August 23rd, 2012
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A half-page advertisement calling for Kansas City Royals owner David Glass to step down ran in Kansas City Star on Page 3 in the Sports Section on Thursday (8/23).

The effort was started by baseball fan Joe Accurso about 2 1/2 weeks ago on his Web site  to collect money to pay for an advertisement in the Kansas City Star calling for Kansas City Royals owner David Glass to sell the team.

The ad, which ran down the right side of the entire page, is an open letter to Glass thanking him for buying the team in 2000 and keeping it in KC, but now asking for him to sell the team immediately and “enjoy the rest of your days with your family without the burden of team ownership, and accept our thanks for keeping the team in Kansas City.”

When he began the effort Accurso said his goal was to place a full-page color ad in the Star, which would cost in the range of $9-11,000.  He scaled back to a half-page vertical ad at a cost of $5,100.

“Look, I like this idea. It’s a grass roots approach from a normal fan, who believes it’s time to speak out,” KSHB sports director Jack Harry said in recommending viewers go to the site and donate.  “…Glass has made over $250 million on this baseball team. We are gluttons for punishment for allowing this man to hoodwink us after giving him a quarter of a billion dollars to renovate Kauffman Stadium so he can make additional millions. And we get nothing but bad baseball in return.

“We, as baseball fans in this city, can make a difference,” added Harry. “We must unite, and this owner must go.”

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  1. Rick Nichols says:

    I like the scroll-like look of the ad, with the “nail” at the top to hold the “scroll” in place. Reminds me of what Martin Luther did back in the 1500s to protest the activities of the Catholic Church when he nailed his list of grievances onto the door of the church. Can the Reformation of the Royals be just around the corner? Long-suffering fans can only hope so.

  2. Pete Modica says:

    My concern is that if the Glass family were to sell the team, to whom would they sell it? As I recall, the monied interests in this town couldn’t backpedal fast enough when it was time for someone to step up upon the death of Ewing Kauffman. With the possible exception of George Brett, no credible local ownership group could be found.
    For whatever his shortcomings as an owner, David Glass has never threatened to move the team to “greener pastures” so be very careful what you wish for.

    • Brian David says:


      If you were familiar with this town you would know that we have a competent and successful local owner(s) chomping at the bit to purchase the Royals – Neal Patterson and Cliff Illig of Cerner Companies. This same gorup purchased a soccer team here a few years ago and made soccer an exciting sport in this town. They are the owners all of die-hard Royals fans are hoping get the chance to buy this team

      • Pete Modica says:

        I am familiar with this town, having lived only here my 60+ years. I’ve heard about the interest of the Cerner folks but haven’t seen much beyond that. As long as the Royals can be operated at a profit I don’t know what motivation the Glass family has to sell.

  3. JIMTX says:

    david glass is the worst single owner in baseball. He could care less about winning or losing, he does not give a DAMN !

    He wants to win with walmart price tags !

    How in the hell did this clown get so rich ? He is an IDIOT !

  4. Jerry from Cleveland says:

    Sounds like a letter Indians fans should be writing to the Dolans. This team has fallen off the face of the earth!

  5. Jeff says:

    I watched as the Royals won the I-70 series. It was unbelieveable from a team that year in and year out gave the Yankees fits. Ewing Kauffman was willing to lose money to win because he breathed and bled Royals blue.
    I believe if enough people protested David Glass’ ownership then he would probably consider selling. Nobody wants an angry mob of sports fans protesting their own team or worse yet refusing en mass to go to games. Could you imagine if momentum was strong enough that barely anyone showed up for games in protest? I believe it’s true that David Glass doesn’t care if the team wins as long as it generates positive revenue. He is not a fan. The owner needs to be a fan in order for his team to succeed.

  6. Royals Fan says:

    ROYALS IN 2013
    The Royals will be a whole new team in 2013! I am very excited!

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