October 22nd, 2012
Rebecca Gannon

Rebecca Gannon, who had just joined KMBC-TV9 as a reporter in February, will be leaving the broadcasting business to take a job outside of television.

Sources have told Bottom Line she will be joining Cerner Corporation.

Her final day on-air will be Friday.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Gannon worked at the college-owned station for a year before heading to WBOC in Maryland for two years. She then moved to KWCH in Wichita as a reporter/anchor for five years before briefly joining WDAF-Fox4 as a per diem reporter for seven months prior to joining KMBC.

“This business is a fickle one,” Gannon wrote on he blog.¬† “I have seen very good people fail in this profession, and I have seen people with minimal talent and work ethic rise to the top.

“I am proud to say I never compromised my integrity for my career, but I have given up on a lot of things: sleep, privacy, and too often, my family.”

Gannon’s departure follows on the heels of veteran Maria Antonia (LINK) after 30 years, Nicole Erickson (LINK) after 16 years, producer Lisa Augustine after 15 years and a photographer who had been there about two years.

KMBC has long had a reputation for retaining veteran employees, but that trend seems to be changing. Stay tuned.

6 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Wow. That… was quick? o_o

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t normally give career advice, but Ms. Gannon had better check her attitude at the door when she starts at Cerner.

  3. Scott Simon says:


    Mike. no kiddin’. Neal Patterson is the only attitude that counts at Cerner Corp.

  4. Gabe says:

    Cerner and communications pros mix like oil and water.

  5. LAC says:

    What a BAD move, they are NUTS at cerner, a BAD place to ever be employed !

  6. Lee says:

    Cerner seems to hire a lot of young people. The prevailing wisdom is they’ll work unreasonably long hours for less pay than the previous generation. There’s hardly anyone over 40 at Cerner and definitely no ugly women.

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