January 20th, 2012

KCTV’s award-winning investigative reporter Dana Wright will replace long-time veteran talker Mike Shanin on the KMBZ afternoon drive-time talk show “Shanin and Parks,” sources have told Bottom Line.
Sources have said that Shanin will stay with Entercom and serve as the station’s business editor providing morning drive business and stock reports. He also will do political commentary.
“Shanin and Parks” first aired on KMBZ in December 11, 2006, when Shanin, then a political analyst for KMBZ, joined forces with then KMBZ News Director Parks.
Wright, who subbed for Shanin on the show during the holidays, will still do special projects/investigations with KCTV while also co-hosting the show with Scott Parks from 2-6 p.m. on 980-AM KMBZ (98.1 FM).
The new show is expected to debut Monday, Jan. 30.
In a news release issued today KCTV had praise for the media partnership with KMBZ. (KMBZ issued a news release announcing Shanin’s departure, but did not mention the Wright appointment.)
“As media continues to converge, we recognize that Dana has a wonderful opportunity and the station wanted to make sure she was able to pursue it,” said Blaise Labbe, KCTV News Director. “We view this as a positive partnership and a way to extend our KCTV5 news brand.
“Though she will be leaving us day-to-day, we are excited that she will be part of our team and contributing the quality of reports that Kansas City viewers expect.”
Wright grew up in Topeka and graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in broadcast journalism. She joined KCTV5 in June 2000 as a general assignment reporter after spending five years writing, producing, reporting and anchoring for WIBW-TV in her hometown of Topeka.
Wright has won some of the most prestigious local and national awards for investigative reporting, including a “Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism” in 2011.
“This is really a dream opportunity for me, it allows me to have the best of both worlds,” says Wright. “I will be able to reach an audience daily through talk radio and still tell stories for KCTV5.
“Journalism is my passion and I look forward to this exciting new step in my career. I’d like to thank KCTV5 for allowing me to move in a different direction, but still remain part of the KCTV5 family.”
The “Shanin and Parks” show marked its fifth anniversary Dec. 11.

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  1. F. Saxer says:

    Our family had for the most part stopped listening to Shanin and Parks. We were offended when my son (a bright child with a solid mind and opinion) was denied the opportunity to share his thoughts. This was a sad event…you guys missed an opportunity to expand your listening audience to include responsible young people.

    With the departure of Shanin, you have added a coarse female voice belonging to a woman who wants to slip in swear words attempting to be cool. We will continue to listen to Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity.

  2. MMAKansas says:

    I have been listening for a few days now to the new Dana and Parks team.

    I miss Mike Shanin, and I think Dana is both intelligent, and her voice is somewhat shrill.

    On to talk radio 710 -

  3. M says:

    Rarely do I listen to the talk show on KMBZ starting at 2 pm and it is not likely to happen again.

    Recently they’ve had a change of host and thought now that the other RINO is no longer on it’s time to give the newbie a try.

    First ones on me…second ones on KMBZ.

    The first show I tried to listen to the host talked about their drinking problems…not kidding. It’s wasn’t funny, and far from entertaining, two alcholics discussing their private lives…tacky.

    Today the female used “God” over and over in a short period of time, a total put off as it’s just another form of swearing, a total disregard to the listening Christians.

    She also went off the plantation attacking a persons religion…then why doesn’t she attack the same religion on their treatment of women and killing Christians…one such killing is about to happen, what about their burning church’s, people, etc. It was all grandstanding baloney.

    Her male counterpart talked about his use of a male enhancement and how much he paid for it…totally tasteless and useless information the public did not need to know…so what!

    One discussion was about another talk show host using dictionary words to describe a person and the host thought that was NOT ACCEPTABLE. Really? And the two of you using ass, dumb, stupid, big hairy men, etc., is?

    Her continued use of “God” is disrespectful and insenitive… and she’s supposed to be a PC, gasp! If the woman is so sensitive to others then she should be so sensitive to those who find her use of words offensive.

    The show hasn’t been on the air 45 minutes and it’s been trash talk that most wouldn’t discuss with other adults except under certain curcumstances. It’s one thing to discuss health issues and payments (it’s not about rights,) and the host’s use of language is not acceptable if you are an adult. You wouldn’t use such language around your kids, why is it permissable on the air?

    If you want to hear gutter talk ongoing listen to the beginning on the show, but don’t allow your children in the room at the same time.

    To say their taste is all in their mouth is a compliment.

    Where’s the RINO?

    If you think KMBZ is gutter talk, OMG you ought to listen to the Democrats talk about Romney, That’s gutter talk.
    Come on listeners, grow up!

  5. Susan says:

    you guys are hilllll-areeee-usssss! i love you both…my husband however hates Dana with a passion, which makes me want to listen even more, especially when he’s around!!! i keep telling him that you play off each other very well. keep up the good work! ;-)

  6. Alex Moore says:

    I love the Dana and Parks team. I do miss Dana on the daily news, but I listen
    To the Dana and Parks show religiously everyday.

  7. Wayne Adams says:

    Not a k.m.b.z. fan between 2-6 pm since common sense left the air! Liberalism is the opposite of common sense, ms. Wright proves that every show i forced myself to listen to.

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