October 8th, 2012
Rich Baldinger

Former Kansas City Chief offensive lineman for nine seasons, Rich Baldinger, minced no words on Sunday night on KCTV about Chiefs’ lineman Eric Winston, who blasted KC Chiefs fans for cheering while quarterback Matt Cassel was injured in a loss to the Ravens.

Winston owes an apology to the fans, said Baldinger, who added that Winston has embarrassed a lot of great people in Kansas City.

“You cannot lump together everyone with a few …you know what, jerks,” said Baldinger.”Let’s not put all these Kansas City fans together.”

KCTV features video that shows very few fans were actually cheering for the injury (LINK).

“Look at the right side of the video,” says KCTV on its site. “That is Dwayne Bowe urging the crowd to cheer and it responds. Does this change your opinion? It is definitely enough to make you re-consider.”


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  1. Scott Simon says:

    Players who waste their time talking about fans who fund their high salaries aren’t worth .02 cents to me.

  2. Rick Nichols says:

    The copy editor in me immediately noticed that our host meant to say “Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman …” and instead said “Kansas City Star offensive lineman …” Then again, the paper may well need someone to “run some interference for them” before all’s said and done, especially if they have to throw a “Hail Mary” pass one of these days. At any rate, if we have one player who is upset by the fans cheering the QB’s injury while another player is leading the cheering, that would seem to indicate that there’s at least some division among the players. Not a good sign! The fans have paid their money and have a right to cheer for or boo the Chiefs, but cheering when someone is hurt is pretty low class. Then again, these are probably some of the same fans who are unwilling to properly sing the National Anthem at Arrowhead. On a good day at Arrowhead, the average IQ might be 90.

  3. Randomguy says:

    It came off fine, this guy is a idiot.

  4. LAC says:

    No… The LOW RENT fans owe the QB an apology… these STUPID fans who paint up like man whores and get drunk are IDIOTS !!!!

    I would demand a trade if I were a player in this MINOR league town and this baldinger is a blitthering IDIOT, who is a simple minder wimp !!! Go Away Please !!!!!

  5. Andrew says:

    Sure there were a mixture of responses in the crowd, but he was also booed by a good number of fans as he walked off the field. This isn’t a completely innocent occurrence.

  6. Blane in San Diego says:

    What happened to the World Class fans of the Kansas City Chiefs? And who is this “has been want to be” Rich Baldringer think he is? As a diehard NFL/San Diego Charger fan I have always respected the fan base of KC Chiefs as one of the very best in the country. That all changed Sunday!
    Those fans that cheered a player getting hurt (much less their own player) did what might be expected of Raider fans yet no one I know nor myself can recall anyone ever cheering their own player getting hurt. KC fans you now own the title of lowest of the low! That was deplorable!
    Not only should the team take out an add apologizing to every NFL City in the league it should kick out any season ticket holders it can identify for such a heinous You all should have to go without beer for two seasons till you have a chance to dry out and appreciate the effort these men give week after week. Thank god for your lineman that has the dignity to stand up to the idiots like Rich Baldringer and the wasted examples of human beings that attended Sundays game.
    Be ashamed KC fans! Be very ashamed. Baldringer it would be a good idea if you never speak again! Never! KC Fans Man Up apologize to your QB and be the fans we thought you were. Blane in Cardiff, CA. Bring it on!

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