from others. Just change the channel.

  21. Lance says:

    The way I see it there are a few in the Gay community that have to drive a point. Ok Alford made a call but look at the story, good grief, Fire him if he is the only one that thinks Frisco is A NORMAL COMMUNITY that went out in the 60s with haight ashbury, and the “free love” if the gay community ever wants to be taken seriously realize just like you others may stumble in life’s walk. So don’t get all up in their face, educate them on why your culture is acceptable or should be taken seriously.
    Mr Wussow has an agenda, he wants to be a politician, because back in ’04 he had his teeth capped too. So he’s ready to go to Washington, he should probably start by going to San Francisco, I was raised there and there is a sect and a culture that is flat out obscene. The correct word is sick. And San Fransicko was started by Mayor Daly.. Now go back I you hole and lighten up.

  22. john says:

    I have a gay son. My wife & I enjoy Mark’s boldness. It adds some spice to the morning news selection. We discuss & laugh about his ad libs often. He has always been this way, a Baptist Texan. What you see is what you get. I doubt that my son would have been offended. He probably would have agreed. I am a conservitive libertarain that votes Republican. I love my son. I have NO PROBLEM!! with Mark. I agree, public nudity should not exist on public seating, etc. It is disgusting.

  23. David says:

    JOHN 3:16
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  24. renee says:

    Wow… I watch this morning show, and personally love them. They make the morning time fun while reporting the news. So many people these days are so damn sensitive and people could lose their jobs over some crazy stuff… If people weren’t so sensitive and take things way to far, the world would be a much stronger place… Wow, people… Get over YOURSELVES first, then worry about others..

  25. renee says:

    Ummm, and furthermore…after RE reading this, it states he was conducting an interview about NUDISTS, not LGBT in particular. That they only “appeared” to be involved. But again, the story was about nudists, so, again… Way toooo sensitive there buddy. I don’t believe he should apologize at this point.

  26. Tim says:

    WOW, the homosexuals are really ticked off about this.

    Except the story was about naked butts on public seats.

    I have been to San Francisco…it is Sicko!

  27. LAC says:

    mark alford is AWFUL, regardless of his remarks ! He stumbles, studders and SCREWS up every day ! He may be a nice guy, no reason to not believe that, but he is NOT cut out for TV.

    He is without a doubt THE WORST males TV person in Kansas City and he IS the reason I NEVER watch WDAF in the morning, just AWFUL !

  28. Jan says:

    Seriously? I heard Marks comment, all I thought was he was commenting on public nudity!! If this comment meant more to you then GET OVER IT! Change the channel! This group trying to get a person fired is ridiculous! We will continue to watch Fox 4, and enjoy Mark Alford!

  29. Mark says:

    What pettiness….grow up people.

  30. Tammy says:

    I think mark alford and the fox 4 team are the funniest, most imformative ppl ever, they make watching the depressing state of our daily news worth tuning into. Its fun to start the day laughing with the fox crew. If u don’t like them change the damn channel and stop bitching, that’s why u have 200 channels to watch these days so channel surf until u find something else to gripe about, I’m guessing it won’t take u long.. idiot..

  31. Pam says:

    Bottom line, Mark has a lot of poor qualities and ruins the morning show…Thank God for Lauren Halifax, she saves his a$$ all the time…

  32. Donnie Leger says:

    I’m gay and from Kansas City I watch Fox 4 everyday. I love Mark Alford he needs a raise and his own talk show!!!

  33. Brian says:

    Mark Alford and the Fox 4 morning crew is awesome. Get a life.


    I feel Hes good at What he does he got freedom of speech he does his job Well haters

  35. Charles Henry says:

    It has been a great week without Mark Alford. Delighted he is on vacation and I hope he is looking for another job. I get so tired of his negative attitude about everything. I wish he would keep his comments to himself and just read the news. The afternoon and evening news is terrific. Time for Mark to go.

  36. John Doe says:

    I personally am tired of people that have chosen a lifestyle of same sex gratification, expecting the rest of the country to kiss their feet. If I chose to gratify myself sexually with a horse, no one would give me any respect. Homosexuality is just an excuse for a deviant behavior.

  37. MaryBeth says:

    I think that it is a refreshing change of pace to have news anchors on who aren’t afraid to speak their mind. Isn’t that one of the greatest things about our country? Freedom of Speech. Every news program tries to shove their one-sided view points down your throat. To fire every person who offends is putting waaay too much control on our liberties. Change the channel and get over yourself!

  38. John Doe says:

    Well said Mrs. Alford!

  39. Darlene says:

    Mark Alford is great! I have enjoyed Fox 4 for over 3 years. This team has been through a lot together. Go take up a cause with someone else and let Fox 4 do what they are best at; “bringing us a first class news program”!
    Thank you Fox 4 team you are all appreciated!

  40. Deborah Crumpley says:

    Mark Alford is very condescending to everyone on his news team. He is sarcastic and he is not professional. He tries to be funny but comes off as a jerk. He makes fun of his team. He is an ass. He used to tap his glasses while others spoke. How rude! Get rid of him and let Nick Vaso’s take over! I think the whole management team needs overhauled!

  41. Tom Zammar says:

    Mark should be fired but it has nothing to do with these remarks. He is absolutely terrible. He looks so out of place. He looks off screen. He talks to people off screen. He stumbles through his broadcast. He is so poor that I will no longer watch the station. If his show were done as a part of a high school media production class, he would fail the course. Unbelievable that they keep him on the air.
    I feel sorry for Lauren and Kaylee who have to be a part of such a lack of professionalism. I have no training and I promise you that with my presentation skills and public speaking abilities I could do much better than this supposedly trained pro. He’s a joke!!! Your station is a joke for keeping him.

  42. dano says:

    He’s the REAL MAN. Sorry you if you don’t know what real men should have listened to mom when she told you to act like dad.

  43. JENNY says:

    Really am tired of all the gay rights people and gay and lesbian thinking that their opinion is the only one that matters. To me gay is gay so live your life and dont tell me about it. Its kind of like the debates about in God We Trust…just because there are people that dont believe in God dont want it in schools, or Christmas needs to be Holiday. This is a country that practices freedom of speech unless its something you dont like or want then you all scream prejudice – get rid of it – pass a law etc etc. What we need to be teaching our children and grandchildren to respect their elders and their teachers the police officers you mom and dads……MORALS are non existant.

    This is what is SAD.


  44. lisa says:

    Are u kidding me? He makes jokes all the time and I am so sick of politically correct and super sensitive groups it is ridiculous and out of control …simply get a life instead of trying to destroy his over some comment on the news!

  45. Kay says:

    I have something I feel is important to mention. I feel Mark
    Alford should keep any ” so – called” funny remarks in his head and not say them out loud. I don’t feel we should be subjected to it. He has a comment on everything. Just do the news Mark.

  46. Bobby says:

    Cry babies! Grow up and shut up! If Mark offends you then change the station, it’s as simple as that, don’t watch!!! I personally wake up to catch the news because of him!

  47. B.H. says:

    Every body needs to quit being so sensitive amd live with the choices they make. Wow, itseems like we can never speak our mind… is this headed into thought control. I am glad mark speaks up and being a tv personality does not change freedom of speech. If you don’t like it you have all kinds of options. One is go to a county that speech is closely monitored.

  48. Johnny says:

    Just another whiny ass!!!
    The mans out making a living and probably doing alot more for his community then this clown asking for his head(job).That’s what is wrong with the world today,get a life,learn to pick a battle that might truly do your country some good!!!

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